Veronica  Neave’s Childhood and Education

There is no information about when Veronica Neave was born. Talking about the place, too, there is no information about where she was born. Though there is no specific place of birth, she was born in Australia. Talking about her base location, it is said her base location is Brisbane.

Veronica grew up in Australia. She got her childhood as a military imp, moving to various places at regular intervals. She was very much interested in Acting. That’s the reason she joints drama classes at an early age. Elisha Neave is Veronica Neave’s sister who had breast cancer.

She attended acting classes from the age of five and continued throughout her schooling. That is to say, during the school period, she continued the drama classes. Later, Veronica joined the university for her graduation or further studies. She graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in Performing Arts, majoring in Theatre. There is no more information about Veronica Neave’s higher education.

Who is Veronica Neave’s Husband?

As Veronica Neave has kept her personal and professional life apart, there are no details available about her husband. Her fans even don’t have information about whether she is married or not.

It is said Brendan Hopp is her husband, but it is not authentic information as Brendan Hopp is also called the husband of Elisha Neave. So, it’s a rumor that Brendan Hopp is Veronica Neave’s Husband.

Veronica Neave’s Net Worth And Career

There is no more information about Veronica Neave’s income. She might have a good income as she works actively and has done lots of work in TV and Films. Her estimated Net Worth is $17million.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts, majoring in Theater, she started working as an Actor, Writer, performer, Dramaturge, and director for theatre companies Throughout Australia.

Veronica Neave’s Movies And TV Shows

Like Lisa Emery and Thomas Kail, Veronica Neave also performed onstage. She worked hard to form her ideal space in the Theatre work. As a result, she got a Matilda Award and the Inaugural John Harris Critics Award. She performed principal roles in 30 productions for various companies.

She also worked as a full-time member at Wall physical theatre company for five years. In Shakespeare’s Verse, She is a Churchill Fellow. She has seen over fifty stage productions within Australia, from Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams.

Veronica Neave smiling
Veronica Neave started learning to act at the age of 5
Source – mollisonkeightley

 From her Working profile, it can be said that she is very laborious, a hard worker, and a dedicated actor. One after the next, she continued working. For her, no matter the field changes, the work exists. That might be the reason for being an actor and later an actor.

Veronica has written and directed the shows of NIDA, The Australian Theatre for Young People, and the Queensland Theatre Company. Later, she started performing in many movies and television shows. Girl Clock, The Boys, and Something Wicked are some of her famous movies. Talking about TV Shows, Deadlock, Wanted, Mortified, Wildside, and Children’s Hospital are some renowned series.

Veronica also worked as the Artistic Director of Vulcan Women’s Circus for three years. At present, she is working as a Cultural Producer at Brisbane Powerhouse. She is acclaimed as a Theatre Actor nationally and internationally. She is also a writer. She has written the book named Pieces of me.

Veronica Neave’s Book Pieces of me (2009)

Big Sky Publishing published Veronica Neave’s book Pieces of me on October 1, 2009. It has a length of 224pages.In her book Pieces of me, she has beautifully written about her journey with the view of breast cancer and death. The book is an informative and thought-provoking account of Veronica’s journey as she got diagnosed with the BRCA2 gene and decided to remove her healthy breasts as a precaution.

She has expressed her views on breast cancer: “It’s weird. Until a few years ago, my family had never heard of the BRCA2 gene, and now it seems to be about. It’s a bizarre predicament to be in, dealing with the idea that you may have cancer but not yet and to be making judgments on a future that may or may not happen but could kill you. I was yelling out for someone to tell me what to do. I was so confused and wondering just how much time I had before fate took the decision out of my hands?”

Veronica Neave in black dress
Veronica Neave has written a book, Pieces of me
Source – mollisonkeightley

Because of breast cancer, her mother always talked about her death.

She has said- “My mother purposely always talked to us of death so we would not be afraid. She said she did this because she knew the record of cancer in our family was more than just a coincidence. My great-grandmother, my great aunt, and my grandmother all died of breast cancer when they were 50. My mother developed breast cancer at 49 and her sister a little later at 59. Unnecessary to say, while growing up, there was a shadow of attention that breast cancer was ‘in my genes’.” 

Veronica Neave’s Physical Appearance

There is no more explicit information about Veronica Neave’s physical appearance. Her fans don’t know about her sizes, like her waist size, height, and weight. But there are some of the photos available on google and various link. From those photos, we can say she is tall and looks good.

Veronica Neave's eyes look green
Veronica Neave is famous for Girl Clock.
Source – mollisonkeightley

She has got silver-grey-white hair. Her eyes look green. She looks white in complexion. As a whole,e she looks attractive and pretty with a slim body figure.

History of Breast Cancer for Veronica Neave

Though Veronica Neave has not talked more about her private life in interviews and on social media, she has spoken of her family members who had breast cancer. While describing breast cancer for her and her family members and how her mother linked it with her death, she talked about the female family members in her book Pieces of me.

In her family, her grandmother, great grandmother, and great aunt all died from breast cancer. They all died in their 50s. Her mother got breast cancer at 49, and her sister at 59. That’s why her mother always talked about death with her.

As she was growing up, she came up with the idea that cancer was in her genes and that she didn’t have to be afraid of death. It made her change their perception of looking at her own life. Fans interested in knowing about her can read her book Pieces of me (2009). They can collect information related to her personal life and her family.

Veronica Neave’s Account on Social Media

It may be because Veronica does not want a mess in her private life; she has not posted any personal information on social media. She has accounts on social media like Twitter and Instagram. Talking about Facebook, there is no authentic Facebook account of her.

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