Noel J. Mickelson, Ex-Wife of John Amos

Noel J. Mickelson got married to John Amos in 1965. While attending college at Colorado State University, John met and fell in love with Noel, and the young couple’s love and eventual marriage were based on love at first sight.

Noel J. Mickelson and John Amos been married for ten years and had two children.
Noel J. Mickelson got married to John Amos in 1965.
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The couple married during a difficult time. Marriage between Blacks and Whites was illegal in 16 American states during that period. Thankfully, the Supreme court made interracial marriage legal in 1967, and they were recognized as husband and wife all over the US. Nonetheless, In 1975, the couple separated. Similarly, Walter Kamau Bell and his wife Melissa Hudson Bell have interracial marriage.

And after his separation from Noel, the Good Times actor married Lillian Lehman on February 12, 1978. Before marrying, they were in an open relationship for three years. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only 19 months and ended in divorce in 1979. They didn’t have any children together.

Noel J. Mickelson And John Amos’ Children’s

Noel J. Mickelson and her ex-husband have one daughter and one son. Shannon Amos is their first child and a writer and filmmaker. She decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and work in the entertainment industry. She has a net worth of $7 million and lives a lavish lifestyle.

Noel J. Mickelson and her ex-husband have one daughter and one son.
Noel J. Mickelson and John Amos’ son name is K.C Amos.
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K.C Amos, Noel and John’s son, is a well-known entertainer and chef. Following his mother’s divorce, he formed an unusual bond with his father. He has appeared in several films, including Siphon Gun (1995), Tamales Gumbo (2015), Hauntsville (2016), and Mercy for Angles.

Noel J. Mickelson’s Net Worth as of 2022

Noel J. Mickelson’s net worth and salary are unknown. She was well-known as a craftswoman and equestrienne. On the other hand, her ex-husband has a net worth of $3 million. Most of his net worth comes from his acting career. He also used to earn from his formal football career.

The artist began his career in The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Gordy Howard, the weatherman (1970-73). He also appeared in a McDonald’s commercial. He rose to prominence as James Evans Sr. in Good Times. In the critically acclaimed show The West Wing, he portrayed Percy Fitzwallace. In 2003, Amos played Anthony Anderson in All About the Andersons. He also had recurring roles on Two and a Half Men and Netflix’s The Ranch.

Amos is the only person to have won more TV Land Awards than anyone else, with wins for his roles in Good Times, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and the miniseries Roots. In addition, he has been nominated for Primetime Emmys and the NAACP Image Award.

Noel J. Mickelson’s Wiki-Bio

Although little is known about Noel J Mickelson, it is said that she is an Ashkenazi Jewish descendant from Eastern Europe and grew up in a small town in Iowa. Sadly, she passed away in December 2006.

Noel J. Mickelson is an Ashkenazi Jewish descendant from Eastern Europe.
Noel J. Mickelson and John Amos’ daughter name is Shannon Amos.
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Mickelson dreamt of traveling all around the world, but sadly she could not. Hence her daughter promised to take her mother’s ashes and travel around the world to fulfill her last wish.

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