Adam Hagenbuch is a multi-talented and well-known actor, writer, and director who rose to fame after playing the character of Jimmy Gibbler in a TV series named fuller house (2016).

He was born on January 23, 1991, in Addison, Texas USA. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is known for his versatile acting from playing a soft-looking character to a funny-looking gay character and probably as one of the most good-looking cast in his movies and dramas.

He is known for all the good things and probably one of the most good-looking casts in any of his movies and series. He is also quite active on some social media platforms. He also seems quite interested in art as we can see him posting his painting and sketches on his social media ( Instagram). He is also known for bodybuilding. He is also given a really cute nickname Hagenboo by his friends, family, and fans.

Physical Feature

Hagenboo has a very defined physical structure and undeniably attractive looks. He is also known for bodybuilding his body looks very muscular he looks fit and tall. His upper body looks quite broad while his lower body looks quite slim.

Adam Hagenbuch in his Gym Wear with a background image of the polar region.
Adam Hagenbuch portrait picture source Instagram: @hagenboo

He has a perfect height of 6 feet and 1 inch and weighs about 88 kgs. He has hazel brown eyes and his hair color is dark brown. However, His great physical appearance and charm have made him earn a lot of fans.

Family And Early Life

Adam Hagenbuch spent his formative years in his birthplace in Dallas, Texas. He has not revealed quite a lot about his family but we can him posting about his mother on his social media account without revealing her name profession, or any of her identity. He even looks quite close to his mother likewise he has not revealed anything about his father.

However, He grew up with his older sister and he keeps posting about her as well on his social media. But we still don’t have enough information about her as well. He also has a brother but there is no more information about his brother than the rest of his family. He seems not to like sharing his personal life with people he has only shared about his girlfriend.

Career And Education Highlights.

Hagenboo started his schooling at Trinity Christian Academy for his primary and secondary education, but he was interested in an acting career since his childhood. He joined the Carnegie school of drama to study acting and drama theatre. He has also done fine arts at Carnegie Mellon University where he took part in many dramas and theatre during his learning period which made him confident after experiencing a lot.

Later he started his career in the film industry with the movie named modern family (2009) and also has played some other famous roles like bob in his movie The perks of being a wallflower (2012) starring Emma Watson where he won a San Diego Film Critics Society Award for his supporting role when he was just 22 years old. He has also played other amazing roles like Scott in Modern family 2014) and Clanton in trial and error (2017).

He portrayed Ashton Kutcher in the Lifetime original movie The Brittany Murphy Story. He has also played an amazing role as Jimmy Gibbler in the series Fuller House. He has impressed his fans due to his variation in roles. He also played the role of Greg “Mingo” Shimingo where he acts funny but is a really sensitive character. He hasn’t kept himself limited to a single genre.

He keeps entertaining with different kinds of roles. In his writing career, He wrote some short movies such as 2014’s Processing, 2015’s Cruze, and The Trans-Former. He also worked in the camera and electrical department for several television shows and also has functioned as a producer.

Is Hagenboo Gay Or Married?

Adam Hagenbuch had played the role of a funny gay character which compelled people to think about his sexual orientation due to his spontaneous acting skills. He has denied all the claims by fans considering him gay and claimed that he is straight.

However, Some people still consider him gay even after the denial due to his strange habits on and off-screen. Fans loved his role as a gay character. He had once revealed that he had a crush on his on-screen partner Jodie Sweetin.

He is not married yet but he has been very open about his relationship with Kayla Radomski who is also a well-known actress and contemporary dancer. He rose to fame after she competed in season 5 of the dance competition series So You Can Think Of Dance.

She came in fourth place while the winner of that competition was Jeanie Mansion. She has played some amazing roles like the miniseries tomino’s hell, the TV movie Engaged, and the film more beautiful for having been broken. Most recently, she appeared in two episodes of the series Like It Was Yesterday.

Adam Hagenbuch and his girlfriend Kayla Radomski with their pet dog in a Christmas outfit during the festive season.
picture of Adam Hagenbuch with his girlfriend Kayla Radomski picture source @hagenboo (Instagram)

They both seem quite a nice couple who enjoys each other’s company. They look very happy with each other and might plan to take their relationship permanently. They also spent their quarantine period together.

We can see him posting about his girlfriend on his social media frequently. They have not cleared it out since when they have been dating but people assume that they have been dating since (2019) as they started posting about one another.

Hagenbuch’s Net Worth

The young and talented actor Adam Hagenbuch has amassed quite a lot of fortune from his acting career. He has been earning an impressive amount since the inception of his career in entertainment from acting, directing, and even writing different short movies and TV series. He also earned by working as a producer in some.

Adam Hagenbuch’s net worth is slowly inching toward $1 million by adding all his assets and loyalties which he earned throughout his life.

Hagenboo’s Hobbies And Interests

Hagenboo is quite a family guy who would love to spend his time with his friend’s families and pets. alongside, He is also interested in writing and art. He does paintings and sketches during his leisure period.

He even loves to share his artwork with his fans so he shares them on his social media and especially loves to draw his pets. He has shared a few of the paintings of his cats on his Instagram account. He loves learning new things and taking part in new activities.

Does He Have Pets?

Hagenbuch is a very good pet dad. He loves spending time with dogs even in sets. He has a pet dog with his girlfriend and they both seem to be good pet parents. He spends most of his leisure time with their pet dogs. We can see him post a lot about pets and he also shares drawings of his pet cat and dogs.

Adam Hagenbuch with his pet dog wearing sunglasses  during Halloween party
Adam Hagenbuch with his pet dog during Halloween party picture source Instagram: @hagenboo

Hagenboo’s Social Media

Hagenboo seems quite active on his social media platforms where he interacts with his fan. He also shares some goofy pictures on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. He is also seen on Twitter but his account is still not verified. His active participation makes him gain followers every day?

He also shares about his pets, family, and art on his Instagram account @hagenboo. He is also active on his Facebook account with the name Adam Hagenbuch. Despite being so active on his social media he has been able to maintain privacy about his personal life. He seems to be the kind of person who loves to live in the moment and remain a mystery and keep things within himself.

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