Philemon Chambers is an actor known for “Walker: Independence.” He received the Performer of the Month title for his role in “Walker: Independence” in December 2023.

Philemon Chambers Relationship Status – Is He Gay?

Philemon Chambers has not disclosed his relationship status. He identifies as gay. After appearing as a gay lover in Netflix‘s gay romance film, Single All the Way, fans began to speculate that the actor was gay and began to question him. Then, on October 22, 2021, he publicly revealed his sexuality via his Instagram profile.

Philemon with his co-star.
Philemon Chambers with his on-screen lover, Michael Urie, from the film, Single All the Way.
Photo Source: Instagram

Philemon has had relationships, but he has not disclosed any details about them. He claims to have good relationships with his exes. As of now, there are no indications that he is in a relationship. His current relationship status is unknown.

Philemon Chambers Net Worth and Career Highlights

The 30-year-old Chambers is an actor who has appeared in films such as Single All the Way, Of Hearts and Castles, and Popternative. After playing Marcus in the 2020 short film Of Hearts and Castles, he became well-known. He began his mainstream career in 2006, but he played supporting roles behind the leads since he was a teenager.

Philemon posing for the paparazzis.
Philemon Chambers in an event.
Photo Source: Instagram

Since the age of 13, the Red Notice actor has been attempting to break into the acting industry. He has appeared in various small roles on television shows such as Criminal Minds, All Rise, The Forgotten, Good Luck Charlie, Cold Case, and No Ordinary Family. He has also appeared in commercials for well-known AT&T Digital, DeVry University, and CarMax.

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In 2020, the actor starred in Of Hearts and Castles as Marcus, which catapulted him to stardom. The film received good reviews, and Philemon was nominated for Best Actor at the Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival. He was then cast in Netflix’s gay romance film, Single All the Way.

Similarly, the household name appeared in the same film as Nick, alongside actor Michael Urie. Philemon’s net worth has not been disclosed, but according to sources, it is estimated to be $400,000.

Further, the talented personage starred in Cupcakes, and Walker Independence. Fans are waiting for his upcoming project shortly. See another media personality, Laurieann Gibson.

Philemon Chambers Wiki and Early Life

Philemon Chambers was born in Torrance, California, on February 9, 1994. He grew up in Compton and continues to live there. Jonathan P. Chambers is his full name. Chambers is one of the celebrities who have kept their personal lives hidden from the public eye. As a result, little to no information about his family is available.

Philemon kissing his mom on her cheek.
Philemon with his mom.
Photo Source: Instagram

Regarding his academic credentials, the Single All The Way actor has not provided any information. He did, however, attend Juilliard Drama School, where he perfected his acting abilities. He had aspired to be an actor since he was a child. Chambers was inspired to become an actor when he saw The Lion King at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre when he was six years old. Since his adolescence, he has been working in various small roles to realize his dream of becoming an actor.

Philemon stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 11 inches which is equivalent to 180 cm. Similarly, he weighs around 145 lbs.

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