Atila Altaunbay is a Turkish bodyguard who got fame after marrying Jamaican model Grace Beverly Jones. However, their marriage was very much complicated and the couple parted ways.

Since their marriage, Atila has kept his profile low and isn’t much talked about or noticed by the media.

Early life

The Turkish bodyguard Atila, a model although a celebrity has very few details about his early life due to his secretive nature and personality. We however do know that Atila was born in Turkey in 1976 and belongs to a Muslim family. He was born in Turkey but it is reported that he spent most of his early life in Belgium.

The ex-husband of Grace Beverly Jones hasn’t made his parent’s details public as he believes that giving out their info might cause a headache in their life due to constant media haggling.

Education Background

Altaunbay has completed his formal education in his hometown in Turkey where he studied for a brief time. Also as with his profession as a bodyguard, he has done training on some critical things as well.

He has done formal training in CPR, AED, Marshall, and other physical and challenging the profession of bodyguard.

What Was Atila Altaunbay’s Career Like?

The Turkish bodyguard started working as a pizza delivery boy during the start of his career in Belgium. He was also working for a security agency at that time. After getting attention from Jamaican model Mrs. jones is when his career officially kicked in.

He worked as the bodyguard of Grace Beverly jones and later became close to her. He worked with her for several years. He also used to do modeling and play did play in some movies as well.

Altaunbay And Grace’s Married Life

Atila Altaunbay during his time working as a bodyguard for popular Jamaican model Grace Beverly Jones fell in love with her and later married her. They met each other for the first time in Belgium when Grace asked him to work as her bodyguard. While working with her, he became close to her as he was working as a personal bodyguard and the pair always were in close contact with each other.

Atila wearing white T-shirt with his wife Grace Beverly jones.
Atila with his ex-wife Grace Jones, source:@Glamour Path.

During the fourth month of their relationship, Grace proposed to Altaunbay for marriage which he accepted and the couple tied the knot on the 24th of February 1996. Their marriage was a private one and only a handful number of guests were invited. They married in a private house in Rio de Janeiro’s Presbyterian Ministry Area. After marriage, it is reported that the couple went to New York for their honeymoon.

Their marriage, however, was not accepted by Atila’s family as the Altaunbay family is a traditional family where it used to be the norm that the older child must get married first instead of the younger ones, and Atila is the youngest in the family this was not accepted. He disobeyed his family and went to Brazil with his wife Grace.

About Atila’s Wife Grace Jones

Grace Jones or Grace Beverly Jones is a Jamaican model. She was born in the Spanish Town of Jamaica to Mr. Robert W. Jones and Marjorie on 19th May 1948. During her early teenage year, she moved to Newyork along with her four siblings and parents.

Grace was famously known for her iconic fashion and her good voice in the 70s and ’70s. She was one of the most popular and hyped celebrities at that time. She began her career through modeling and later on broke into the music and acting fields. she is hugely admired and loved for all her performance in all fields.

Atila wife Grace jones wearing a black scarf and googles.
Atila’s wife Grace jones, source: @The Personage.

It is no secret that stars like her are bound to attract personalities who later be just like them, same is the case for Grace as star-like Rihana and others have openly revealed her to be their inspiration.

How did Altaunbay and Grace’s Relationship end?

Grace while talking in a Tv interview opened up about what led to their divorce which was quite shocking to hear, the couple had gone through extreme for their marriage to work out however in 2004, they decided to part their separate ways.

Grace in an interview said that while they were having an argument about how grace used to get attention from other men which made Atila insecure then Atila grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her which put the nail in the coffin. The couple were having trouble with their relationship for some time during that period and that threat was the definite point.

After that argument, Altaunbay left grace’s home and never returned. Grace did try to search for him and couldn’t find him due to which they haven’t legally been divorced.

Atila Altaunbay’s other Relationship

Atila Altaunbay has always said that there was no prior relationship of his before meeting with Grace, but when the couple parted their separate ways Altaunbay shut himself down from the limelight and hasn’t been seen with any other person. So it seems like the Turkish is currently single.

However his ex-partner Grace has dated multiple people since their split up. She dated her co-star Dolph Lundregn and Sven-ole Thorsen. Currently, she is in an open relationship.

Children Of Grace And Atila

Grace and Atila were together for more than 7 years, however, the couple doesn’t have children.

Grace however had a child with her former partner who was a french director Jean-paul Goude. The couple also has reportedly dated for roughly seven years and has a son named Paul Goude.

Are There Any Controversies About Atila Altaunbay?

The Turkish bodyguard and model have been controversial figures through and through. The large part for which he becomes the center of the controversy is his insecurity and his violent nature.

When the information about how Altaunbay split up came to the news many were shocked to hear that the Turkish man had threatened to kill his wife by holding a knife to her which became a huge controversy. Similarly, his sudden disappearance from the limelight also made a fuss as many believed he was hiding, so he doesn’t have to face any consequences for his misbehaving.

Atila Altaunbay’s Networth?

Atila Altaunbay had made a fortune for himself from working as a bodyguard, model, and actor in his career. He was paid handsomely when working with the then icon Grace Jones. Atila has been secretive about his life after splitting up with Grace so what he does now is not available to us.

However, through various sources, it has been disclosed that Atila has a net worth of $800k and lives a good life.

Is Atila Present On Social Media?

As mentioned previously since the split-off with Grace, Atila has been like a ghost and couldn’t be traced. So, that means he has no social media and isn’t active on these platforms.

We don’t know if he wants to keep his life private so he doesn’t have social media or if he is hiding and saving face so he doesn’t prefer social media and interaction.

Facts About Atila Altaunbay

  • Atila used to take singing classes and also perform at various places during the early stage of his career.
  • After their wedding ceremony in Rio de Janerio, Grace’s father held a separate wedding ceremony at their house in Syracuse.
  • The Turkish bodyguard is the one and only husband of popular model Grace Beverly Jones.
  • Atila and Grace aren’t legally divorced despite them being separate from one another since 2004.

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