Annie Lowrey is a famous Journalist who covered economic policy for The New York Times. Annie was born on July 22, 1984, in the United States. Before that, She has covered she covered the economy as the Moneybox columnist for Slate. She has been a famous Television personality. She is also renowned as an author and has written books on financial matters.

She graduated from Harvard University. According to Astrology, her zodiac sign is Cancer. Keep scrolling for more information and update about Annie Lowrey.

Early Life

Annie was born into an average American family with her parents. There are not many details about her personal life and family as she likes to keep her Personal life quite private. There is no information if she has any siblings or not. She was a very hardworking and passionate person from her early childhood.

She used to involve herself in different extracurricular activities. She was very studious and was very focused on her studies. She was very close to her father and spent most of her time with her father.

Physical Appearance

Annie has an appealing physical feature that is adored by many. She has a fair skin complexion complimenting her dark brown hair.

She has big beautiful green eyes and her face is almost symmetrical. She has maintained her body and looks very fit. She stands about 5 feet 5 inches and her exact weight is not given. She looks very pretty and her charm attracts many fans and followers.

Family Background

Annie likes to keep her personal life quite private which is why there are not many details about her family. There is no information about her parents and their profession, and Neither there is any information about her siblings. She has not revealed anything about her grandparents as well.

She has only revealed that she spent her former days in her hometown with her parents and she was close to her father. However, She is currently living with her two children and a husband who is also an American journalist. They seem like a happy and healthy family.

Graduated From Harvard University

Annie was a very hardworking, Passionate, and studious student from an early age. It was her biggest dream to get enrolled at Harvard University. There are no exact details about her school and neither there is any information about her Highschool. She had once said that she studied in a Boarding school.

However, she used to write student newspapers daily for the Harvard Crimson when she was in her college. After a lot of hard work and dedication to study, she finally got enrolled in Harvard University and where she graduated with a degree in English and American Literature.

Career Highlights

Annie Lowrey is currently working as a journalist and writer in The Atlantic which is a multi-platform publisher. Before joining Atlantic, Lowrey worked as an economic writer for the New York Times. She is also known as a writer and host for different programs. Rowley also worked as the Moneybox columnist for Slate which is an online magazine that covers current affairs, culture, and politics.

She started her writing journey in the year 2018. She published her first book named Give People Money: How a Universal Basic Income Would End Poverty which was also shortlisted for the Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award for the year 2018.

She has also given guest appearances on many popular television programs like PBS Newshour, The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Up with Steve Kornacki, and many others.

Net Worth

Annie Lowrey has been able to amass a good amount of fortune because of her hard work and dedication. She has been able to gather this good amount of fortune because of her hard work and dedication to her work. There are no exact details about how much amount of fortune she has been able to gather. She has been able to amass about $2 million.

It includes all the assets and royalties she has been earning throughout her journey. Her major source of income is working as a journalist. She also earns a lot by working as a writer and host for many television programs. She will be adding more on to her fortune as she is still working actively in different sectors.

How Did She Rose To Fame?

Many people are curious about How Annie rose to such fame as many people don’t receive fame as a journalist as she did. She has been appreciated by many and gained good popularity in a short time. The main reason why she is more popular than any other journalist is that she has not limited herself to a single field. She has used her full potential and worked in different sectors.

She gained huge popularity after working as a host on the podcast for The Newyork Times. Annie working as an Author has also helped her gain the attention of many people.

Dating History And Rumors

There are not many dating rumors about Annie. She has always been very secretive and private about her personal life.

She has not mentioned anyone as her Ex-boyfriend which is why she has been single before her marriage. However, there are many rumors about her dating her current husband before her marriage.

Is She Married?

Annie has been married to her husband Ezra Klein in the year 2011 who is also a renowned American journalist. He is also known as a political analyst.

Annie Lowrey with her husband
Annie Lowrey with her husband picture source Instagram: @ezraklein

He also worked as a columnist for the Newyork Timesand as the host for the podcast of his show named The Ezra Klein Show. Currently, he is working as the founder of Vox. Anie met her husband at her workplace. They are living together happily in their home in Oakland California.

Does She Have Children?

Annie and her husband have two children together. she gave birth to her first child in February in the year 2019 and gave birth to her second child in fall of the year 2021.

There are not many details about her children as she likes to keep her life private. The name of her children is not revealed yet. However, They seem to have a happy and healthy bond together.

How Active Is She On Her Social Media Accounts?

Annie does not seem to be active on her social media account. She loves to maintain privacy and does not like to share almost anything about herself.

She had removed her Instagram account due to some personal reasons. She is quite active on her Twitter account. For more information and update about Annie, you can follow her on her Twitter account. She is active on her Twitter account with the name @AnnieLowrey.

Does She Have Pets?

Annie does have pet dogs and she looks like a very good pet mom. Annie is not active on her social media account, However, her husband is quite active and he keeps sharing many pictures of Annie with her pets. She loves to spend her time with her pet dogs. She owns two pet dogs.

Annie Lowrey with her two pet dogs
Annie Lowrey with her pet dogs picture source Instagram: @ezraklein

Controversies And Rumors

Annie has never been in any kind of controversies and rumors. She likes to keep her life private which is why people don’t get to spread many rumors about her.

She keeps herself away from all the media and paparazzi. Annie is also sweet and humble by nature which makes her a rumor-free personality.

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