We’ve all heard and read about people getting celebrity status, all thanks to their famous partners and children. On a similar note, today, we’ll talk about another family celebrity member, Brittany Hartman. She’s gained fame over the internet for being the wife of American football quarterback Chad Henne who’s known to play for the Kansas City Chiefs. Here we have all sorts of details on the woman behind the success of the NFL player. 

Brittany Hartman Staggering Net Worth Collection

The craze of the National Football League all over the world has done great for the athletes; they get not only fame and professional success but also a tremendous financial earning for themselves. The same goes for Brittany Hartman‘s husband, Chad Henne. The pair have been together through all of their think and thins and now are enjoying the fruits of Chad’s hard work and talent.

Brittany Hartman husband have millions of net worth
Brittany Hartman and her husband enjoy their net worth in millions!
Photo Source: Players Wiki

For the time being, we don’t share the exact knowledge of the net worth of the celebrity wife, but we do have significant details on her husband’s income details. As of 2021, the football player’s garnered a staggering net worth collection of $7 million. He signed a four year deal of $3.5 million in 2008 and a two-year extension deal of $8 million with Jacksonville.

Brittany Hartman and Chad Henne Love Story

Brittany Hartman and Chad Henne’s love story goes way back to 1994 when they were just high school kids. They began the course of their relationship from the Wilson High School and attended college together at the University of Michigan. For nearly a decade, the sweet couple was together when the 35-year-old athlete got down on his knees and proposed to his long-time girlfriend with a whopping 5.2-carat diamond ring on July 11, 2008.

Brittany Hartman and her husband are high school lovers
Brittany Hartman and her husband are high school lovers!
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Brittany thought it was a prank and ended up hitting him instead of accepting the ring first but caved in later when she realized it was real. Eventually, they ended up tying the knot on July 03, 2010, in a closed-off ceremony attended by their loved ones, friends, and family.

Brittany Hartman Short Bio, Children and Early Life

Brittany Hartman was born on May 07, 1986, to her parents Rick Hartman and Diane Stein Hartman. She comes from Pennsylvania, the hometown of her husband, Chad. She grew up with her siblings, Dr. Chris Hartman and her sister, Stephanie DeLozier

Chad Henne plays with the Kansas City Chiefs
Chad Henne currently plays with the Kansas City Chiefs.
Photo Source: Arrowhead Addicts

As for the 34-year-old’s own family, she gave birth to her son, Chace Henne, while her husband was still on the plane on his way back from his game in Denver. After that, they introduced their second child, Hunter Henne, on December 21, 2015.

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