Yvonne Payne’s Net Worth From Career as an Author

Yvonne Payne is the perfect example of an empowered woman who tries to be financially independent by working her own career, despite being the wife of Charles Payne. In fact, she is a reputed American writer who wrote the widely acclaimed novel, Kristopoula: Girl of Kritsa. You could also find her books in the Kindle edition on Amazon. Interestingly, she closely watched a fellow Krista resident during her visits to village customs, which inspired her to write the book.

Yvonne Payne poses a picture with her husband and son.
Yvonne Payne is two years older than her husband, Charles Payne. Source: Married Wiki

Charles Payne’s wife, Yvonne Payne, always loved writing and continued to do so. In 2018, she dropped her second book, ‘Rodanthe’s Gift,’ which is about a real-life hero, Captain Kazanis, who fought on the Greek mainland during the siege of Missolonghi. If that wasn’t enough, she has her own website, which features blogs about her life in a village in the east of Crete, Greece.

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With such a stable career as an author, there is nothing that the diva has to worry about in terms of her finances. Specifically, she amasses a staggering net worth of $200,000 as of 2020. On the other hand, her famous husband, Charles Payne, owns a relatively larger net worth of $500,000.

Yvonne Payne’s Married Life with Husband Charles Payne

With a resounding professional life, Yvonne Payne is fortunate enough to replicate the same luck in her personal life as well. Yes, she is a married woman and couldn’t be happier with how things stand. Interestingly, she tied the knot with boyfriend Charles Payne in 2004 in a low-key wedding ceremony in front of their families and friends. Surprisingly, the couple was already living together for many years before they made the big decision to get married. You would be astonished to know how Yvonne is two years older than her husband.

Yvonne Payne poses a picture with her husband Charles Payne.
Yvonne Payne owns a staggering net worth of $500,000. Source: Celebtattler

Yvonne Payne and Charles Payne didn’t actually need marriage to validate a relationship as they already had everything settled before that with a family. The lovebirds are parents to two children, out of which the first son Charles Jr. was born in 1996. On the other hand, they gave birth to a daughter, Cherie Payne in 1985.

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The marriage between Yvonne Payne and her journalist husband Charles Payne was resounding until 2017 when there were sexual assault allegations against the Fox journalist. The scandal even forced her beau to be suspended for months, but fortunately, investigations later proved him innocent. He returned to work in September 2017 and admitted to having a three-year-long affair with Hughes. Despite that, Yvonne was supportive of her husband and is together with him to the current date. The pair today live at their house in New Jersey.

Yvonne Payne poses a picture with husband Charles Payne.
Yvonne Payne is the mother of two children with her husband Charles Payne. Source: Answers Africa

Yvonne Payne faced a serious setback in 2012 when she suffered a heart attack to ventricular tachycardia. However, she escaped death, thanks to a timely direct organ donation from her friend’s daughter.

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