Alex Hogh Andersen is a Danish personality who works as an actor and photographer. He’s famous for playing Ivar the Boneless in the TV show Vikings.

Alex Høgh Andersen’s Wiki/ Bio

Alex Hogh Andersen was born on May 20, 1994, in Slagelse, Denmark. His parents are Thomas Andersen and Charlotte Hogh. He grew up with his family in Skaelskor, a small town in western Sjaelland, Denmark. Alex has a younger sister named Aila Hoegh.

Since he was a kid, the media star had a keen interest in acting. He pursued this interest by studying drama at school and participating in various plays and productions to gain more experience.


Between the ages of 7 and 19, Høgh went to a school where he learned about acting. From 2006 to 2012, he got more training in drama at Eventyrteatret in Søborg, Gribskov, Denmark. Also, get to know about Derrick Chrisley.

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Later, A War alum went to the University of Copenhagen in Denmark to study Film and Media Studies. But he left after just one year.

Is Alex Høgh Andersen Married? Who Is His Wife?

As of the latest information, Alex Andersen, known for his role in “Vikings,” isn’t married. There’s no confirmed news about him having a wife or being married.

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People have been curious about his dating life, but there’s no solid proof he’s married. Many sources have talked about his relationships, but none confirm if he’s married.

Right now, the TV star’s relationship status is private, and there’s no official word on him having a wife or being married.

How Is Alex Høgh Andersen’s Professional Life?

The Danish actor, Alex began his career in 2007 with a play called “Østen for solen og vesten for månen,” where he played Prins Sebastian. His first TV role was as Victor in “Outsider,” where he was the main character in the miniseries. Then, he starred as William Iversen in another Danish TV show called “Tvillingerne & Julemanden.”

Moreover, the renowned name joined the cast of the historical drama TV series “Vikings” in its fourth season, playing the role of Ivar the Boneless. Being part of such a popular show as Vikings surely brought him success and contributed to the entertainment industry.

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Additionally, he voiced Hiro Hamada in the Danish version of the animated film “Big Hero 6.” Likewise, he portrayed Bjorn Jepsen in the crime thriller TV series “Those Who Kill,” known as “Darkness: Those Who Kill” or “Den Som Dræber” in 2024. He also played Frederick in the Netflix film “The Bombardment” in 2021. See another media star, Kristen Ledlow.

In the recent time, the media star has starred in Darkness: Those Who Kill and Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever He will be appearing in Stealing McCloud and Call Me Dad.

Alex Høgh Andersen In Wikings

The 30-year-old Andersen played a significant role in the popular TV series “Vikings.” He portrayed the character Ivar the Boneless, who is based on the historical figure Ivar the Boneless, a Viking warrior and commander known for his strategic prowess and ferocity in battle.

Throughout the series, Alex’s portrayal of Ivar was captivating, as he depicted the complex layers of the character’s personality. From his early struggles with physical disability to his rise as a cunning and ruthless leader, Alex brought depth and intensity to the role.

Is A Humanitarian

Høgh, the Danish actor is actively involved in helping others. Although we don’t have all the details about his charity work, he supports various organizations like Unicef, Care Denmark, and Fighting Cancer. His mom’s battle with breast cancer makes this cause especially meaningful to him.

Also, Alex uses his fame to talk about important issues like protecting the environment and fighting for equal rights and opportunities for everyone. Through these actions, he shows he wants to make a positive difference in society beyond just acting.

How Wealthy Alex Høgh Andersen Is?

According to recent reports,Vikings actor, model, and photographer Høghhas an estimated net worth of around $3 million. He earns this money mainly from acting, modeling, endorsements, commercials, and other business ventures.

He owns a fancy house in his hometown and likes riding bikes and cars. Although we don’t know all the details about his properties, it’s obvious he lives comfortably because of his successful career.

Past Relationships

Alex has had a few well-known relationships in his career. One notable one was with actress Katheryn Winnick in 2016. He’s also been connected to different women over time, but those relationships didn’t last long.

Is Alex Høgh Andersen Active On Social Media?

Høgh Andersen is a famous artist who’s popular on social media, especially on Instagram. You can find him there using the username @alexhoegandersen.

On his Instagram, he has posted 800 different pictures and videos. Lots of people, around 2.1 million, follow him, but he only follows about 1.4k people back.

Alex shares a lot about his work life on Instagram. He often gives sneak peeks of what he’s working on, which people all around the world love to see and show him support for.

Height & Looks

The media sensation Andersen is about 5 feet 11¾ inches tall (1.82 meters). He weighs around 78 kg (172 lbs) and has brown eyes and brown hair. His fit body and looks match well with his acting, which helps him succeed in the entertainment world.

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