Sham Idrees’ Early Life

Sham Idrees was born on the 16th of October, 1988. The YouTuber is 34 years old as of now. He was born in the English city of London. Ehtesham Indrees is his full name. He has five siblings, four of whom are brothers and one of whom is a sister. Although the names of all his siblings are not yet known, his oldest brother’s name is Khuram Idrees, and his younger sister’s name is Anaa Idrees.

Sham Idrees was born on the 16th of October, 1988.
Sham Idrees’ real name is Ehtesham Indrees.
Source: Instagram

Zayn Malik, a well-known singer, is also his cousin. When he was only ten years old, he and his entire family relocated to Ontario, Canada. Sham hasn’t revealed much about his family history. So far, the YouTuber’s parents’ names and other personal information are unknown.

The artist is a well-educated individual. Sham completed his studies entirely in Canada. He most likely enrolled in a high school in the city where he was living at the time. Idrees pursued further education in marketing. Although he initially chose finance, he later dropped out. He earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the ‘University of Ontario,’ which is located in the city where he grew up.

Sham Idrees’ Net Worth as of 2022

Sham Idrees appears to live a lavish lifestyle based on his social media accounts. He also owns a few different cars. Although exact earnings figures for the YouTuber are not yet available, his overall net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. On the other hand, Sham has not revealed the specifics of his income for the time being. It appears that he prefers to keep such information private.

The singer is a YouTuber by trade. Sham Idrees has two YouTube channels: @Sham Idrees and @Sham Idrees VLOGS. He usually posts his music videos and other entertainment videos on his main channel, @Sham Idrees. On his main track, he has 1.91 million subscribers. He launched his main channel in November 2013. He has 428 videos on his channel so far. @Sham Idrees VLOGS is his secondary channel. He has a total of 2.17 million subscribers on his second channel. Furthermore, he has 1097 videos on this channel.

Sham Idrees appears to live a lavish lifestyle based on his social media accounts.
Sham Idrees has a net worth of $5 million.
Source: Instagram

In 2016, Idrees launched his second channel for the first time. His channel is getting more and more subscribers by the day. His second channel is more of a daily vlog platform, as the name implies. Sham’s content is suitable for all ages and entertaining to watch. On his channel, he also posts pranks and other challenges. One of his most popular videos to date is ‘Clown Prank (Hilarious Reaction).’ That video on his channel has received 5.7 million views.

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The actor is a songwriter and singer, in addition to being a YouTuber. In 2013, he released his first album, titled ‘London2Paris.’ Sham has written and performed a few popular songs. His songs are well-liked by people all over the world. His music career has been equally successful as his YouTube career. He has also performed his music live in various locations.

Sham Idrees’ Married Life

Sham Idrees is married to his lovely wife Saher, also known as Queen Froggy, on social media. His wife is also well-known and can be seen on Sham’s YouTube channel. She also has a sizable fan base on her social media accounts. The couple recently welcomed their first child, a daughter.

Sierra Idrees is her name. She was born in February 2020. He was previously married before his current relationship. His previous marriage, however, ended in divorce. Likewise, he has a daughter from an earlier marriage. Duaa Idrees is her name. He and his wife are currently in a happy marriage.

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