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In Kota, Rajasthan, India, Anjali Pichai was born on November 5, 1972. As of 2022, her age is 50. Anjali grew raised in Rajasthan, India, with her parents and siblings. Her father’s name is Mr. Olaram Haryani, and her mother’s name is Mrs. Madhuri Sharma. She has a brother named Amit Haryani as well. 

Anjali Pichai was born on November 5, 1972.
Anjali Pichai is a chemical engineer.
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According to accounts, the artist was highly interested in studying as a youngster. Anjali studied engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, West Bengal’s Paschim Medinipur district, earning a B. Tech in chemical engineering.

Anjali Pichai’s Married Life

Anjali Pichai has a husband. Sundar Pichai is her husband’s name. The couple has two children: Kavya, a girl, and Kiran, a son. Jeffree, the Pichai family’s favorite dog, will turn three years old in December 2020. They first met while studying at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. The couple tells a basic yet heartwarming love tale.

Anjali Pichai and Sundar Pichai has two children.
Anjali Pichai is married to Sundar Pichai.
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Sundar and Anjali eventually became friends as the days went by. They began spending a lot of time together, and the process of getting to know each other made them realize they had a particular relationship. They soon fell in love. Sundar proposed to her in their last year of college, and she accepted. After earning their engineering degrees, Sundar relocated to the United States for further study.

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The chemical engineer was still in India at the time. Sundar could not make international calls due to budgetary constraints. Therefore the pair went 6 months without communicating. Her spouse also attributes his enormous achievement to her. Sundar further stated that she persuaded him to stay with Google even though other businesses such as Yahoo and Twitter offered him other career options.

Anjali Pichai’s Net Worth Collection

Anjali Pichai’s net worth is undeniably substantial as the wife of Google’s CEO. She must have made a good living through her professional work. However, there is no information on Anjali’s current net worth or salary. On the other hand, Sundar has a phenomenal net worth of $600 million as 2022. Sundar has received more than $1 billion in total remuneration and potential profits, pre-tax, since 2015.

Anjali Pichai's net worth is undeniably substantial as the wife of Google's CEO.
Anjali Pichai’s husband has a net worth of $600 million.
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Pichai’s base compensation is $2 million, but he made more than $100 million in a recent normal year after incentives and stock awards. In 2015, he made $100 million, and in 2016, he earned $199 million. When he gets these high wages, most of it comprises share grants. He “only” made $1.3 million in 2017 since he did not receive a large grant. His overall remuneration in 2018 was $470 million.

Anjali Pichai’s Career Highlights

In the late 1990s, Anjali Pichai began her professional career as a chemical engineer. She began her work with Accenture as a Business Analyst. She stayed with the firm for three years after that. She then relocated to the United States. She works as a Business Operations Manager at Intuit in the United States.

After migrating to the United States, the celebrity’s spouse earned an M.S. in materials science and engineering from Stanford University. Sundar also has an MBA from the Wharton School of Pennsylvania. Sundar was appointed a Siebel Scholar and a Palmer Scholar at this university.

Pichai’s spouse soon started working as a materials engineer. Sundar began working with Google in 2004. Her spouse oversaw the product management and innovation activities for a suite of Google’s client software products at Google. Google Chrome and Chrome O.S. were also mentioned. Her spouse was also heavily involved in the development of Google Drive.

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On August 10, 2015, her husband was chosen to be Google’s new CEO. Sundar was previously designated Product Chief by CEO Larry Page. Her spouse assumed the new job on October 24, 2015, after the conclusion of Alphabet Inc.’s creation. It is the new holding company for the Google family of companies. Sundar Pichai, her spouse, was also named to Time magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in 2020.

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