Brian Blosil is an American actor, music producer, and composer who was married to Marie Osmond for nearly 20 years. He comes from a family of nine, including his father, Warren Blosil, and his mother, Georgia. He has five brothers named Brian, Mark, Randy, Bruce, and Kent, and a sister named Kathy. Let’s uncover the life of Brian.

About Brian

Brian is an American man who is good at acting, making music, and composing. He was born in the United States on December 12, 1952. When he was young, he started working in music and got to work with famous musicians. Some people might know him because he used to be married to a famous singer and actress named Marie Osmond.

Marie osmond is hugging to Brian Blosil
Brian Blosil and his ex-wife Marie Osmond.
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Even though Blosil had a famous wife, he was also successful in his own right. He created an established career in the entertainment industry, exploring different fields.

Brian’s Relationship With Marie

Brian and Marie met at a party in Provo and began dating for a few months before getting married. After, being in the relationship for a few months they got married on June 29, 1986, in a special place called the Jordan River Utah Temple, in South Jordan.

Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond wearing black suit and white dress in their marriage
Brian Bosil and Marie Osmond were in a marriage relationship for 20 years.
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They seemed like a happy family with seven children, five of whom they adopted. But, their marriage didn’t last and they decided to be separated. Blosil and Osmond mostly kept their promise.

But during an interview His ex-wife Osmond opened up about their 20-year marriage, revealing she wasn’t happy. Blosil’s ex-wife said she got to a point where she was burning within and then realized she could no longer be in the marriage. She said that when she couldn’t do it anymore, her children gave her the courage to leave her marriage.

Net Worth

Brian Blosil is a famous actor and producer. He had great parents who taught him good manners and good behavior. He made much money in his career, and his estimated net worth is $500,000. This is a big amount of money that can take care of his family members.

Brian Blosil has estimated net worth of around 500,000.
Brian Blosil has a good amount of wealth.
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His wife earns even more money than he does, and his ex-wife Marie has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Additionally, Brian earned all his money from acting and producing. He made a good amount of money, which helped him with his needs and wants.

Brian Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

Brian was diagnosed with a brain tumor after his divorce from Marie. He got sick and needed an operation. He had to have multiple surgeries and treatments for the brain tumor. Many surgeries and procedures were done to help him get better.

This was a sad time for his family, and everyone was concerned about him. While he was getting treated, his mother got very sick and passed away. Sadly, he was also told he had a severe illness that could be life-threatening. His whole family was worried about him because he had such a dangerous sickness.

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Is Brian The Father of Seven Children?

Yes, Brian is the father of two biological children and five adopted children. He is the father of a total of seven children. gradually, after the wedding, the love birds were blessed with their first child, Rachel Lauren, born on August 19, 1989. Then, in 1998, they had another child, Matthew Lauren.

The couple adopted five children, Jessica Marie, born on Dec 17, 1987, Michael Bryan, born on May 4, 1991, Brandon Warren, born on Nov 1996, Brianna Patricia, born on Nov 19, 1997 and Abigail Olive May, born on Sep 5, 2002.