Scott Weinger is an American voice actor, who is mostly known for his voice-over in the Disney movie Aladdin for the character Aladdin?

His actual birth name is Scott Eric Weinger and he was born in Newyork on October 5, 1975. His zodiac sign is libra.

He spent his formative years in his birthplace and he later moved to Los Angeles as his career began to take off.

Weinger is from Jweish heritage. He is the eldest out of five siblings, having three younger sisters and one younger brother. he attended Harvard University as well.

Almost 6ft Height

Weinger stands about 1.75m ( 5 feet 9 inches) tall all with a good height he has a great physical appearance and he weighs about 74kgs. He charms people around him with his great personality and looks. he has got deep-set greenish-blue eyes and his hair is dark brown. He looks very fit and slim. His amazing looks make him gain lots of fans.

Educated Parents

He was raised in a big family of five sisters and his parents were Barbara Weinger who is a teacher and Elliot Weinger who is a physician. He is married to Rina Mimoun in 2008 and currently, they have a son together named Mischa Weinger born in 2009. He has a brother named Todd Weinger who is a producer. He has a sister named Lauren Weinger who is also an actress.

He has not revealed much about his family. He has neither posted much about his family he posts about his wife and parents sometimes on his social media. He seems to keep things private for some security reasons.

Learned Acting Since Third Grade

Weinger was very hard-working from his childhood. He started showing his interest in an acting career for the first time when he was around grade three, He even gave a presentation about it on career day. His parents later got him an agent after knowing Scott was serious about his acting.

His family was like an average American family good enough to feed, educate and give proper life to their children. He was raised by his parents without much struggle. His parents guided him well due to which he was able to achieve and accomplish his goals.

Educated in Harvard

Weinger was a very hardworking and good student from his childhood. He cleared his primary and secondary levels with good grades. Despite being so clear and serious about his acting, He majored in English and minored in French while at Harvard University.

It was one of his biggest dreams to get enrolled at Harvard which he accomplished. He had worked very hard to get into Harvard. He even graduated Magna cum laude in June of 1998.

Past Relationships And Dating History.

Before his marriage, Scott Weinger was rumored to be in a relationship with some models and costars he was dating a Brazilian model Ellen Jabour and after that, He dated actor and producer Kellie Martin. It was also rumored that he was dating some of his co-stars but that was not confirmed later it was rumored that he started dating his current wife Rina Minmoun around 2006

Married To Rina Minmoun

Nearly after two years of rumors about Scott dating producer Rina Minmoun, they got married in 2008. After getting married to her they haven’t looked back till the date and they are happily living together.

Scott Weinger with his wife and his in an indoor play area
Scott Weinger with his wife Rina Mimoun and their son picture. Source @scottweinger

His wife Rina Mimoun is also an American TV series writer and producer. He has written quite a few impactful television series in her lifetime from Not Just A River In Egypt (1999) to Pressure Points (2001).she also wrote Dawson’s Creek. She also wrote many episodes for series like Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Pushing Daisies, Privileged, Eastwick, Hart of Dixie, Mistresses, and more.

Career Highlights

Weinger first appeared in film in the movie Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach in the role of a shark-attacked kid (1988). His first acting career started with a national commercial for the Ideal toy.

He worked as a voice artist for many of the Disneys Aladdin Movie from Aladdin (1992) to Jasmine’s Enchanted Tales: Journey Of A Princess (2005) and for movies named Metropolis (2001) where he gave his voice to the character Atlas likewise, in the movie Frace Of The Penguins (2006) he did a voice-over for the character Horny Penguin.

Weinger even worked as an actor for some movies like Shredder(2003) as the character Cole Davidson and Mike in the movie Roulette (2011).

Weinger even worked in many TV series from Hemmingway (1988) to Fuller House (2016-2020). He worked in almost seventeen series including series where he gave guest appearances only as well. He also worked as a writer for almost about ten series from Like Family (2003) to DC Super Hero High (2021) and as a producer in The Cricket Player (2002) to DC Super Hero High. He mostly likes to work as a writer than to work as an actor. He was also honored and appreciated with different awards in his life for all his works.

Net Worth (Improvise)

Weinger amassed lots of fortune in the entertainment industry by working as an actor, voice actor, writer, producer, and many more. He has been very hardworking and passionate about his career. He has worked for about more than 30 years in this industry which is why he was able to collect that amount of fortune.

Talking about his fortune, Scott Weinger was able to gather about $6 million throughout his journey according to which includes all his assets and royalties he has been earning till today.

Social media

Weinger seems quite active on his social media accounts. He is active on apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He posts mostly about his recent work, his costars, tv-series. He doesn’t post much about his family and his private life on his Instagram account and posts content related to Aladdin on his Facebook account.

For more information and updates you can follow him on his Instagram account @scottweinger and @ScottWeinger on his Twitter account. Due to all of these interesting posts, he gains lots of followers daily.

Scott Weinger with his name on his coffee
Scott Weinger drinking coffee picture source Instagram @scottweinger

Scott Weinger’s Full House

Weinger’s one of the most impactful roles was Steve Hale as a character in the Television series Full House from 1991 to 1995. He is shown as a character who is the captain of his wrestling team and who also loves eating sweets. he also loves to play video games and loves to listen to grunge music. He was a very fun-loving type of person.

He plays the role of a sweet, hardworking, compassionate, caring, strong, and calm type of character which reflects his actual personality trait as well due to all these reasons this character was one of the most loved characters this is also one of the most popular characters he had done in his life as this series was a hit and very popular among teenagers. The full house is still popular and his work done is still appreciated by people till today.

Wenger’s Relationship With His Costars Of Full House

Scott Weinger is very close to his costars from the series Full House which later had a come back as Fuller House. The cast of the series was almost similar and they had made a comeback nearly after twenty years. He seems to share a very emotional bond with the costars.

He was very happy to work with them again. He keeps sharing different posts with the costars of the series. They all seem to share a great bond and they are together even during different celebrations.

Does Winger Own Any Pets?

Weinger seems to be a very caring pet dad. We can see him posting lots of pictures with his pet dog on his social media. He spends most of his time with his pet dog during his leisure. He has even celebrated his pet dog’s birthday. Being a pet dad is his favorite hobby.

Where Does he Live?

For security reasons, He has not revealed where he exactly lives but it is rumored that Scott Weinger lives near Beverly hills California. He took a house with his current wife Rina Minmoun they live together with their son. With all his hard work and dedication he was able to build his dream house for himself and his family.

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