The sole aim of journalism should be service, and Sonia Deol is someone who completely adheres to the belief as a journalist. Her introduction would be incomplete without mentioning that she is a reporter cum anchor for the reputed media house, Global BC. With vast experience and expertise, she not just amassed a colossal bank balance, but also rose to prominence. She is the epitome of woman empowerment, considering how she burnt the midnight oil for over two decades in several networks. So, today we take you close to the personal life, net worth, and career of Sonia Deol.

Sonia Deol’s Staggering Net Worth

When it comes to finances and income, Sonia Deol has nothing to worry about as she has a stable career as the anchor for Global BC. Specifically, he garners a whopping net worth of $1 million as of 2020. With such a large bank balance, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle around all sorts of modern-day amenities.

Sonia Deol  in a pink top poses for a picture.
Sonia Deol worked for BBC from 2000 to 2012. Source: BBC

While she might make a significant sum of money as a television presenter, she never considered money as the primary motivator to get into journalism. As per estimates, she makes around $47,000 per year, which happens to be the average salary of a reporter cum anchor at Global BC. Even though the job was extremely hectic as she needed to cover several types of stories, the pay in response was quite impressive.

Sonia Deol’s Journalism Career In Brief

Sonia Deol signed a lucrative deal with Global BC in November 2015, and ever since, she has been serving as the anchor cum reporter for the media house. Getting to the top of the media industry was undoubtedly difficult for her as she started her journalism career at the age of 14 when she presented a one-off program for Comic Relief on BBC Local Radio, BBC WM.

Sonia Deol  in  a purple traditional dress poses for a selfie
Sonia Deol gathers a net worth of $1 million. Source: Twitter

Deol’s first prominent job was for Sunrise Radio, where she spent six vital years from 1994 to 2000. After that, she became the presenter and newsreader for BBC London before gradually pushing the ranks. Similarly, she joined the BBC Asian Network from 2002 to April 2006. Over the years, she covered numerous stories, including the 9/11 terror attacks in New York, Iraq invasion by the US and UK, and many more.

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Deol’s versatility and charisma on television helped her bag several awards like ‘Best Presenter’ and ‘Best Female Presenter’ in the UK. The inspiring diva left BBC in 2012 and made a switch to CBC and Shaw Media before finally joining Global BC in 2015.

Sonia Deol’s Lowkey Married Life

While Sonia Deol might be vocal about her professional endeavors, she keeps a low profile of her love life. However, she couldn’t hide the fact that she is a married woman. In fact, one of the main reasons why she left the BBC and moved to B.C was because of her romantic interests. Unfortunately, she didn’t disclose much regarding the details about her husband or when they first met.

Sonia Deol  poses a picture with her daughter.
Sonia Deol is married and a mother of one. Source: Instagram

Deol and her partner share a three-year-old daughter. She took a break from her career to enjoy motherhood but later made a return as an anchor for CBC in 2012. Whenever free from work, she loves spending time with her family, traveling around British Columbia, boating, and hanging around the beach. Interestingly, one of her favorite trips so far has been a road trip from Vancouver to Osoyoos.

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