Anna Marie Dobbins’ Early Life – Birthday, Mother, and Father

Anna Marie Dobbins born on January 29, 1991, and she was born in Birmingham, Alabama. She was raised alongside her older brother Michael Dobbins by her parents, Linda Dobbins (mother) and Barry Dobbins (father), and she was born into their family.

Anna Marie Dobbins's old photo with her father.
Anna Marie Dobbins’ old photo with her father.
Image Source: Anna Marie Dobbins’ Instagram @annamariedobbins

Since she was a young girl, Anna Marie Dobbins has had a keen interest in performing arts and dance. The dance studio opened by her mother, Linda Dobbins, was where she first began her training in various dance styles. Her childhood was spent performing in dance productions and cheerleading competitions.

Anna Marie Dobbins’ Qualification and Education

Regarding completing Anna Marie Dobbins’ education, she received her degree in Dance and Choreography from Birmingham Southern College. Subsequently, she developed an interest in the acting and modeling industries at thirteen.

Anna Marie Dobbins with her mother.
Anna Marie Dobbins with her mother.
Image Source: Anna Marie Dobbins’ Instagram @annamariedobbins

She was initially represented by Real People Birmingham Talent Agency, her first talent agency signing. After that, she became represented by Jervis Talent Agency and went on to star in movies such as Footloose and Lifted. In addition, Anna Marie Dobbins has made guest appearances on several popular television shows, including Being Mary Jane.

Is Anna Marie Dobbins Married? Who is Her Husband?

There are many outlets that claim Anna Marie Dobbins is married and there are also those who talk about her dating life; however, none of them are official. But there was a rumor Anna Marie Dobbins was in a relationship with Jacob Fowler; moreover, they were rumored to be a married couple. However, there are no details about their wedding; the two have been in a friendship for quite some time.

Anna Marie Dobins and Jacob Fowler
Anna Marie Dobbins and Jacob Fowler.
Source: ActLings

In addition, the actress has not divulged any current information regarding her romantic relationships. Because she has kept a low profile, neither her husband nor her boyfriend is known to the public.

Anna Marie Dobbins’ Net Worth

Anna Marie Dobbins has amassed enormous fortunes herself, and her net worth is $500,000. Even though she has established a name for herself as an actress, she has a long way to go. She maintains a good lifestyle with her earnings which can be seen from her social media platforms. Her sources of income are dancing, acting, and modeling.

Anna Marie Dobbins lives a good lifestyle from her earnings.
Anna Marie Dobbins lives a good lifestyle from her earnings.
Image Source: Anna Marie Dobbins’ Instagram @annamariedobbins

She has appeared in TV movies such as Dying to Marry Him, Deadly Misconduct, and Deadly Mile High Club, in addition to getting a role in Christmas Together. It would appear that the comedian and actress make somewhere in the neighborhood of $28,000 per year, which is approximately the average salary for an actress. Aside from that, she might earn a lot from participating in various events, functions, and talk shows. In addition, she appears to be living a high-profile lifestyle across multiple media platforms.

Anna Marie Dobbins’ Body Measurements

The gorgeous actress Anna Marie Dobbins has brown hair and blue eyes and is very talented. Anna Marie Dobbins has a height of approximately 5 feet 3 inches and a weight of roughly 55 kilograms.

Anna Marie Dobbins has brown hair and blue eyes.
Anna Marie Dobbins has brown hair and blue eyes.
Image Source: Anna Marie Dobbins’ Instagram @annamariedobbins

She has an alluring appearance and appears to be much younger than she actually is, just like Haley Tju and Lindsey Gort. Anna may have a good time at the gym and enjoy himself while she works out.

Anna Marie Dobbins on Social Sites

Anna Marie Dobbins is very involved in the world of social media. On her Instagram account, which is @annamariedobbins and has more than 52K followers, she gives a glimpse into her personal and professional life.

She is perfect about keeping her social media handle up to date with the latest information. Her Instagram account of the actress is packed to the brim with stunning pictures of her family and close friends.

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