Ava Eliot Jackman is the daughter of Hugh Jackman, who is a famous actor. Many people recognize her father for his role as Wolverine in the “X-Men” movies and his performance in “Les Misérables“. Her mother is Deborra-Lee Furness. She is not only the daughter of Hugh but also an adopted child.

Ava has a loving sibling named Oscar Maximilian Jackman. She was born on the 10th of July 2005. As a Cancer zodiac sign, she has certain characteristics like being sensitive, nurturing, and deeply connected to their family. In terms of physical attributes, she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is equivalent to 165 centimeters. She maintains a healthy weight of 115 lbs (52 kg), which shows her commitment to taking care of her well-being.

Ava’s Parent’s Relationship Status

Ava Eliot Jackman’s parents, Hugh Jackman, and Deborra-Lee Furness, have been married since April 11, 1996, and they are still together. Their love story began when they were both cast in the Australian television series called “Corelli” in 1995. At the time, Hugh was a newcomer to the industry, while Deborra-Lee was already an established actress.

Hugh Jackman is wearing a suit and Deborra-Lee Furness is wearing a shiny dress.
Ava Eliot Jackman’s parents, Hugh Jackman, and Deborra-Lee Furness (Source: Hugh Jackman Instagram @thehughjackman)

One memorable moment that Hugh recalls is when he first met Deborra-Lee. They were in a car, with his wife sitting in the front seat. She took off her seatbelt, turned around, and removed her sunglasses. With a warm smile, she introduced herself, saying, “Hi, I’m Deborra-Lee Furness, nice to meet you.” He was instantly drawn to her friendly and genuine personality, thinking to himself, “I like this girl.” This encounter was just the beginning of their beautiful journey together as a couple.

Ava Is An Adopted Daughter

Ava, the beloved daughter of Hugh and Deborra-Lee, was adopted in 2005. The decision to adopt came after the lovely couple experienced two heartbreaking miscarriages. They realized that biology wasn’t the path they were meant to take to have children. Instead, they embraced adoption as their destiny. The actor passionately expresses that he does not think of his daughter as adopted as mentioned in an article from Hello! Magazine, emphasizing the deep love and connection he feels toward her.

Additionally, Hugh and Deborra-Lee intentionally chose to adopt children of mixed races. They recognized the need to provide a loving home for children of diverse ethnic backgrounds, as these children are often overlooked and underrepresented. By adopting Ava and advocating for mixed-race adoptions, they demonstrate their commitment to creating a more inclusive and loving family environment.

Net Worth Of Ava’s Parents

Ava Eliot Jackman’s father, Hugh Jackman’s net worth has been estimated to be around $180 million. And, her mother, Deborra-Lee Furness’s net worth has estimated to be $50 Million. Both of Ava’s parents’ primary source of income is the same, i.e., acting. Deborra-Lee hasn’t disclosed much information on her salary but her father is one of the best-paid actors in the world.

Hugh Jackman is on stage interacting with the crowd.
Hugh Jackman at the Broadway (Source: Hugh Jackman Instagram @thehughjackman)

Hugh has earned substantial salaries throughout his acting career. For his role in the hit musical film “The Greatest Showman“, he reportedly received a massive paycheck of $10 Million. In the highly acclaimed movie “Les Misérables“, he was compensated with $5 Million. Another notable film that contributed to his earnings is “Real Steel“, where he received a salary of $9 Million. One of his most lucrative roles came in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine“, for which he reportedly received a staggering $20 Million.

Has A Brother

Ava Eliot Jackman is not the only adopted child in the Jackman family. She has a wonderful older brother named Oscar Maximilian Jackman, who was also adopted. Oscar joined the family in 2000, and he is five years older than his sister. Despite being part of a well-known family, he prefers to live a quiet and private life, away from the media spotlight.

Oscar’s choice to keep a low profile allows him to focus on his personal growth, relationships and pursuing his passions. While his father often makes headlines, he finds comfort in his world, finding joy in the simple things and cherishing the love and support of his family. The bond between him and Ava as siblings, both sharing the experience of adoption, is undoubtedly strong and forms an essential part of their unique family story.

Hugh’s Film Changed His Approach To Parenting

Hugh Jackman’s experience filming “The Son” had a profound impact on his approach to parenting. For many years, he felt the need to appear strong and dependable, never wanting to burden Ava and her brother with his worries. However, through the process of portraying a character dealing with emotional struggles, he began to understand the importance of sharing vulnerabilities.

Hugh realized that by opening up and being honest about his challenges, he could create a safe space for his children to do the same. Mental health is a pressing issue in today’s society, and Ava’s father recognizes that it is crucial not to face worries alone. He teaches his children the importance of seeking support and reminding them that we are all in the same boat as mentioned in an article by The Guardian.

Loves To Dance

Ava’s love for dancing and singing runs deep. From a young age, she showed a passionate interest in these art forms and even took ballet classes. As she continues her journey through high school in New York, her future in the showbiz industry remains uncertain.

While Ava possesses immense talent and dedication, the path she chooses for her career will only be revealed with time. High school is a crucial period for self-discovery and exploration, where she can further develop her skills and pursue her artistic passions.

Whether Ava ultimately decides to pursue a career in showbiz or explores other paths, the important thing is that Hugh’s daughter is given the space to grow and make choices that align with her dreams and aspirations. Time will unravel the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for her, and we eagerly await to see the remarkable path she will carve for herself.

Ava Loves Zendaya

Ava Eliot Jackman’s love for Zendaya is evident as she expressed her excitement about her father, Hugh working with her in the movie “The Greatest Showman.” When she found out that the actress would be in the film, she couldn’t contain her astonishment, asking her father in disbelief, “You?? Are going to be in a movie with her??,” as revealed by his father in his interview with E! Insider.

Hugh Jackman and Zendaya are sitting next to each other in a red couch.
Hugh Jackman with Zendaya (Source: The Graham Norton Show YouTube Channel)

Ava’s admiration for Zendaya shines through when she got to meet her, her excitement was so contagious that she decided to share it with all her friends, bringing them along to meet the actress on set. On the other hand, her brother Oscar, while also an admirer of the actress, tends to keep his admiration more low-key.

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