Andrew Cymek was born in Toronto, Canada, on July 13, 1978. According to astrologers, his birth sign is Cancer. An actor, Andrew was born in Canada; he has a hold of Canadian Nationality with white ethnicity.

Mr. Cymek is an actor, director, and producer. He is best known for the role played by Joseph Morgan in Night Cries and The Baby Stealer, Country Crush, directed by himself, and many more.

Physical Appearance And Body Measurement

Andrew Cymek looks very handsome and has got an attractive personality. Mr. Andrew has got light red-colored hair. He also has blue-colored eyes, which make him look gorgeous. His disclosed information shows no detail about his height and weight on any social sites.

A portrait photo of the actor, director and producer Andrew Cymek.
A portrait photo of the actor, director, and producer Andrew Cymek. Source: Instagram

Andrew hasn’t mentioned anywhere about his body measurement. But, looking at his picture, we can assume he is very healthy. His body also doesn’t look over-weighted. He has kept his diet balanced and seems fit and healthy with his tallness. An actor might have been eating green vegetables and doing some workouts to keep himself healthy and looks energetic.

Family And Sibling Background

A Canadian actor Andrew was raised with his family and sibling since childhood. But there isn’t any information about her current residence. An actor has kept her life private, so he hasn’t mentioned her parents’ names and professions on any social sites.

A portrait photo of an actor Andrew Cymek with his mother.
A portrait photo of actor Andrew Cymek with his mother. Source: Instagram

Mr. Cymek is living as a single, which is why he hasn’t mentioned any detail about her family. He has not spoken a piece of information about her family members and siblings in an interview or on any social sites. There is no information about her parent’s professional and siblings with her disclosed information.

Qualification And Education Background

To know about Andrew’s qualifications, he has completed his schooling nearby her hometown university, where he is well an educated and very talented person. An actor has completed her primary education and high school at York University in Toronto with his best friend Rafael Ludwig and Jimmy Martins.

A Country Crush director Andrew hasn’t mentioned any piece of information on any side or any social media. Even an actor never speaks a bit of information in front of a camera. He is well educated in his chosen subject where Andrew has got good marks and completed his studies.


A director, producer, and actor, Andrew Cymek was so concerned about his passion from an early age. He began his career after he completed his qualification. For the first time, Andrew started to make films with his high school friends Rafael Ludwig and Jimmy Martins since high school.

Also able to open a film which was Four Horsemen. In 2002, he launched Defiant Empire Corporation with his partner Brigitte Kingsley where they played in the first film Drak Rising, starring together. His hard work has received award nominations for Best Writer and Best Director.

A posture of the Movie Christmas By chance was directed by Andrew Cymek.
Andrew Cymek directed a posture of the Movie Christmas By chance. Source: Andrew’s Instagram

Apart from this, An actor has played in many movies till now. In 2005, he directed and edited a short film, The Pretender. In 2007 also, he edited, produced, and wrote by himself, Dark Rising. His first acting film was Medium Raw Night of The Wolf. The actor was able to give continuity to his career, which is why he was seen in Dark Rising: The Savage Tales of Summer Vale 2011.

The same year, he was seen in Dark Rising 2 in Summer Strikes Back. Some of the movies played by Andrew as Night Cries in 2015, Country Crush in 2016, Home for Harvest in 2019, Christmas by Chance in 2020, My Grown-Up Christmas List in 2022, and many more. Besides, Andrew’s hard work has been seen in many more movies, so we wish him good in the upcoming days.


A famous director is very private about his personal life and is a rumor-free personality. Cymek hasn’t been involved in any rumors affecting his career professionally. He is known for her good things because of her hard work in his career.

Mr. Andrew has well managed her information from the public, but he hasn’t shown any rumors till now. An actor has been involved in social media but can remain free from controversy.

Married life And Children Of Actor Andrew Cymek

The Baby Stealer actor Andrew is a married man who got married to a gorgeous artist Brigitte Kingsley in 2005. Andrew disclosed information, and there is no detail about the couple’s married full date and place. But the couple keeps sharing photos on their social media. Even Brigitte remained silent when sharing information about their personal life. Brigitte and her husband, Mr. Andrew, have been dating for many years.

Andrew Cymek and her wife Brigitte Kinglsey
Andrew Cymek and her wife, Brigitte Kinglsey.
Source: Instagram @bkingsley

Andrew’s wife was in a relationship with Joe Heslip before she tied the knot with him. To learn more about Andrew’s wife, Brigitte, you can follow her on her social media site, Instagram, with more than 4.2k followers with her username Brigitte Kingsley.

Life On Social Media

Furthermore, information about his social media, today’s youth person, Andrew Cymek, is active on his social sites. Through his busy schedule, Cymek makes time and gets engaged on his social media. Mr. Cymek has created his profile on different areas such as Instagram and Twitter. Cymek loves interacting with his followers and wants the public to know about his personality, which is why he is most active on his account.

A Home for Harvest actor has been very active on his social media sites. To know more about his social media and daily updates, you can follow him on his social media. He has been holding fewer followers on his social media page, more than 674 followers on his Instagram and more than 968 followers on his Twitter. He has been holding his Twitter with his username @andrewcymek and Instagram with his username Andrew Cymek.

How Much Does Andrew Earn?

A Canadian actor Andrew Cymek has been able to earn a good amount of money from his professional acting and directing. Due to his hard work and dedication to his career, he has been living a luxurious life. Due to his hard work, Ricky has been able to collect a lot of assets.

There is no exact information about his net worth on any social sites; as a professional actor who earned around $48k, Andrew has a whopping net worth of $3 Million. Also, his wife estimated net worth is approximately $ 2 million, with her source of income being an artist. He also makes a good exact income by appealing to some projects and films with his ability and hard work. His source of income is his professional acting. A couple can live a luxurious life to live everyday life and enjoy her life with her beautiful small family.

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