Al Haymon is an American Boxing manager who has served many amazing boxers. He is the recipient of the Boxing Writers of America Manager of the Year Award five times which is because of his diligent work.

Haymon was born on the 21st of April in 1955 and was raised in Ohio, Cleveland. He is a businessman and was involved in music promotion.

Net Worth

Al Haymon is estimated to have a whopping $15 Million in his possession. He is living a rich lifestyle from all the amounts he has accumulated from his successful professional life.

His primary source of income is his TV business. He owns the Priemere Boxing championship and has been running it successfully. Before getting into this business, Haymon worked as a manager for different boxers and was best at his work.

Family Background

Al has not talked much about his family but it was revealed that his mother worked as an accountant and had opened a small business.

On the other hand, his father was a religious leader. Al has made some financial contributions to his father’s church program.

Brother Bobby Haymon Was Also In The Boxing Field

Al’s brother Bobby Haymon was a boxer who had 21 wins throughout his professional career. He fought most of his career as a welterweight.

Al Haymons brother Bobby Haymon
Al Haymon’s brother Bobby Haymon.
Source: BoxRec

His manager and trainer Polo promoted his match against Ivory which turned out badly. He further lost two matches and Polo finally realized to get involved in it.

With thorough training, Bobby won ten consecutive games. His last fight was with Leonard Haymon and after that, he got a retired record of 21 wins, 8 losses, 1 draw, 1 no-contest, 9 knockouts, and 2 KOs.

Al did not like the way the ring leaders treated his brother in his active days and is resentful of that to date.

Relationship Status – Is Al Haymon Married?

Al Haymon is not married and is not in any relationship currently as there is no official news regarding him being in any relationship. Apparently, the boxing manager is more concerned about his career rather than getting involved in any sort of relationship.

However, this might not be correct as Haymon is a very secretive person, he might be in a relationship but has chosen not to announce it publicly.

Haymon Once Said ‘I’m not trying to be a star. I’m trying to be a businessman

Haymon really hates being in the public and also sees his matches from the private box. He rarely makes a public appearance. As per him, he is trying to be a businessman, not a star.

He turned down the interviewer as they were trying to know more about Haymon. As per Leon Marguels, who advertises fights for Haymon, Al values his privacy and he does not even like it if someone says nice stories about him.

Lawsuit Against Haymon

Top Ranks and Golden Boy have filed a lawsuit against Al Haymon for antitrust and Ali act violation. Top Ranks charged $100 Million and cease the match whereas the other demanded $300 Million.

Oscar De La Hoya 300 Million LawSuit against Al Haymon.

They both alleged Haymon for monopolizing boxing with internal methods. He was using his promoters and cutting other’s promoters.

Oscar De La Hoya Threatens To Reveal The Truth Of Al Haymon

After Terence Crawford spoke out against Al Haymon’s manager Spence’s dishonesty and unfairness in the boxing matches, Oscar De La Hoya threatened to tell the truth about Al Haymon. Crawford said that Spence was to blame for the breakdown in communication that prevented his fighter from accepting a deal with a $25 million guarantee.


De la Hoya even said that it was because of Haymon that there are no big fights happening in PBC lately.

Don King Said Al Is A Great Man

Don King promotes Haymon fighters and has said Al is a great person and he is glad to be able to meet with him. They know each other since their young days. Don and Haymon graduated from the same high school.

He is known for his involvement in historic matches. However, he faced allegations and lawsuits for his dishonest practices and has manslaughter convictions and civil cases against him.

Eddie Hearn Shared His Experience About Meeting Haymon

Eddie Hearn is a boxing promoter and is chairman of Matchroom sports. He wanted to negotiate Carl Froch against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr therefore, he went to meet him in Los Angelos.


There he met Haymon, whom he has not seen before. Upon gazing at him Hearn initially thought there is no way that could be Haymon.

However, Hearn admitted that he respected Haymon even though he does not like whatever he does. He respects the way Haymon is at the top of his game.

Haymon Does What He Wants

Many people do not like Haymon’s attitude. He is known to make you feel like million dollars until he gets something out of you.

He doesn’t care about anyone save Sylvia Browne, Brad Owens, Sam Watson, and Mike Ring, who make up his core group. When negotiating, he strains relationships to the breaking point and has a knack for making people fear that they would be fired if they don’t comply with his demands.

However, once he gives a word, he lives up to it. Haymon has always kept the words with Kweder which has been confirmed by the latter.

Educational Background

Haymon is a well-educated person who has a Master’s degree in Business Administration degree from the prestigious Harvard University. He received his primary and secondary education from John Adams High School in 1973. Another notable character from the school is Don King.

During his days at Harvard University, he explored many areas. He was on the freshman basketball and Varsity Rifle team. He was also elected as the president of the North House.

He was also in the Afro-American cultural center and had promoted his first concert in 1976 during his junior year at Harvard.

Dan Rafael Was Not Invited To January 14, 2015, press conference at NBC

Dan Rafael, one of the renowned boxing journalists out there was not invited by Haymon to the press conference that occurred on January 24, 2015.

Rafael has talked about him being uninvited. He has said that Al does not like him which is fine as there are people who he does not like either. However, he always tries to make a good business courtesy which Al has not done.

Worked As A Music Promoter

As mentioned above, Haymon promoted his first concert in 1976 during his junior year at Harvard. Upon asking how he got interested in promoting music, he revealed that he saw a concert that featured Minnie Riperton and Herb Hancock in 1975.

Al thought it was something that he could do on his own even if he had no money and therefore, started calling record companies, calling buildings around town, and trying to introduce himself as a promoter to learn about the business and try to find out optimal strategy to enter in this business.

His mother helped him to build his career. During his career as a Music promoter, he promoted work like acts such as M. C. Hammer, New Edition, Whitney Houston, and so on. Furthermore, he has also worked with the famous actor Eddie Murphy.

Boxing Career Highlights

Al Haymon was first introduced to boxing by his older brother Bobby Haymon who was a journeyman welterweight. He began his career in the field of boxing in 2000. He used to manage Vernon Forrest who holds multiple world championships.


Later, he managed Floyd Mayweather Jr and during this time he rose in the boxing world and had some influence.

Throughout his career, the Boxing Writers Association of America awarded Haymon with five Manager of the year award.

Premiere Boxing Championship

The Premiere Boxing Championship was created with the intention of showing boxing contests on cable networks rather than on expensive streaming services. It was displayed in NBC On March 7, 2015

To make this work, Haymon exploited his connections. They attracted a sizable audience with live broadcasting. He approached NBC to negotiate a multi-year contract, and ESPN later announced a two-year agreement with PBC.

Social Media Presence

The Boxing Manager Haymon is not that active on social media. There are accounts under his name on major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, it is not confirmed if it belongs to him.

His Instagram account @gerkpot has more than 1k followers. Al has kept his Instagram account private as he does not want to publicize his personal information.

His Twitter account @LOlHaymon was created in October 2014 and has around 131 followers.

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