Paton Ashbrook Relationship Status

Paton Ashbrook is currently in a romantic relationship with someone. She is in a relationship with Sathya Sridharan. Sathya is a New York-based actor, writer, and teacher who has spent the last decade performing on screen and stage. The two seem to be crazily in love with each other.

Paton with her boyfriend, Sathya.
Paton Ashbrook with her boyfriend, Sathya Sridharan.
Photo Source: Instagram

The couple hasn’t revealed much about how their relationship began or how they met. The two are still dating and have not yet made any public announcements about their marriage plans. Paton frequently posts photos of herself with her boyfriend on her Instagram account.

Paton Ashbrook Net Worth and Career

Paton Ashbrook is a well-known actress. She is renowned for her performances in Power Book II: Ghost (2020), Minor Premise (2020), and Shameless (2020). (2011). The now-33-year-old began her acting career in the early 2000s and has since worked in film and television.

Paton at the premiere of her movie.
Paton Ashbrook at an event.
Photo Source: Instagram

The actress made her acting debut in 2008 with the short film Yeah, Love, in which she played the character Milo. She has since appeared in a few other films, including Minor Premise, 200 mph, and Airline Disaster. She has also acted in many television shows, including Power Book II: Ghost, Evil, Blue Bloods, Bull, Instinct, and Limitless.

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Ashbrook also appears regularly in various entertainment industry events and television shows. The actress has not disclosed her net worth to the public yet. However, based on the number of works she has done, sources estimate her net worth to be $900,000.

Paton Ashbrook Early Life

Paton Ashbrook was born on September 6, 1988. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Paton Lee Lamas is her full name. She has five half-siblings: one brother and four sisters. Her half-brother is Alvaro JoshuaA.J.,” and her half-sisters are Victoria Lamas, Isabella Lorenza Lamas, Alexandra Lynne Lamas, and Shayne Lamas.

Paton and her mother eating ice cream.
Paton Ashbrook with her mother, Daphne Ashbrook.
Photo Source: Instagram

Ashbrook comes from a family with a long history in the media. Daphne Ashbrook and Lorenzo Lamas are her parents. Daphne, her mother, is an American actress, and Lorenzo, her father, is also an actor. Paton was born out of wedlock to her parents. Her grandfather, Argentine-American actor and director Fernando Lamas was her role model.

In terms of academic credentials, the now 33-year-old graduated from a local high school. There is no information on whether she went on to further her education. Nonetheless, the celebrity child made a career out of her passion, i.e. acting.

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