Sherhonda Gaulden is a funny lady who loves making people laugh. She’s not only a comedian but also a rapper and a popular Instagram personality. She hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is most famous for being the mother of the well-known American rapper NBA YoungBoy. The star mom was born on October 9th, 1974, so she’s currently 48 years old.

Before gaining fame, Gaulden worked as a cashier at Exxon Mobile from 2008 to 2011. She’s also known for performing in live shows in and around Baton Rouge, where she shares her hilarious jokes with the audience. Additionally, she’s gained a lot of popularity by sharing funny videos on her Instagram account.

Sherhonda Gaulden: Mother Of Three Children

Well, the media personality Gaulden is a strong and determined woman who happens to be the mother of the famous American rapper YoungBoy. She’s not only a standup comedian but also a struggling rapper and a popular Instagram star. 21689938 1880733542242313 3070338464823115776 n 1080 1 min

Sherhonda Gaulden with her three kids. Source: Instagram@sherhonda_gaulden

Similarly, the 5 feet 5 inches tall star’s children include her oldest son, Bandit singer YoungBoy, as well as a daughter named Telee Gaulden and a younger son named Ken Gaulden. When NBA YoungBoy’s father was arrested, Sherhonda had to make a difficult decision. She moved away, leaving her three children in the care of her mother. Tragically, in 2010, Sherhonda’s mother passed away due to heart failure.

After a few years, the gorgeous woman returned to NBA’s life. However, their relationship has had its ups and downs. In a video posted on Instagram in November 2019, the celebrity mom expressed her disappointment, stating that YoungBoy had kicked her out of the house he had bought for her and even called the police when she tried to come back.

Additionally, in April 2020, the stunning woman got upset with Kodak Black and others who were trading insults with NBA YoungBoy over his girlfriend Iyanna Mayweather‘s case. Despite facing these challenging circumstances, Gaulden remains a dedicated and loving single mother. She is doing her utmost to provide a nurturing and supportive home for her three children.

Sherhonda Gaulden: Is She Married?

The sizzling Sherhonda, a talented standup comedian, struggling rapper, and Instagram star, is best known as the mother of the popular American rapper Lonely Child musician YoungBoy. While we know a lot about Gaulden, her husband remains a mystery. 25024887 181379739264477 3908879474443157504 n 1080 1 min

Sherhonda Gaulden with her son. Source: Instagram@sherhonda_gaulden

Moreover, the renowned name got married to a chef named Joseph Ross on July 2, 2015. However, the identity of NBA YoungBoy’s father is still unknown. In one of his songs, NBA YoungBoy shared that his father is currently serving a 55-year jail sentence for a murder case.

Since the separation from her husband (NBA YoungBoy’s father), Gaulden has been raising her three kids all on her own. She has been a dedicated single mother for the past two decades, doing her best to provide love and support to her children.

Sherhonda Gaulden’s Impressive Career

The media star Gaulden and her son NBA are no strangers to wealth and luxury. Sherhonda has made a name for herself and accumulated a net worth of approximately $1.5 million through her impressive career as a stand-up comedian, rapper, and popular figure on Instagram. Her talent and hard work have paved the way for her financial success.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood star YoungBoy has emerged as a prominent figure in the American rap scene, capturing the attention of fans and critics alike. His music career has been immensely successful, with chart-topping hits such as “Untouchables,” “No Smoke,” and “Outside Today.” As a result, he has amassed an estimated net worth of $6 million, enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Both Sherhonda and her son NBA embrace their prosperity by indulging in lavish lifestyles. Their wealth affords them the ability to enjoy the finer things in life and engage in luxurious experiences. Their journey serves as a testament to their talent and determination, solidifying their positions in the world of entertainment and their ability to live life to the fullest.

Sherhonda Gaulden: Instagram’s Comedy Queen and Musical Maverick

Well, the stunning Sherhonda is a multi-talented entertainer hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She’s not only a stand-up comedian but also a rapper and a popular personality on Instagram. Most notably, she’s known as the mother of the famous American rapper NBA YoungBoy. With over 89.3 thousand followers on Instagram with the username @sherhonda_gaulden, she has quite the fan base. 23823792 379393535821278 7107215888901734400 n 1080 1 min

Sherhonda Gaulden is a multitalented lady. Source: Instagram@sherhonda_gaulden

Before making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, the pretty lady worked as a cashier at Exxon Mobile in Baton Rouge from 2008 to 2011. However, her true passion lies in creating music and making people laugh.

Likewise, the beautiful personality has gained recognition for her satirical recordings and has even released songs on YouTube, where she has 10.3 thousand subscribers. Additionally, the celebrity mom is known for her spontaneous acts on social media platforms like Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram.

One of Sherhonda’s notable releases is a rap song titled “Sherhonda Gaulden Ft. Teelee Voodoo,” which she performed alongside her daughter Telee. Moreover, she frequently takes the stage as a stand-up comedian in various venues around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, bringing laughter to her audience.

In addition, the talented personage has occasionally made headlines due to her conflicts with her son NBA YoungBoy and her involvement in the Kodak and NBA YoungBoy situation. She remains an active user on Instagram and YouTube, amassing a following of thousands.

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