Stacey DePass, a voice actor and actress from Canada, is best known for playing Lily in the 2013–2017 television series Zerby Derby. She has also appeared in numerous TV shows, including Ollie’s Pack, Corn & Peg, and Doomsday Brothers.

Mostly DePass uses her voice in the TV series as she is the voice artist but she also plays some movies physically. Her voice can be heard in the animated popular TV series Hotel Transylvania.

Net Worth

Stacey DePass is believed to possess wealth that is worth a whopping $1 Million. She is a veteran actress and has 108 credits as an actress in her IMDb profile. As a voice artist, she has been involved in many series, video games and animations which has generated a huge sum for her.

Likewise, she has also established herself as a writer and earns a substantial income from that profession, Not only this, DePass also owns a clothing business called Siddhiwear.

With all this fortune, she is living a happy life with her spouse Harris and her child.

Business – Siddhiwear

DePass is an entrepreneur and a business person who owns the clothing brand Siddhiwear. It has a wide range of clothes that you can wear from head to toe including hats, masks and others.

Light Weight clothes from siddhiwear
Light Weight clothes from Siddhiwear
source: Instagram @staceydepass

She established this business with her brother Adam with the concept of providing a soft, eco-friendly cloth that can be worn on and off of the mat. It is targeted at people who are engaged in yoga, dance, jogging, and so on.

Earlier Life

DePass was born on the 12th of May, 1973 under the Zodiac sign Taurus. Her parents raised her in Toronto, Ontario. While growing up, she was privileged to receive education but has not disclosed any information regarding that.

She has also kept her parent’s identity and their information behind the curtains as she does not want to publicize her personal life. However, it is known that she has a brother named, Adam. DePass has the nickname ‘The Bobroom‘.

Marriage And Child

Stacey DePass is married to Jeremy Harris for a long period of time now. Even though the couple has not hidden their relationship, however, has still kept their dating life away from the public.

Stacey DePasss daughter and her husband Jeremy Harris
Stacey DePass’s daughter and her husband Jeremy Harris
source: Instagram @staceydepass

It is unknown when Stacey and Jeremy got to know each other and started dating but the love bird walked down the aisle on the 12th of January, 2006 in the holy ceremony that was done in a private location among their close family members.

From her relationship with Jeremy, She has been blessed with a daughter whom the couple loves so much. They are trying their best to fulfill all the needs and requirement of their child and wants to provide her quality upbringing.

Currently, the couple is living a blissful life with their child.

Husband – Jeremy Harris

DePass’s husband, Jeremy is an Award-winning actor who has appeared in TV series and movies like A prayer in the dark, Liberty street, I know my son is alive, and so on. Like his wife, he is also a voice artist and a writer.

He has completed his education at George Brown College in Toronto and has been performing in theatres and onstage. However, he shifted his career toward being a voice artist who has given his voice in series, and video games. Likewise, Harri was an announcer on a CBC radio programs and  Documentary channels on television.

Besides this, his career also includes endorsing and ads as well as the job of producer and writer. Throughout his career, Jeremy has had 18 credits as an actor.

Jeremy’s Nomination, Award, And Recognition

The Liberty street actor, Harris works very hard which can be seen in his movies and artwork. For displaying exceptional acting skills, he has received many accolades and recognitions.

For his role in Ruby Gloom, Harris was nominated for a Gemini award in 2008. Similarly, he was nominated and awarded for his portrayal of Duggie Sparks in the movie. His movie black and white was praised in the vice magazine.

DePass As A Voice Artist And Actress

DePass is a voice artist who is known for giving her voice in TV series like Bakugan: Battle Planet, The Dog and Pony shows, and Bitmoji Tv. Additionally, her voice was also used in video games and animated series.

Stacey DePass holding Nikki Wongs picture of whom she voice over
Stacey DePass holding Nikki Wong’s picture of whom she voices over
source: people pill

Not only as a voice artist but she has also played physically in the series which includes Bob and Doug, Detentionaire, Looped, and so on. Throughout her career, she has had 108 credits as an actress.

Writing Career

Stacey has also established herself as a writer in the Entertainment Industry. She has had five credits as a writer up until now.

Her works as a writer can be seen in The Bobroom, Sketchcom, 6teen, and corn and peg. In the future, we may see more of her writing talent.

Stacey DePass And Brooke D’Orsay

Brooke D’Orsay is a voice artist just like Stacey and they both have worked together on a tele-animated show 6teen.

Brooke DOrsay co voice artist of Stacey DePass
Brooke D’Orsay, co-voice artist of Stacey DePass
source: The movie database

Brooke plays the role of Caitlin Cooke whereas Stacey’s voice over the character of Niki Wong. In the series, they do not have a good relationship and are often seen fighting around.

However, this is not the case in real life as Brooke and Stacey are good friends and their relationship are running on good term.

Stacey DePass is A Yogini

Stacey DePass is greatly influenced by Hinduism and Hindu cultures. She has her clothes branded with Hinduism symbols. Likewise, she practices Yoga and has described herself as Yogini on her Instagram bio.

She has practiced Yoga for quite a time now and according to her, it has helped her to remain calm and physically as well as mentally fit.

Loves Playing Hockey

Apparently, the voice artist DePass often plays hockey in her free time. She has been spotted with a hockey bag and a hockey stick.

Stacey DePass carrying a hockey stick
Stacey DePass carrying a hockey stick
source: Instagram @staceydepass

In addition to this, she has also posted a picture of herself carrying hockey items with the caption “What Canadian girls do for love!! ❤️🙄❤️”.

Has A Dog

Stacey possesses a dog and loves to play with it. She is a kind of personality who has a soft corner for cute pets.

Stacey DePasss pet dog.JPG
Stacey DePass’s pet dog
source: Instagram @staceydepass

She owns a light black-colored English setter dog which she has posted on her social media. However, the actress has not mentioned its name yet.

The Physical Appearance of DePass

As beautiful and expressive as their voice, DePass has also a similar personality and appearance. She has blonde long hair and dark brown eyes.

Talking about physical stature, the voice artist stands tall with a height of 4 ft 12 inches (1.52 m) and has maintained a weight of around 47 kg (103.67 lbs). Her other vital stats are 41-31-37 inches respectively.

Social Media Presence

DePass has an account on the social media platform and is available on Instagram and Twitter. Stacey is not that active socially and rarely posts about her personal life. She does not have many posts about her life on her Instagram profile.

Her Instagram account has the username @staceydepass which has 338 followers at the time of writing. Likewise, some of the voice artist’s tweets can be seen under the username @Stacey_DePass in which she has collected 448 followers so far.

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