Weird Al Yankovic is an American singer, musician, record producer, and actor noted for witty songs that poke fun at modern culture and frequently mimic specific songs by current musical performers. He also plays polka medleys of various popular tunes, most of which involve his signature accordion. Yankovic’s fame stems in part from his effective use of music videos to further mock pop culture, the song’s original performer, and, in some cases, the original music videos themselves.

Suzanne Yankovic is a well-known American celebrity who works for 20th Century Fox as a marketing executive. Her reputation skyrocketed after she married Weird Al Yankovic. Fans are wondering about the cute couple’s love life. So, let’s discuss Yankovic and Suzanne’s relationship timeline.

Weird Al Yankovic & Suzanne Yankovic’s Married Life

Weird Al Yankovic, AKA Alfred Matthew Yankovic & Suzanne Yankovic, are a happily married couple. On February 10, 2001, the duo tied the knot in front of family and friends. The beautiful duo celebrating had shown a strong bond; however, some news regarding their breakup has surfaced. Some online source has speculated that he might have broken up with his wife, but there is a lack of evidence.

The family’s pride and pleasure is Nina Yankovic, the love birds’ daughter. Their first child, a girl, was born in 2003.

Weird Al Yankovic with his wife Suzzane Yankovic
“Weird Al” Yankovic & Suzanne Yankovic are a perfect couple.
Photo Source: Zimbio

On the other hand, Suzanne is a Hollywood power couple with her spouse, Weird AI Yankovic. In terms of how they met, they met through a common acquaintance, Bull Mumy, an actor, writer, and musician from the United States who is well-known in the science fiction and comic book communities in 2001. Before meeting in person, Suzanne and Weird AI had many phone dates. Similarly, Lilly Ashby was married to Stephen Hensley.

They currently reside in Los Angeles, where they possess a property previously owned by writers Jack S. Margolis and Heavy D. Yankovic is described by friends and acquaintances as courteous, quiet, and introverted, especially around relatives, in sharp contrast to his theatrical demeanor. He is a devout Christian, and on the cover of his album Poodle Hat, a married couple from his church can be seen in the background. His avoidance of profanity, drinking, and narcotics reflects his devout background.

Weird Al Reveals His Relationship With Queen of Pop Maddona

In the movie Weird: The Al Yankovic’s story, which is the biopic of Yankovic, starred by Daniel Radcliff, there was a steamy scene between Yankovic and Maddona. This created a lot of questions in his fan’s minds.

Later, Weird Al revealed that there was only a little truth sprinkled, and the steamy scene never happened. He has oly met Maddona backstage for 45 seconds.

Is Weird Al Yankovic Vegetarian? Yankovic’s Parents

Weird AI Yankovic became a vegetarian in 1992 after receiving a copy of John Robbins‘s Diet for a New America from his then-girlfriend, which he described as “making a really strong argument for a strict vegetarian diet.” “The same way I can excuse playing at a college even though I’m not a student anymore,” he said when asked how he can justify doing gigs at events like the Great American Rib Cook-Off as a vegetarian.

"Weird Al" Yankovic & Suzanne Yankovic are a married couple.
“Weird Al” Yankovic & Suzanne Yankovic lives happy life.
Photo Source: Instagram

The musician reiterated his views on his diet in a 2011 interview with OnMilwaukee: “I’m still a vegetarian and try to be vegan, but I don’t always succeed. I might steal a slice of cheese pizza from the band bus.

Is Yankovic’s Parents’ Death?

Yankovic’s parents were found dead on April 9, 2004, at their house in Fallbrook, California, following carbon monoxide poisoning caused by their fireplace. He decided to go on with his show in Appleton, Wisconsin, hours after his wife informed him of this.

Since my music had helped many of my listeners through difficult times, maybe it would work for me as well… at the very least, it would give me a break from weeping all the time,” he later remarked. Their deaths came after the release of Yankovic’s lowest-selling album in 20 years, Poodle Hat.

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