Kimberly Dozier is an American Journalist who is known for her service as chief journalist placed in Baghdad, Iraq. She has boosted many people through her noteworthy writing.

Dozier blessed her parents with her arrival on the 6th of July, 1966 in Honolulu, Hawaii under the zodiac sign cancer.

Dozier is associated with The Daily Beast and CNN where she works as a writer and has made her appearance on the TV shows like  Killing the Messenger, CNN Newsroom, and CBS Morning News.

Net Worth

Kimberly Dozier is a reputed Journalist who even has her name enlisted in Highest Paying Journalist. Throughout her career, experiencing all the hardship, struggle, and death situations she has amassed quite a wealth.

Dozier is estimated to have a net worth of a staggering $5 Million. She has been active in the journalism field for a long time now and has made a name for herself in the world of journalism. She generates a good income from her professional life. It is also made known that she makes $40,000 a year.

Likewise, she is also an author of Breathing the Fire which has a 4.5 rating on Amazon and is sold for $16.99 in paperback.

Dozier is living a lavish and comfortable life with all this huge fortune.

Kimberly Dozier Injuries

Dozier was severely injured while she was working in Baghdad, Iraq as a reporter on the 29th of May, 2006. She had a near-death experience in a car bomb explosion.

In the incident, the American soldier, Iraqi translator, and her co-worker Paul Douglas and James Brolan lost their life. However, Dozier survived the explosion even though being near the area.

Kimberly Dozier injury
Kimberly Dozier on a critical stage
Source: Pinterest

Lucky, it may sound but she had suffered a lot of pain. She was rushed to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, the U.S. military hospital in Germany. The doctor had removed all the fragments of the explosion from her head and rebuilt her damaged femurs and applied skin grafts to extensive burns on both legs.

The writer had lost all her blood virtually while she reached the hospital and her heart stopped twice.

As she looks well now but she has a screw tied on her skull and also a titanium rod on her legs. All the cost of her treatment was paid by CBS Network.


Kimberly was born as the daughter of Benjamin Dozier and his wife Dorothy Dozier. She does not prefer to talk about her parent’s information in the public therefore, there is only a little information about them.

Dozier’s father Benjamin was a construction worker who also served as a marine in world war 2. He met his demise in 2016. Similarly, her mother died in 2008.


Dozier is not the only child to born Benjamin and Dorothy. She was raised alongside her five siblings in Honolulu by her parents.

The CNN reporter has not talked about her siblings therefore, their identities are still a mystery. However, they must be close to each other as they shared beautiful memories while growing up.

Relationship Status

Kimberly Dozier has her relationship status labeled as single currently and has been busy with her hectic professional life. She has not introduced any person who can be identified as her romantic interest.

Dozier has always kept her personal life away from the media and tries to isolate herself from personal questions as much as possible.

However, she was in a relationship with Pete. The love birds did not share their dating life but when Dozier survived her life-death situation, she said it was all because of the prayer of her close ones and her boyfriend.

Dozier As An Author

Dozier has used her writing skill to create a book with the title Breathing the fire, fighting to survive, and get back to fight. In the book, she has shared her experience while she was working in Iraq.

Kimberly Dooziers book
Kimberly Dozier’s book
source: Amazon

It includes the near-death experience she had, as well as her struggle during and after the war. The book has received 4.5 ratings out of 5 in Amazon and is being sold for $2.99 for kindle, $8.85 for hardcover, and $16.00 for paperback.

Kimberly Dozier Hair

Kimberly now prefers to keep her hair short now, but she used to rock long hair previously. She had dark brown hair with its length reaching her middle back.

Now she has shortened her hair and tucked her hair behind the ear. Also, the color of her hair is changed to light brown.

Educational Background

The Daily Beast reporter Dozier is a well-educated person who graduated from the University of Virginia in 1993 with a Masters’s Degree in foreign affairs. Likewise, prior to this, she received her Bachelor’s degree in arts from Wellesly college in 1987.

Talking about her primary education, Dozier has gone to attend classes at St. Timothy’s School located in Maryland which is an all-girl school.

Career Highlights

Kimberly Dozier worked as a contributing writer for the Daily Beast in the past. Additionally, she has hosted shows like Larry King Live, The 2000s, and Pritzker Military Library Presents.

Notebook: Kimberly Dozier (CBS News)

Dozier is now engaged in two significant news organizations. She works as a CNN Global Affairs Analyst and a contributor for TIME. She serves as a counselor at the Observer Research Foundation in addition to this.

Additionally, CNN Newsroom, CNN Tonight, The Early Show, The CBS Morning News, Up to the Minute, and Washington Week in Review is a few of Dozier’s well-known television programs.

Expressed Dissatisfaction Over Bidens off-the-cuff Putin Remarks

Dozier expressed her dissatisfaction with President Biden’s speech in Warsaw. According to her, it was indisciplined and favored Russian propagandists.

On the Monday appearance of New Day she was concerned over the falling of Biden’s position as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to maintain his position.

Awards And Accolades

Dozier is a woman with a lot of courage who covers and reports on the ongoing wars. For her bravery and sincerity in her professional career, she has been awarded many titles throughout her career life.

Kimberly Dozier – CBS News Sunday Morning: The Way Home – 2007 Peabody Award Acceptance Speech

She was entitled to the AWRT Gracie Awards in 2000, 2001, and 2002 for radio reporting on Mideast violence, Kosovo, and the Afghan war.

Likewise, Kimberly received Grand Gracie Award in 2007 for her reporting and bravery that she displayed in Iraq. Additionally, she is also the recipient of the Peabody Award.

The Physical Appearance of Dozier

Dozier has maintained her physical experience really well and looks quite young even though she is in her late fifties. The media personality has serene hazel eyes and dark brown hair.

Dozier stands 5 ft and 6 inches (172 cm) tall and weighs around 65 kg (143 lbs). Her appearance is even more enhanced by her dressing sense and makeup.

Social Media Presence

Kimberly is a media personality who is not interested to be indulged in social media. She prefers to use her time on something productive rather than scrolling feeds. Likewise, she does not share her personal life.

The Daily Beast correspondent is rarely seen online with her account being only activated on Twitter. Her Twitter account username is @kimDozier which has more than 20k followers.

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