Ariel Mortman is an Israeli actress who is popular among her fans for her role as Hayley Woods in the popular Netflix Tv Show Greenhouse Academy.

The actress was born in the US but has an Israeli passport and has also served in the Israeli Military for some time before becoming an actor.

Early Life And Family Information

Ariel was born in New York City, USA on the date of 6th February 1994. She was one of the three children of Steve Mortman and Hila Arnon. In her family, she has a brother named Daniel Volde Mortman and a sister Edan Mortman.

Ariel Mortman is at a party holding a glass of wine.
Ariel Mortman at a party. Source: [email protected]

After some years after her birth, she along with her entire family moved from New York City to Tel- Aviv, Israel. There she spent most of her life before becoming a star. She also served in the Israeli military during those years.


Mortman started taking acting classes at Cameri and Nissan Native acting studios in Tel Aviv for better knowledge of acting. She got a good response from her teachers and her colleagues during that time.

While she was attending acting classes, she grew an interest in serving In the military and served for some years before in 2014 when she decided that she will be a full-time actor. In 2014 she landed a job in Disney- Hebrew language series called Kotcha Hatzafon. In that series, she portrayed the role of Maya and took part in 2 seasons. After that, she got the chance to work in two different Israeli films where she was praised for her performance and widely applauded by the Israeli people.

She got her big break which turned around her career when in 2017, she was approached to play the lead character of Hayley Woods in the Netflix popular Tv show Greenhouse Academy. This was really her big break because today the success of Greenhouse Academy has made her a big star recognized around the world.

She has done quite other movies mainly short movies while her full focus has been on Greenhouse Academy.

Ariel In Greenhouse Academy

Greenhouse Academy is a popular Netflix series that revolves around the story of two teenage brothers and sisters who lost their mother in space. They, later on, find out that a mysterious event in which an earthquake is used by some people for monetary gain, they form a team and try to tackle this problem.

Ariel MORTMAN2 1 min
Ariel Mortman in the official poster of Greenhouse Academy. Source: [email protected]

Ariel in this series plays the role of a sister whose name is Hayley Woods and plays an integral part in the series during the investigation of the mysterious event and for its tackle. The series has a total of 40 episodes across four seasons.

What’s The Relationship Status of Ariel Mortman?

The star of Greenhouse Academy Ariel Mortman has gained a lot of popularity and her fans were always curious as to what her relationship status was. for a long time, she kept a secret from her fans about it. She was rumored to be dating her co-star from Greenhouse academy Dallas Hart.

Ariel Mortman wearing a dark blue sweater showed her engagement ring along with her fiance Sam Benfey.
Ariel Mortman with her fiance Sam Benfey. Source: [email protected]

But In 2021 on her Instagram she posted a picture of herself with a ring in her hand along with her fiance Sam Benfey. Her current relationship status is she is engaged and might get married soon.

Hobbies And Travelling

Greenhouse Academy Hayley woods has been an enthusiastic person who seems to enjoy every moment of her life. She is very fond of traveling, listening to music, and Dancing. She also enjoys eating various different kinds of foods. Her favorite food is described to be tortilla, egg, and sushi. Along with that she also enjoys watching sports such as tennis and watching Tv shows and movies. She is also interested in photography and while traveling she indulges herself in this activity.

Ariel Mortman wearing a black T-shirt enjoying the sunset at a beach.
Ariel enjoying the sunset in Namibia. Source: [email protected]

She is a wanderer who likes to travel most of her off days. She believes that traveling to different locations could help to better connect and understand her and her surroundings and appreciate life. from her social media, it seems she has visited countries in the middle east and Africa mostly along with some European countries as well.

Physical Appearance

Ariel Mortman has a slim-figured body and a good physique body with a tall height of 5 feet and 8 inches. She has a body weight of around 58kg and is very good-looking and attractive.

Being from the Israeli ethnicity she has a brown skin color with natural dark black color hair. She has mesmerizing brown eyes and a figure of 33-23-35.

Is Mortman A Model Too?

Hayley Woods from Greenhouse Academy has done some modeling from some of the top brands and agencies in the US. As she has an excellent physique and height she has made a career out of modeling as well.

She has been contacted by top modeling agencies and has endorsed brands like Warby parker Eyeglasses, and Byride Beauty to name a few.


Ariel Mortman had a rumor that she was dating the Greenhouse Academy Co-actor Dallas Hart in 2020. However, that rumor has now died considering she got engaged with Sam Benfey but whether or not the rumor was real is anyone’s guess currently.

Regarding the controversy, Hayley of Green House academy has kept herself far from it and hasn’t been involved in any controversies that made her fans upset.

Does Maya Of Greenhouse Academy Use Social Media?

Ariel is a star in social media and uses it frequently. Currently, she is active on Instagram and Twitter where she regularly engages with her fans and well-wishers by posting various content.

On Instagram, she goes by the username @arielmortman which is a verified account and has 520k followers as of April 2022. She posts a picture of herself and things going on in her life mostly on her insta feed. On Twitter, she has a verified account with the username @arielmortman and a total number of followers of 9,160 as of April 2022.

What Is The Networth Of Ariel Mortman?

Ariel Mortman, From her career of acting and modeling, Ariel Mortman has earned a fortune in her life. Also being the central figure of such a popular show has brought some good sponsorship deals for her that have made her banks.

According to various sources, it has been reported that she made herself a whopping $1.5million from her acting and modeling career so far. Acting and modeling is her primary income source however she is also paid handsomely from sponsorship.

Some Interesting Facts About Ariel.

  • Mortman has never been a fan of Cheerleading during the sports.
  • She is an animal lover and especially likes cats and dogs.
  • There is a tattoo with her initial A.R.M in between her left forearms and wrist.
  • Her audition tape for the popular series Greenhouse Academy tape was filmed by her on her iPhone in a random hostel.
  • Hayley Woods of Greenhouse academy is an amateur photographer too.

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