An inspirational personality, Randy Chrisley is better known as the younger brother of Todd Chrisley. Todd is a well-known superstar for his work on the show Chrisley Knows Best.

Details on Randy Chrisley, Brother of Todd Chrisley

Randy Chrisley was born in Westminster, South Carolina, to Gene Raymond Chrisley (father) and Faye Chrisley (mother), both of whom graduated from Westminster High School. He has been in the spotlight as Todd Chrisley‘s younger brother.

Todd posted a throwback childhood photo with his brother on Instagram in January 2020. In the caption, he revealed their mother’s workload, who used to work ten hours a day to provide for them. Todd Chrisley’s younger brother attended West-Oak High School in 1984. He is of Caucasian descent and American nationality.

Randy_Chrisley as Todd Chrisley's younger brother, he has been in the spotlight.
Randy Chrisley was born in Westminster, South Carolina, to Gene Raymond Chrisley (father) and Faye Chrisley (mother).
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Several tabloids announced that, in addition to Randy, Todd had another child. He was allegedly Derrick Chrisley, who passed away at a young age. Todd, on the other hand, has yet to say anything about his alleged late brother.

Gene died on July 11, 2012, at the age of 77, at Emory University Hospital. He was a U.S. Army veteran who earned a bronze star for his service in the Korean War. Leonard A. and Allie Mae Childers Chrisley were his grandparents.

Randy Chrisley’s Colossal Fortune

Randy Chrisley’s net worth is $100,000 as of 2022. Meanwhile, his reality star brother has a fortune of –$1.5 million. In 2012, he declared bankruptcy, citing $4.2 million in assets and about $50 million in debt.

According to sources, Randy previously started a real estate company, which was not as successful as his brother Todd’s. He is currently employed by RS service. Since August of 2001, he has been a part of it.

Randy Chrisley declared bankruptcy, citing $4.2 million in assets and about $50 million in debt.
Randy Chrisley’s net worth as of 2022 is $100,000.
Image source: Instagram

Todd, on the other hand, manages the company Chrisley Asset Management. According to court records, the business has been in disarray for many years.

Pamela Chrisley’s Lawsuit

Pamela Chrisley, Todd Chrisley’s sister-in-law, was arrested in 2016 for attempting to extort money from the Chrisley family. Authorities reported to ET that the woman was arrested on March 4 and charged with 2nd-degree abuse. She was released on the same day after posting a $1,000 bond.

According to incident reports obtained by Fox Carolina, Pamela threatened to “sell a story to the National Enquirer that would damage Chrisley’s reputation unless hush money was deposited into her bank account.”

Todd himself revealed the bad news a day later, on March 5, in a lengthy Instagram update. In the caption, he also told that Pamela was wanted for “blackmail and extortion.”

Randy Chrisley’s Controversy

Randy Chrisley received a lot of flak after being arrested for shoplifting in South Carolina in late 2016. According to the study, he had several candy bags worth approximately $22 stuffed in his pants.

Chrisley was still in line when the cops arrived, but he later left and started “driving briskly towards the back of the store pushing a buggy.”

After being asked, Randy admitted that he “put the candy in his pants with the intent of walking out of the store without paying for them.”

Randy Chrisley’s Married Life

In August 2012, he married his wife Pamela Chrisley in a beautiful wedding ceremony attended by family and close friends. The couple still kept their union private from the public eye.

Randy Chrisley filed for divorce from his wife in the mid-to-late 2010s.
Randy Chrisley married his odd wife Pamela Chrisley.
Image source: Instagram

Their marital partnership was falling apart after a few years of their love life. Randy filed for divorce from his wife in the mid-to-late 2010s. They had no children.

Chrisley, on the other hand, has a grown-up son from a previous relationship. He has kept his child’s identity a secret. Furthermore, his biological mother’s identity remains uncertain.

Randy Chrisley’s Health Condition

Randy Chrisley, the younger brother of reality TV star Todd Chrisley, was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2014. Todd’s representative reported to Us Weekly.

He was then given chemotherapy. According to the news, Randy has made a complete recovery and is enjoying a safe life.

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