Shaun Majumder is a trendy name in the world of entertainment. He is a Canadian comedian and actor with a huge fan following worldwide. His role as Various in the great Canadian comedy series, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, is fresh to fans.

Also, his incredible role as Benny Natchie in another Canadian Comedy drama series, Republic of Doyle, is famous among his viewers. His comic timing and dedication to his work are still considered the best.

Birth and Family

Just For Laughs host was born on 29th January 1972 in Burington, Newfoundland, Canada. His full name is Shaun Vincent Majumder. His father, Mani Majumder, is Indian, while his mother, Marian Barlett, is a Canadian woman. After seven years of his parent’s marriage, they parted ways and were raised by a white mother. He also has a sister named Rani Majumder and is very close to her.

In 2003 his mother died due to a heart attack. He was very close to his mother, who raised him and his sister selflessly despite the extreme poverty in which they lived. In many of his comedy acts, he has mentioned his mother as his inspiration and the people of Newfoundland where he was raised.

Eye Catching Career So Far

Comedian, Shaun Majumder had a good sense of humour from a very early age. He even performed in local places during his early years. From the YTV game show CLIPS, he officially started his entertainment career. He then hosted the popular kids show Brain Wash, where he performed as Ed Brainbin.

Then he hosted the game show Slime Tour on Uh OH! During this duration, he also appeared in several movies and series, including REluctant Angel, Pushing Tin, The Ladies Man, Once a Thief, The City, and many more.

Shaun Majumder co-stars
Image: Shaun Majumder realising his new book. Source: Instagram

During 2002 and 2003, he even appeared in seventeen American comedy series Cedric, the Entertainer Presents episodes. That same year he landed in the TV movie This Hour Has 22 Minutes: New Year’s Eve Special. After the great success, there was no looking back for him. He then started appearing in Snakes & Ladders, Nevermind Nirvana, 24, Unhtiched, Plain Brwon Paper, Bob Funk, and so on.

From 2010 to 2014, he played in the Republic of Doyle as Benny Natchie and has done over 82 episodes in This Hour Has 22 Minutes. He is serving as Father Khatri in the American science fiction horror series From.

Awards and Nomination

Since 1997, Shaun Majumder has been active in this entertainment world. He is giving his best to the business day by day. He has appeared in more than forty movies and series, combined with incredible feedback. From his involvement, he has earned several awards and nominations. In 2004 his series This Hour Has 22 Minutes was nominated for Writers Guild of Canada and Gemini Awards in various categories.

Shaun Majumder awards
Image: Shaun Majumder at the Canadian Awards show. Source: Getty Images

In 2005, he got nominated for the Canadian Comedy Awards in the category Pretty Funn Male Performance in Television. After a year, in 2006, he won Gemini Awards for Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series. The comedian has been involved in a total of twelve nominations. Shaun is a talented personality. He will surely secure many more awards shortly.

Exchanged Wedding Vows With Wife, Shelby Fenner

The comic character, Shaun Majumder, has tasted success in both his personal and professional life. Like his remarkable career, he has an eye-catching job, wonderful love life, and often comes to the limelight with his relationship.

The Detroit 187 actor happily married and exchanged his wedding vows with his wife, Shelby Fenner. Shelby is a successful American actress born on 30th January 1978 in Petoskey, Michigan, United States. Her acting credits include Gigli, Vantage Point, The Guardian, Magic City, Without A Trace, and so on.

Shaun Majumder Spouse
Image: Actor Shaun Majumder with his wife, Shelby Fenner. Source: Getty Images

They were taking a look into their love life. They met one another for the very first time back in 2010. It was the acting industries where they developed their sweet romance. Despite living in different countries, they still made their relationship strong and healthy.

On 21st December 2012, after dating for two years, they accepted one another as lifelong partners. However, there are no details regarding the ceremony. They wedded in an intimate ceremony with their family and friends as guests.

Parents of Two Beautiful Kids

Shelby Fenner and Her husband, Shaun Majumder, are a beautiful couple in the acting industry. They have developed a sweet relationship by being both from the same working environment. They often praise and support one another to achieve their respective tasks. Also, they flaunt their great chemistry and romance on various occasions and locations. Mr and Mrs Majumder have been bounded in nuptial vows for a decade now.

Shaun Majumder kids
Image: Shaun Majumder and Shelby Fenner with their eldest daughter during Chirsmas Day. Source: Instagram

During this long journey of love and understanding, they are blessed with two beautiful kids, both daughters. On 25th August 2019 welcomed their first child, Mattis Maple. In 2021, the duo announced that they were expecting their second child. On 27th December 2021, Shelby gave birth to another daughter, Esyln Willow. The two beautiful baby girls are now three and one years old. Despite being busy parents, the pair are taking good care of their kids in every possible manner.

Net Worth of Shaun Majumder in 2022

Less Than Kind actor Shaun Majumder is one of the world’s most talented and versatile comedians. From the beginning of his career, he has tasted success in this field and is still top class. Talking about his fortune, he enjoys a net worth of $3 Million as of 2022. He has earned all of his wealth through his incredible career as a comedian, actor, and host. For the past three decades, he has entertained people with his funny jokes and hard work.

As estimated, he makes around $200,000 through all of his involvement. He plays an essential character in the series From and secures over $100,000 per episode. His starred movie, I Now Pronounce You, Chuck & Larry, earned a total of $187.1 Million under the budget of $85 Million. He was an essential cast in every appearance. He is paid a considerable amount of remuneration. His wife, Shelby, is also a successful woman with a net worth of $2 Million.

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