Taryn Van Dyke is a popular American actress who belongs to the family of popular actors and comedians. She is famed for her roles in the movie Diagnosis Murder.

She is the daughter of popular actor Barry Van Dyke and her mother Marry Carrey Van Dyke.

Taryn’s Van Dyke Parents And Early Life

Taryn was the youngest child of popular actor Barry Van Dyke and his wife Marry Carrey Van Dyke, she was born on the 1st of June 1986. She has got three siblings all three are her brothers named  Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke, and Wes Van Dyke.

She is very close to her brother and family with whom she spends most of her time.

Marry Carey Van Dyke  wearing a white coat with her husband  Barry Van Dyke wearing a Black suit
Taryn Van Dyke parents, source: @Gossip Diary.

About Van Dyke Family Members

Taryn Van Dyke family is one of the most reputed and known families among the Hollywood elites. Van Dyke family got its reputation starting from Dick Van Dyke who is a famous American actor and comedian. He started this family dynasty as he is still respected for his seven-decade of work in Hollywood as a different character.

Dick Van Dyke son’s continued their father’s legacy by acting and portraying different roles in various movies. Dick Van Dyke son and their children continued their legacy in Hollywood by not only acting but also by investing in movies and making series. Most of the family clans worked in The popular series Diagnosis murder and began their acting career or made improvements in their career.

Taryn’s Grandfather Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke or Richard Wayne Van Dyke is the Grandfather of Taryn and is the main man of the Van Dyke family. He is an actor and comedian who gained popularity and fame for his excellent comedy timing. He was the popular host of a show called The Dick Van Dyke show.

Richard’s career started as an army who fought in world war II where he served in the Air force of the U.S army. He wasn’t a fighter pilot or any sort of army but served as a radio broadcaster and later performed in service shows. His acting career began in the 1950s after discharging himself from army service. Richard’s career started by hosting various late-night comedy shows throughout the 50s. He got a breakthrough from the show Board way after that he got numerous tv shows and movies to act in.

Dick van Dyke in a black suit with his wife Arlene Silver in award show.
Dick Van Dyke with his current wife Arlene Silver. source: @Insider.

Richard has been married three times until now. The now 96-year-old first marriage happened on 1948 February 12 when he married Margerie Willet. The Former couple separated in 1984 after 36 years of marriage where they had four children one of whom is Taryn’s father Barry. He then later began a relationship with Michelle Triola Marvin with whom he stayed for 30 more years until the death of Marvin in 2009. His current relationship began with a makeup artist Arelene Silver in 2012 and the couple is currently married.


Van Dyke family is a family full of Hollywood background, from her grandfather to her father and her brothers all have been involved in Hollywood for some time now. so it was no surprise that she got her to break into Hollywood easily and quickly.

She debuted her acting career in the Tv series Diagnosis Murder where she appeared in three episodes. In the first episode, she worked as Maddie and in the latter two, she worked as Missy. In this series, she worked with all three of her siblings.

After doing the series and others, she took a brief 7 years gap from acting. She hasn’t revealed why but in 2007 she did, however, make a comeback to Hollywood. She played in the movie called Murder 101: College can Be Murder, in the role of college student Lisa. She had co-written this movie alongside her brother Wes.

She hasn’t done any movie or series since then and many consider that was the last movie she has retired from acting however that hasn’t been officially confirmed by her or her family members.

Taryn’s Relationship Status

Taryn Van Dyke has been a secretive and private personality throughout her life. She believes that what happens in a celebrity’s personal life should not be a discussion with the public. This is why there is little to no information about Taryn’s personal life.

Taryn although being from a celebrity family has always kept a low profile and hasn’t revealed much about herself in the public eye. She is currently rumored to be single as there isn’t any info suggesting she might be in a relationship.

What’s Taryn’s Net Worth?

Taryn Van Dyke has made a healthy income for herself from her brief acting career. The star of the movie Murder 101 has a net worth of around $200k which is quite a decent sum.

Her source of income majorly can be traced to her acting career where she has done a handful of movies and series.

Physical Appearance

Taryn is a good-looking and dashing woman with a good height and fair weight. She has a good body measurement although her exact measurement is unknown now.

She has blonde hair which suits her so well. She also has charismatic blue eyes which catch the attention of any person.

Does Taryn Have Social Media?

Taryn believes in privacy and likes to keep a low profile, despite being from a family where everyone is a celebrity and renowned she has been able to keep herself private and far from media eyes.

That’s why she doesn’t have any social media platforms and keeps her life to herself and her family.

Has Taryn Won Any Awards?

Taryn although having worked in a decent amount of shows and movies hasn’t officially won any awards so far in her acting career. Although she won’t be much disappointed about it as she is loved and adored by her fans and that’s the best award anyone can win.

Are There Any Rumors And Controversies Regarding Taryn’s Life?

The murder 101 star likes to keep her life private and far from the media. It looks like she doesn’t want simple attention from the media and lives far from Hollywood gossip and doesn’t get much involved in any topic that can cause controversy. As of now, there hasn’t been any controversy regarding Taryn that has come to media attention.

Likewise keeping her life private has also meant that no details or smoke regarding what’s going on in her life comes out in the media, so there hasn’t been any kind of rumors regarding the murder 101 star that has riled up the media or her fans.

However, there was a rumor about her family member. In 2018 it was rumored that his grandfather Dick Van Dyke has died and donated all his earnings to the Trump Foundation which was later dismissed as her grandfather is still alive and doing well.

Some Facts About Taryn Van Dyke

  • Taryn along with her brother belongs to a family with a Hollywood background as her grandfather, father, and uncles all have done some shows and movies.
  • Her father has a net worth of around $3million from movies and ventures.

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