Anjali Ramkissoon is an accomplished and well-known American doctor. She became famous after a drunken video of her fighting with an Uber driver went viral. This brought the doctor a lot of unwelcome attention as well as a lot of criticism.

Famed doctor Anjali was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America, in the year 1984. She holds American citizenship. Her ethnicity is White. When it comes to her faith, she is a devout Christian who follows the teaching of Christ.

Early Life

Viral doctor Anjali was born as a daughter to a well-known Indian classical vocalist Siew Ramkissoon and his wife Patricia Ramkissoon in 1984. She spent the majority of her youth in her hometown Miami with her family.

She grew up with her sister Kavita Ramkissoon who has also established herself as a fantastic classical vocalist. Besides this, other information is not been disclosed yet.

Academic Life

Anjali is a well-educated person. In 2016, Ramkissoon focused on sleep medicine and headaches. She completed her undergraduate studies at Barry University in Miami in 2008. She had completed her higher secondary schooling at North Miami Beach high school.

Anjali has also taken part in epilepsy research. When starting her residency at Jackson, she studied at St. George University Medical School in Grenada. In addition, she became a student at the University of Miami fourth-year neurology resident working at Jackson Health System in Miami.

Height, Weight, And Appearance

Anjali is a pretty girl who takes care of her body. She has maintained her weight and has a slim body type. She stands 5 ft and 7 inches tall and weighs around 50 kg.

She looks stunning with her beautiful black eyes and black hair color. More about her information about physical measurement.


Ramkissoon has a family of four. Her mother is Patricia Ramkissoon and her father is Siew Ramkissoon. Her father is a renowned Indian vocalist. However, there is no information regarding information about her mother.

She has a sibling named Kavita Ramkissoon whom she grew up with. Other information regarding her family is yet to be disclosed.

About Kavita Ramkissoon – Anjali’s Sibling

Just like Kavita’s father, She is also a singer. Siew has nurtured her and she followed the path of her father. Kavita is the chutney Empress. She was able to establish her characteristic panache at an early age, leading her to compete in several top local competitions, including Best Village, Independence Classical Singing, Mastna Bahar, and Chutney Soca Monarch.

Kabita Ramkissoon
Kavita Ramkissoon
source: Chutney Music

After three years with the band. She felt it was time to break out as a solo artist and develop her career. She is popular in Bollywood after all of her hard work.

Career Highlights

Anjali is a dedicated and intelligent woman. She had bigger goals and tried everything she could to make them come true with her hard work. She has majored in sleep medicine and headache. She is a gifted and well-educated person. she started her career as a nurse at Jackson’s Memorial Primary Teaching Hospital. Moreover, She has also enrolled herself in a study to find out more about epilepsy.

According to her Health grade reports She is currently employed as a doctor of medicine (MD) and a family medicine specialist in North Miami.

How She Came In LimeLight?

Ramkissoon rose to prominence after appearing in the video Drunk Girl Tries To Hijack An Uber and Destroys His Car! On January 19, 2016, this got viral. In the footage, Anjali is seen attacking an Uber driver and wrecking his vehicle. She got into an Uber without making a reservation, and when the driver urged her to get out, she became irate and belligerent, according to sources.

We can see her kicking and punching the driver, who eventually walks away before returning to the passenger seat and hurling mails, electronics, cash, a cell phone, and various pieces of paper and receipts. “Get f*** in the car, you piece of f** horrible shi*,” Anjali yelled at the driver.

The Uber driver arrived to pick up a passenger named Juan Cinco, and he was the one who captured the entire incident on video. Juan then published the footage on his YouTube channel, where it went viral overnight, leading to her dismissal from the hospital in April 2016. More than 7 million people have watched the video.

Video that made Anjali Ramkissoon
Viral Source: Youtube

Anjali realized what she has done and started weeping and apologizing in the fear she might lose her medical license.

She was lucky that the Uber driver did not file any case against her. She publicly apologized through Good Morning America. However, she was dismissed from Jackson Health System for her deeds.

Marital Status

Viral doctor Anjali Ramkissoon is not married yet. She does not want to come into the spotlight again with her issues. She has chosen to keep her personal life private. So she has not disclosed any information about her current relationship.

However, it is known that she was in a relationship with Sean O’ Niel, a radiologist. She dated him for a certain period of time before they decided to part ways due to some misunderstandings and unknown problems.

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Social Media

Doctor Ramkissoon does not seem to be active on social media platforms. There is no verified account on Facebook and Instagram with her name. Either she has deactivated the account or she has deleted it.

It is said that she deleted her Instagram account after she went viral and received negative comments and criticism. However, her dead Twitter account @anjaliramkisson since 2016 is found. It has about 586 followers.

Net Worth

Indian raced Doctor Anjali Ramkissoon is estimated to have around $300k. She is a medical practitioner and she has earned a huge sum of wealth through all her hardships and her professional medical career. Her salary is around $50-$120k as of 2022.

Although her life was struck by a self-made storm, it can be said she is living a lavish and comfortable life in Miami with all this fortune.

Controversies And Rumors

She had a controversy that became viral after it get posted on youtube and Instagram. She attacked the Uber driver when she became drunk. She later disclosed the reason for being drunk on Good Morning Show. She had broken up with his boyfriend and was sad so she got drunk.

Anjali Ramkissoon 1
Anjali Ramkissoon in Good Morning America Show where she apologized for her behavior

Due to her misdeeds and clash with an Uber driver, she was suspended from her job at Jackson Health System. She also got her uber account banned. She also kicked one of the policemen. However, She apologized to the public when she got sober. But this did not change anything.

Besides this, Anjali does not have any rumors and controversies.

Interesting Facts About Ramkissoon

  • Anjali Ramkissoon is from an Indian background family working in a US hospital.
  • Her father and sister both are in musical careers and are Indian classical vocalists.
  • She got her Uber account band and was suspended from her work at Jackson hospital.
  • Anjali’s net worth is estimated to be $300 thousand and her salary is assumed to be $50-$120k.
  • She has also participated in epilepsy research.
  • She had dated a radiologist, Sean O’ Niel.

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