Bluesy Larue Burke is the daughter of popular personalities Billy Bruke and Pollyanna rose. Her father is an American musician and actor who is famous for his character role as Charlie Swan in Twilight and its sequels, Whereas her mother is an entertainer and actress as well.

Bluesy was born on the 19th of July in 2008 and spent a luxurious life with her family.

Parents Net Worth

Bluesy Larue Burke is very young and is not able to generate any earnings. However, her father Billy Burke got a good sum of wealth of $5 million which is collected from his profession as an actor and musician.

Nonetheless, her mother Pollyanna Rose also belongs to the entertainment industry and has a net worth of $1.9 million which is generated by her acting career, endorsement, and also from her divorce settlement. It is believed that she got good fortune from Billy in order to raise their daughter Bluesy Larue Burke.

Daughter of Billy Burke (William Albert Burke)

Billy Burke appears in different roles in several TV series and movies such as Stark Trek: Deep Space Nine, Party of five, Gilmore girls, Karen Sisco, Fringe, and Monk. He also performed as a supporting actress in many movies. His debut movie was Daredreamer which was released in the year 1990, In that movie, he played the role of Dante of the Three D’s.

Bluesy Larue Burke 4
Bluesy Larue Burke and Billy Burke spend father-daughter time. Source: [email protected]

In his career, he got a lot of approaches from many renowned artists, and with some, he worked as well.

Daughter of Pollyanna Rose

Bluesy Larue Burke’s mother Pollyanna Rose started her career in the TV series called Oscar Charlie in 2001. The actress played the character of jade in the following series and did another series named Starstreet in a similar year.

Besides that She is famously known for her work on the movie Turistas which was officially released in 2006. It is said that she got unbearable support from her dad as he was a music maker and help Pollyanna to start her acting career.

Parents relationship

When it comes to Bluesy Larue Burke’s Parents’ relation which is more popular than in their movies. Her parents got married after dating each other for more than a year. Both Pollyannas and Bill tie the knot in 2008 and run their marriage for more than 8 years. However, it didn’t go any further. They failed the divorce and got separated in 2017.

They never mention the reason for their separation and kept it lowkey private but as per rumors, she was provided with a hefty amount of money from the divorce settlement which was for their daughter in order to have a fruitful life.

First Appearance in Movie: Booksmart

Bluesy stepped into acting with her first movie Booksmart as a child artist which was directed by Olivia Wilde and released in 2019. She played the character of Cindy and got the opportunity to share the screen with popular actors like Kaitlyn Dever, Jessica Williams, Lisa Kudrow, Beanie Feldstein, and Jason Sudeikis.

Her movie did a good collection at the box office and earned $24,959,607 worldwide. Booksmart has an IMDb rating of 7.1/10.

The love life of Bluesy Larue Burke

The celebrity kid Bluesy is in the early phase of her life where she is enjoying her childhood life by spending time with her mother’s side of the family and friends.

According to her age, getting into a relationship is not appropriate because she is not mature enough to get along with these things. As of now, she is single and freely enjoying her childhood but she is sure to attract many lovers when she reached her appropriate age. She is so enchanting that her beauty captivates and makes anyone fall for her so easily.

Professional life

At the moment her wealthy parents are contributing to Bluesy access to a different luxurious brand but like her parents, she had already stepped her foot into the Hollywood industry. She played in the movie Booksmart as a child artist which came in 2019 from where the audience is admiring and telling that she is following in her parent’s footsteps. The young personality will surely gain a large number of fans in the coming days.

As of now, she had only been seen in a single movie but we hope to see her doing much more in her life span, for now, she is focused on her study.

Likewise, She is not involved in any kind of drastic controversy and criticism.

Interest in ballet dancing

Bluesy Larue Burke is very passionate about dancing, The young girl loves to express herself in the form of dance. She fulfills all the requirements for ballet dancing such as Long, elegant Limbs, Strong, Supple back, Straight legs, not bowed or knock-Kneed, Arched Feet, A proportionate body to manage the strains of the activity, Good turnout from the hips, Loose hamstrings, Firm muscle tone.

Bluesy Larue Burke
Bluesy Larue Burke stretching for her Dance Competition.Source: [email protected]

She began to learn dance when she was nine years old, Superstar dance academy was the first academy form where she began to learn basic skills and posture of ballet. Later she went to Master Ballet Academy for further training and took part in NUVO Dance Convention.

Athletic Nature

Billy’s daughter Bluesy is full of sporty nature, It would not be wrong if we address her as a future Athletic because her interest in sports is commendable. She does various things like Skating, Boxing, Surfing, and, Swimming.

Bluesy Larue Burke 3
Bluesy Larue Burke is ready for Skating.Source: [email protected] bluesylarueburke

Her fan compliments her spirit and mentions that she is an all-rounder who can perform anything.

Pet lover

Booksmart actress Bluesy showed immense love for animals. As we can speculate from her post regarding her pet. Her Instagram feed is filled with her pet photos which is a dog but she has not mentioned her name.

Bluesy Larue Burke 5
Bluesy Larue Burke and her dog enjoying by the pool.Source: [email protected]

Likewise, By looking at her picture we can assume that she has concern and feelings of love for animals.

Band: The Mint LA

Bluesy develop a love for music and began to play guitar as well as a drum at the age of nine. While just a middle school student, She along with her friend includes in a band which is named The Mint La where Bluesy and her friend do stage performances.

Bluesy Larue Burke 2
Bluesy Larue Burke performing in fort of the live audience.Source: [email protected]

She gave a powerful performance and sang various songs such as Rock your body by Justin Timberlake, Let me down slowly by Alec Benjamin, Copycat by Billie Eilish, Without me by Halsey, and many others.

Social Media

At an early age, Bluesy has a strong social media presence, She loves to keep in touch with her audience through her social media platforms. Although being a kid she has a sustainable fan following who followed her on her Instagram account.

Additionally, She frequently seems to post pictures and stories regarding her well-spent days. She has an Instagram name under Bluesy Larue Burke. She has more than 1K followers and 154 posts.

At the moment except on Instagram, she is not active on any other social sites.

Physical Outlook

She has a well-developed body and great fashion sense. The young popular face has a charming and captivating personality. Bluesy is an adorable celebrity kid who gets love and praise from all around the globe.

Her body and appearance are not fully grown up and as of now she stands at a height of 3 feet 4inch tall and weighs around 24 kg. Moreover, she has blond middle-length hair and Dark black eye. Overall, she is beautiful and full of grace.

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