Nyla Fe Oyeku – Amirah Vann Daughter

Nyla Fe Oyeku was born in New York City, USA in February 2021. As of April 2022, she is just a year old baby. She is the first child of her parents, actress Amirah Vann and her fiance Patrick Oyeku.

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Nyla Fe Oyaku is the daughter of actress Amirah Vann.
Image Source: Instagram

Nyla does have two half-siblings from her father’s side. Her father, Patrick has two daughters from his previous relationship. Nyla’s parents have not shielded her away from social media and regularly share pictures of her on Instagram.

Nyla Fe Oyeku’s Parents’ Relationship Status

Nyla Fe Oyeku’s mother, Amirah Vann and father, Patrick Oyeku, are in a lovie-dubby relationship with each other. They have seen each other since back in 2017. Oyeku and Vann are still unmarried whereas, and the duo is happily living together and enjoying the qualities of times with their first baby Nyla Fe Oyeku.

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Nyla Fe Oyeku’s Parents are engaged but not married.
Image Source: Instagram

Not to mention, Nyla Fe Oyeku’s parents had an update on their Instagram account about their union. On the 16th of February 2019, Oyeku’s father Patrick gave a pretty diamond ring to her mother, Amirah. Further, the duo has not yet shared information about their wedding with the public eyes.

Nyla Fe Oyeku’s Parents’ Net Worth and Career

Nyla Fe Oyeku’s mother, Amirah Vann, is a prominent American star with an estimated net worth of around $250,000. She is an elegant lady, a hardworking actress, and a producer in the Hollywood film industry. Vann has gained huge success in her field. Underground (2016), Tracers (2015), Arcane (2021) are some of her noticeable works.

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Nyla Fe Oyeku’s father, Patrick Oyeku, is the vice president of Kforce Inc. At the same time, he is a market president, manager, supervisor director, account executive and sales/delivery associate. As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of around $1,58,000 to $3,56,000.

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Nyla Fe Oyaku’s parents are rich.
Image Source: Instagram

When it comes to the career of a little celebrity kid, Nyla is just a small kid for now. Moreover, her lovely parents must have planned perfectly for the future. Additionally, in the future, she might gain preeminent stardom like her momma Amirah and papa Patrick.

Also, Nyla Fe Oyeku is living a joyful life with her parents. Junior Oyeku’s every basic need has been fulfilled by her mother and father, most necessary for every child. So, she is enjoying her toddler life.

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