Anna Axster is famous for being the former wife of Ryan Bingham. She’s a talented American filmmaker, director, and writer, and she’s made a name for herself with movies like “A Country Called Home,” “Sweet Sting,” and “Souvenir.”

Anna Axster’s Wiki/ Bio

Born in Germany in early 1983 to Caucasian parents with the family name Axster, Anna Axster is now 41 years old as of 2024. She moved to London, England when she was 18 years old.

However, the media star likes to keep her family details private, and she hasn’t shared information about her parents and siblings.


The celebrity spouse, Anna went to a private school for her basic and high school education. Later, she attended college for a degree, but we don’t know the specifics about her higher education and majors.

Meanwhile, the TV star got her Master’s in Filmmaking from the London Film School and her Bachelor’s in Audio Visual Production from London Metropolitan University.

Was Previously Married To Ryan Bingham

The pretty lady Axster got married to Crazy Heart alum Ryan Bingham, an American musician, actor, and songwriter. However, they’re not together anymore. Before meeting Ryan, Anna had never been in a relationship.

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Anna Axster was married to Ryan Bingham for 12 years.
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After being together for many years, the love birds decided to tie the knot in a private ceremony in 2009. Sadly, their love story didn’t last as long as they had hoped.

On June 29, 2021, after twelve years of marriage, the former pair chose to go their separate ways. The reasons for their divorce haven’t been publicly shared by either of them.

Anna Axster’s Ex-Husband, Ryan Bingham Is Famous For His Role In Yellowstone

The 42-year-old Bingham, a famous singer, made a big impact on the show “Yellowstone” as the character Walker, a singing cowboy. His own life, with ranching and personal challenges, is like the character he plays. Bingham got into music when his mom gave him a guitar at 16, and he became well-known for his songwriting.

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Anna Axster’s ex-hubby got fame for Yellowstone.
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Moreover, the household name got involved with “Yellowstone” when he met Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator while working on a film. Although he didn’t do music for that film, he stayed in touch with Sheridan.

When “Yellowstone” was happening, Sheridan asked Bingham to write songs, and later, he became a character in the show.

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In “Yellowstone,” Ryan plays Walker, a former felon given a second chance at the ranch. Even though he wasn’t there the whole time, fans loved his character. He played a key role in a big twist in the third season, and Bingham confirmed he’d be back for Season 4.

What’s more, people appreciate Bingham’s realness and talent. His way of writing and recording music is compared to a bull-rider’s commitment. His performances on “Yellowstone” were a hit, proving he’s a skilled artist. To add more, Richard Gabai is also a fan of the show.

Do You Know Anna Axster Is Mother Of Three Kids?

A Country Called Home director and her partner have three children. While we don’t know their specific names, we do know that they all share Axster as their middle name.

What Is Anna Axster’s Current Relationship?

The 41-year-old Axster keeps her personal life private, so we don’t know if she’s in a new relationship or has a boyfriend.

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Ryan Bingham with his new partner Hassir Garrison.
Image Source; Instagram@ryanbinghamofficial

On the other hand, Hostiles star Ryan is now dating his Yellowstone co-star Hassie Harrison. They made their relationship public on April 12, 2023, by sharing a picture on Instagram where they were kissing in front of a big bonfire. Their on-screen romance from the show has turned into a real-life love story.

Professional Life & Career

The big-name Anna has had a diverse career in filmmaking, writing, music video directing, and movie directing. She started by making the short film Souvenir and later directed music videos for Ryan, like Southside of Heaven and Bread and Water in 2007. Anna directed several of Bingham’s music videos before they got married.

Besides, the lady expanded her career as a producer with her solo-written movie, A Country Called Home, released in 2015. She’s also the executive producer of Ryan Bingham Live, recorded in 2016.

Beyond her roles in producing and directing, the celebrity ex-wife has proven herself as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Her LinkedIn profile mentions her as a co-founder of Lodestar Spirits and reveals her past role as Chief Executive and Talent Manager of Axster Co.

Additionally, Axster and her former beau Bingham jointly owned a record label called Bingham and Axster Records.

How Rich Anna Axster Is?

The gorgeous Anna has built a successful career as a writer, director, and producer, and she’s managed to accumulate a substantial amount of money. Her estimated net worth is around $3 million.

Similarly, the pretty woman has found success in her career as a director and producer, allowing her to live a comfortable life in the United States with her family. But she’s not the only one with significant wealth—her ex-husband has also earned a substantial amount from his career.

Speaking of Ryan, he’s making a good income, with an astonishing net worth of $15 million. His wealth comes from his work as an actor, music albums, royalties, and various assets. He recently bought $4.6 million estate.

Real State

After Axster and her husband Bingham got divorced, their property is now up for sale at $2.45 million. Records show that the property was initially bought for $1.36 million in 2013.

This $2.45 million property is pretty impressive, featuring three bedrooms and three bathrooms, covering a large space of 2,394 square feet. It’s located in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

Social Media Presence

The media personage Axster doesn’t share much about her life on social media. She’s not actively present on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. She doesn’t have any verified accounts on these platforms. If she becomes active on social media in the future, we’ll keep you updated.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Bingham is quite active on social media. He has an Instgaram account with over 727 thousand followers with the username @ryanbinghamofficial. He also has a Twitter account, @RyanBingham, with over 62.5 thousand followers.

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