Amelia Heinle is a well-known name in the world of acting. She is an American actress and model with a wide range of fan following. Her roles in American soap operas have given her wide recognition among the people.

Amelia is best known for her role as Stephanie Brewster in the series Loving and The City. That particular role also gave her massive recognition among the fans.

Age and Family

The talented actress, Amelia Heinle was born on 17 March 1973 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Her full name is Amelia March Heini. Currently, she is forty-nine years old and is living a healthy life.

She has four younger siblings who are currently pursuing their dream. When she was fifteen years old, she moved to New Jersey alongside her family.

A Look Into Amelia Heinle’s Career

Amelia Heinle started her acting career in 1993 through her role as Stephanie Brewster in the series Loving. She stayed in that particular role for two years until joining The City in 1995 with the same character. With her incredible performance, she even got nominated for several awards which gave her massive recognition.

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Image: Amelia Heinle with her co-star from The Young and the Restless. Source: Cheat Sheet

In 1998, the 5 feet 6-inch tall star made her first film debut by playing the role of Laurie in At Sachem Farm. Till now, she has done only four movies and hasn’t got success on the big screen. However, she has a wonderful career in TV and has made appearances in over twenty series with incredible feedback.

Since 2005, Heinle is playing the role of Victoria Newman in the show The Young and the Restless. Alanna Masterson played the role of Colleen Carlton in the particular series.

Amelia’s great performance in that particular series has given her huge recognition. She has been part of the series for the past many years and it is still going great among the fans. Another wonderful character was in All My Children where she played the role of Mia Saunders.

Amelia Heinle is Award Winning Actress

Soap Opera Actress, Amelia has been part of the acting field for more than two decades. During this long career, she has achieved so much name and fame. She is one of the loved and followed actresses with several titles and recognition. Her first nomination landed in 1994 for a Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Female Newcomer.

In 2014 she won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her wonderful acting in The Young and the Restless. After a year she again won the Daytime Emmy Award for the same category and for the same role. In 2019, She got nominated for Soap Awards France for Best International actor/ actress for her role in The Young and the Restless.

Furthermore, she is still working on The Young and the Restless and is still loved by many fans around the world. Maybe she will still land the award or nomination for her great performance in the particular series. Actress Sandy Corzine is also awarded Daytime Emmy Award.

How is Marital Life Going On With Husband, Thad Luckinbill

Forty-nine years old, Amelia Heinle is a gorgeous woman in the entertainment industry. She is one of the loved and followed actresses. So, people often wonder about her love life. Well, the beautiful actress is a happily married woman. She exchanged her wedding vows with her husband, Thad Luckinbill. Thad is also a successful American actor with huge popularity.

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Image: Amelia Heinle with her husband, Thad Luckinbill attending a party together. Source: Day Time Confidential

Taking a glimpse into their love life the pair met one another for the very first time back in 2005. Their way crossed on the set of the Young and the Restless. They started their sweet relationship as a friend which later turned into a romantic relationship. Interestingly, Amelia even played the role of the ex-wife of Luckinbill in that particular series.

Well after dating for more than a year the pair decided to take their relationship one step further. In March 2007 they accepted one another as lifelong partners. Several high-profile guests were seen on their grand occasion including their co-stars from the Young and the Restless. Not only that, their fans also congratulated them on a new beginning in their life.

Blessed With Two Kids With Husband, Thad Luckinbill

Mr. and Mrs. Luckinbill are now bounded in nuptial vows for more than a decade. They share a great connection and love in their relationship. By having the same working environment they have developed a great understanding. Along with so much love and respect, the happy couple is the parents of two beautiful kids. On 2nd November 2007, they welcomed their first child into the family. Their son’s name is Thaddeus Rowe.

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Image: Amelia Heinle and Thad Luckinbill with their daughter, Georgia March. Source: I0. Hearty Hosting

Thaddeus is currently fifteen years old. Later on 17th December 2009, Amelia Heinle gave birth to their second child, daughter, Georgia March. Currently, she is thirteen years old. Both of the kids are healthy and lovely. Despite having a hectic work schedule Thad and Amelia are taking good care of their children like every parent. They often post sweet pictures of their kids on their respective social media accounts.

Everything was fine in their love journey, however, in 2017, Luckinbill filed for divorced and surprised the world. Many media stated that the pair are about to split and are not living together. However, they are again reconciled and are living happy and prosperous life together. As of now, the family of four is enjoying one another companionship to the fullest and there are no rumors about the pair having any external marital affairs.

Divorced With Actor Michael Weatherly

Prior marrying to Thad, Amelia Heinle was married to Michael Weatherly. He is an American actor, musician, and producer. His role as Anthony Dinozzo in the NCIS series is loved by every fan. Taking a look into their love life, they met one another for the very first time on the set of Loving. They both were part of the show where they developed a sweet relationship.

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Image: Amelia Heinle with her ex-spouse, Michael Weatherly. Source: Getty Images

That sweet relationship later turned into a serious one. In February 1995 they exchanged their wedding vows. However, after two years of their marriage, the former pair find difficulties with one another. In 1997 they finalized their divorce and parted ways. Despite their split, they are still parents of one child. They welcomed their kid, son, August Weatherly on 10th January 1996.

August is now twenty-six years old and is currently pursuing his dream. Despite his parents split they love him very much and have been supporting him. As of now, Michael is married to his second wife, Bojana Jankovic, and is living a quality life together. While Amelia is very happy with her second husband, Luckinbill.

Net Worth of Amelia Heinle

All My Children actress, Amelia Heinle has had a very successful career so far. Since 1993 she has tasted success in her wonderful career. Till now, the mother of three has been part of several blockbuster movies and series with incredible feedback. With so much eye-catching career she has amassed a huge name and fame. Talking about her fortune, Amelia has a net worth of $4 Million as of 2022. She has garnered all of her fortunes through her great career.

Being one of the experienced actresses in the field, she is paid a huge amount of remuneration. Her estimated annual income is over $250,000 from her overall involvement. Currently, she is playing the role of Victoria Newman in The Young and the Restless. She estimately makes over $150,000 per episode from the series.

On the other hand, her husband is also a successful actor, Thad holds a net worth of $10 Million as of 2022. He has been part of various movies and series and makes lot of fortune. His estimated annual income is over $100,000 as of now. Currently, he is part of the upcoming crime movie Reptile where he is serving as an actor and producer too.

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