Sasha Johnson is an activist from the United Kingdom who is a founding member of the Taking the Initiative Party. She aims to unite people on the journey of liberation.

She was shot in the head on the 23rd of May 2021 after receiving death threats for her role in the black lives matter movement. Let’s take a look into the life of the activist.

Net Worth

The British activist, Sasha Johnson has not officially revealed her net worth. However, she has got a decent amount of fortunes. Her net worth is still under review.

Johnson is a founding member of the British political party Taking the Initiative Party. She is an activist and was also running a restaurant. In addition to this, she is also a volunteer at food insecurity initiatives.

Early Life

Johnson blessed her parents with her arrival in the year 1934. She was raised alongside her sister in Britain. From a very young age, she loved community work and was interested in public events and activities.

Sasha Johnson in red uniform
Sasha Johnson in the red outfit.
Source: Instagram @thesashajohnson

Therefore after growing up, she aimed to unite the people for liberation. Her interest grew much stronger when she studied community development and youth work at Ruskin College.

Johnson operated a restaurant and volunteered for programs addressing food needs before the shooting. She previously worked as a youth worker and did community activism and support work.

Relationship Status- Is Sasha Johnson Married?

Sasha Johnson is not married yet but that does not mean she is single. Johnson was in a relationship with the occupant of the house where she was shot down.

Sasha Johnson with her son
Sasha Johnson with her son.
Source: Instagram @thesashajohnson

As a private person, Johnson tries to conceal her personal life and therefore, she has not disclosed the identity of the man that she is currently in love with.

However, it is known that the loving duo shares two children together. One of her son’s name is Mikey and she is very proud of her two sons.

Family Background

The Black Lives Matter activist, Sasha is from a normal family from Britain. Her mother’s name is Ellet Dalling, and she has Johnson and her sister Shakira Williams. She is yet to reveal information regarding her father.

Johnson has got a supportive family who protects and fights for her. Her family has vowed to get justice for Sasha.

Got Shot On The Head

Like Kimberly Dozier, Johnson also met her tragic fate on the 23rd of May, 2021. She was shot in the head by a group of men. Prior to the shot, she received multiple death threats and on top of that, her car was smashed.

Sasha Johnson got shot in head
Sasha Johnson got shot in head.
Source: BBC

She faced a near-death experience and was lucky that she survived but she had to pay a lot. Johnson lost her left eye and movement down one side of her body.

Five Men Are Caught In The Suspension Of Being Involved In a Shooting

Five men were caught in the suspension for being involved in the shooting incident. Two days later of the incident, five males were caught by the metropolitan police in the age group between 17 and 28.

5 Suspects Have Been Arrested In Connection With The Shooting Of Sasha Johnson.

On June 16, 2021, news broke that a 25-year-old guy had been detained in Kent on suspicion of plotting a murder. Two more men were accused of planning a murder on June 17. They were scheduled to go on trial for six weeks starting on March 7, 2022, following a plea hearing on November 5, 2022.

The prosecution collapsed on 22 February 2022, and the defendants were formally found not guilty. The result from the phone data, movements, and interactions did not show any direct evidence for them.

Sasha Johnson Was Not The Intended Target In Shooting

Although Johnson was critically injured after getting a headshot, it was said that she was not the intended target. The shot was meant for another person but apparently, she had bad luck and got shot instead.

However, as per the report, Johson got some death threats and also her car was smashed because of her work in protesting racial abuse. This signifies it was not the mistake and she was the target.

CrimeStoppers To Reward £20,000 For Providing Lead In The Case

Many organizations are trying to help Johnson to get justice. As an activist, she has made a good connection with many people who are trying to her.

Similarly, Crimestoppers has declared to reward £20,000 to anyone who provides something that helps the case to move forward.

Sasha’s Family Pledge To Get Justice

After Sasha was shotted on her head, her family called out any witnesses to help them, however, they received nothing which has been termed a Wall of Silence.

Despite no one coming as a witness, her family has pledged to get her justice at any cost. As per Sasha’s family, faith has provided them the strength to withstand this situation. They are positive that she will get up and tell the story herself as a fighter.

Current Health Condition Of Sasha Johnson

Johnson is still in the hospital and is in a recovery phase. She is in stable condition but has serious injuries which will affect her over her life.

Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson critical after shooting

As to her family, she is a fighter and she will wake up to tell the stories on her own.

As An Activist

Sasha is a youth activist who has been involved in many protests and has also been a significant contributor. She was the one who campaigned for Oxford Rhodes must fall protest.

Sasha Johnson at the Black live matters protest
Sasha Johnson at the Black live matters protest.
Source: The Times

Following that, she was a key member of the Black lives matter movement in Britain. Johnson was also on the watch list of police in the racial abuse incident as she had said that police are also supporting racial abuse and that police were targeting some black protesters by calling them and so on.

Besides this, she has been active in numerous protests like this such as the Million people march.

Created A Group Taking The Initiative Party

In the year 2021, the British activist, Johnson became the founding member of the group Taking the initiative party. It is a political party that was created by the supporters of the British black lives matter movement.

She is a member of the party’s executive leadership committee. According to Sky News, the party registered with the Electoral Commission sometime in 2017.

Twitter Account Suspended For Impersonating Sasha Johnson

In 2020 and 2021, the news was circulated on the internet that Sasha never said. According to the fake news, She apparently said that the white man will not be our equal but our slave in a comment.

However, it was later found fake and the twitter account from which the comment was made was suspended for impersonating Johnson.

Social Media Presence

Johnson is quite active on social media and frequently posts on her accounts. She has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, and Twitter. Apparently, she is not active on Facebook.

Her Instagram id is @thesashajohnson in which she has accumulated more than 7k followers. Johnson has mostly shared motivating kinds of posts for motivation and creating self-awareness among people.

Likewise, she joined Twitter on September 2020 and has amassed followers of more than 300. There are 119 tweets so far from her id @SashaPanther93.

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