Ross Naess is the son of Arne Naess Jr and Diana Ross. He is an American photographer, businessman, and producer best recognized for his photographs. In 2014, Ross also produced the film Acid Girls. Aside from that, he’s a producer who worked on the Sims at one point.

The American photographer is a co-owner of The Warick, a well-known nightclub in Los Angeles. He also produced Diana Ross: When You Tell Me That You Love Me, ATL, Pride, and According to Greta, among others. Besides his professional life, Naess is a married man. So, let’s know about his married life.

Ross Naess and Kimberly Ryan’s Married Life

Ross Naes is blissfully married to Kimberly Ryan, his long-term love. In 2016, the love birds tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony. The ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ singer performed at the 34-year-old hunk’s wedding and his younger brother, Evan Ross, serenaded the newlyweds as well.

Ross, whose wife is pregnant with their second child, who will be a brother or sister to toddler Leif, shared a photo from the ceremony on Instagram, writing: “A great moment during a perfect weekend with my mom, my pregnant bride, and my firstborn son.” #camphappinaess.

Ross Naess and Kimberly are happily married couple.
Ross Naess and Kimberly at their wedding.
Photo Source: Instagram

#MagicalWeddingWeekend,” Evan said on Instagram, beside his wife Ashlee Simpson Ross, with whom he has son Jagger Snow RossI’m sharing some of my favorite photos from my brother @RossNaess’ gorgeous wedding to @Kimberly Ryan. Chudney and Rhonda, Diana’s eldest daughters, were also present.

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Tracee posted several clips from the wedding day to her Instagram Story, including her brothers and sisters competing in dance-offs at the after-party. “My lovely brother @RossNaess, me, and my sisters @TheRhondaRoss and @ChudneyLRoss, and me!Tracee continued.

Diana has performed at a number of her children’s weddings. The 73-year-old actress sang at her son Evan’s wedding to Ashlee Simpson in 2014 and her daughter Chudney’s wedding to Joshua Faulkner the following year. Kimberly gave birth to their second son, Indigo, in 2017.

Ross Naess and Kimberly Ryan’s Dating Life

Ross Naess met Kimberly Ryan through a mutual friend in Los Angeles over a decade ago. They kept bumping into each other throughout town, and she eventually ended up at Ross’ apartment for a summer get-together. It was there that ‘they struck it off,’ as Kim puts it, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ross Naess and Kimberly are parents of two.
Ross Naess and Kimberly dated each other for a long time.
Photo Source: Instagram

The handsome hunk was going to college in the fall of 2006 and didn’t want to commit to a long-distance relationship, so Kim took the lead. He turned her down when she asked him out. Regardless, a seed was sown, and by the end of the summer, their friendship had blossomed into the romance Ross had hoped to avoid before leaving. According to the bride, Ross and the bride were “inseparable” until it was time for him to go to school.

The handsome hunk popped the question after ten years of dating. Kim, who was nine months pregnant at the time, assumed he’d drop down on one knee for their 10th anniversary after he promised he’d propose before their first child was born. Ross packed a picnic and scheduled a day hike in Malibu.

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