Stevanna Jackson is an American actress who has made appearances in TV series and movies like American Horror Stories and The Wrong Child. She is in the limelight because of being the blood of mainstream celebrities.

Besides, Jackson is known to be the daughter of famous songwriter and singer Randy Jackson and his ex-wife Eliza Shaffy an actress. But there are many rumors regarding her parents and birth.

Earlier Life

Jackson blessed her parents Randy Jackson (uncle of Jermajesty Jackson), a songwriter, and his wife, Eliz Shaffy, an actress on the 17th of June, 1990, in Los Angeles under the zodiac sign Gemini. She was born to a popular and reputed family and thus did not have to struggle to grow up. She received all the basic needs and care from her parents as well as her guardian.

Stevanna Jackson and her aunt Janet Jackson.
Stevanna Jackson and her aunt Janet Jackson
source: Afrique

However, Jackson did not have a peaceful life growing up and had to suffer a lot. She had to see the abusive side of his father. Also, her parents parted ways when she was a child. She was raised by Janet, who is the sister of her father.

In addition, Jackson is a well-educated person and has received a Master’s degree from Harvard University. Besides this, no other information is found regarding her education.

What Is Savanna Jackson’s Net Worth In 2024?

The 33-year-old Jackson is estimated to have a net worth of $500 thousand, according to Popular Networth, which she has accumulated throughout her professional career.

Moreover, the media star’s primary source of income is her acting career. She has not revealed her income, but she has made a lot of money from her movies. Some of the movies she has participated in are the American Horror series, The Wrong Child, and so on.

In addition to this, her father, Randy Jackson, is estimated to have a net worth of $50 Million, and her uncle Michael Jackson possessed a wealth worth $500 Million.

Stevanna Jackson As An Actress

Stevanna Jackson started her career in the Entertainment industry just like her parents. Following the footsteps of her mother, Jackson started her acting debut in The Tracy Morgan Show as Simone.

Following that, she made her appearance in Zoey 101 as Tasha, from which she got a little recognition. She also played The Wrong Child in 2016 and the American Horror series in 2022.

Likewise, the TV personage has not earned a big name as an actress, but with her dedication, she will surely one day have great fame on her own.

The Physical Appearance Of Jackson

Being personnel from a glamorous world, Jackson maintains her appearance. She has curly blonde hair with brown eyes, which suit her face.

Stevanna Jackson in her white top
Stevanna Jackson in her white top
source: Twitter @stevanna_Jaxn

Likewise, Stevanna stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 3 inches which is equivalent to 160 cm, and has a slim-fit body with a decent weight.


Stevanna was raised alongside her siblings Genevieve Jackson, Steven Jackson, and Donte Jackson in California. The siblings did not have a good relationship with their father because of his abuse.

The siblings were from his father’s previous marriage with Alejandra Oaziaza. They spent most of their childhood together with their grandparents and their cousins, who are the nephews of Michael Jackson.

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Genevieve Jackson

Stevanna’s sister Genevieve is a blessed soul singer and uses her voice to spread positivity and love. Besides singing, she has also been involved in other endeavors, such as traveling the world and helping the homeless.

Stevanna Jackson's sister Genevieve Jackson.
SSavanna Jackson’s sister Genevieve Jackson.
Source: Jackson Source

After Jackson tied Knots Brandon Huguely on the 6th of May, 2022, she began living in Atlanta with her new family. She has talked about her life alongside Deja Riley in the podcast Do Everything With Love.

Jackson’s Parent’s Relationship

Savanna Jackson’s parents parted ways when she was a child. Her mother, Eliz filed a divorce after Randy was not jailed for being abusive to herself and her infant child. They tied the knot in the August of 1989 but got divorced in 1992.

Eliza Shaffy Jackson Interview With A Current Affair

Likewise, Randy had previously married Alejandra Oaziaza and had three children together. They were married in 1986. Not only this, but he is also romantically linked with Bernadette Robi, Karyn White, Cat, and Delisa Davis.

Speaking of Stevanna, she is not married and thus does not have a husband. We don’t know much about Stevanna’s relationship status. Right now, she’s single and not in a romantic relationship. She likes to keep her personal life private and away from the media.

An arrest Warrant Was Sent To Randy

Randy was sent an arrest warrant after he failed to turn over himself to the concerned authorities for his crime of abusing his wife and an infant child.

He was sentenced to 30 days in jail for his crime and was issued a no-bail arrest warrant after he failed to surrender himself and missed the deadline.

Stevanna Was Adopted By Janet Jackson And Her Husband

Janet and her husband, James Debarge, decided to adopt their brother’s child after Randy and Eliz got divorced. Stevanna has cut off her father for being abusive, and he was not capable of being a good father.

Stevanna was then raised by her auntie Janet as her daughter, who gave her a good upbringing. All the parental love she needed was fulfilled by Janet and James.

Is Stevanna Jackson The Secret Daughter Of Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson was in a relationship with a fellow singer James Debarge in the mid-80s. The couple was said to have shared a baby as Janet was seen pregnant in the movie Fame.

Some people said that Stevanna is her secret child with her ex-lover James and the couple had given their daughter to her brother Randy to raise it like their own.

It created a lot of rumors and controversy. However, in the documentary Janet Jackson, she denied all of the rumors and said that Stevanna was not her child. She had taken birth control pills at the time and was not pregnant and, thus, does not have a secret child that she tucked away.

Father – Randy Jackson

Savanna Jackson’s father, Randy Jackson, is known for his work in the music industry and has worked with his brother Michael Jackson, and sister Janet Jackson. He has written songs and has made appearances on TV. Likewise, Randy has also worked on his solo projects.

Father of Stevanna Jackson Randy Jackson 1 1
Father of Stevanna Jackson, Randy Jackson
Source: Wikipedia

Moreover, Randy worked with his brother Michael Jackson on the off-the-wall album and also has worked on his sister’s independent label, Rhythm Nation Records. Also, he co-wrote her 2018 song, Made for Now.

Also, Jackson is the longest-serving judge of American idols and an executive producer for MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

Talking about his personal information, Randy was born as the youngest child of his parents on the 23rd of June, 1956. He was married to two women whom he divorced. He also does not have a good relationship with his children.

Interestingly, the media personnel was romantically involved with Bernadette Robi.

Savanna Jackson’s Uncle – Michael Jackson

Stevanna’s uncle is the legendary Michael Jackson who is known as the king of hip-hop. He has reformed the song and music. Also, he is the god of dance and has a lot of fan following. Michael has influenced many people to pursue careers in the music industry.

Uncle of Stevanna Jackson Michael Jackson
Uncle of Stevanna Jackson, Michael Jackson
source: shazam

For his hard work, he was entitled to 39 Guinness World Records and 13 Grammy awards. Likewise, he is also the recipient of the Grammy Legend Awards. Throughout his career, he has sold over 400 Million copies of his record worldwide.

Some of the popular albums and songs of the legendary Michael Jackson are Billi Jean, Dangerous, Smooth Criminal, and so on.

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Social Media Presence – Instagram and Twitter

Stevanna is available on Instagram and Twitter. However, she is not that active on those social media platforms. She wants to stay away from the media attention.

Her Instagram ID has the username @stevannajackson, and she has accumulated more than 1.6 thousand followers so far. She has not made any public posts on this platform.

Likewise, she has also activated her account on Twitter as well with the username @stevannajaxxn which has only 182 followers so far.

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