Known throughout as the handsome hunk, Miguel Angel Silvestre is a famous Spanish actor that fans might have seen in the Netflix series Sense8 and Narcos. Getting into the world of theatre and acting after winning Mister Castello’s 2002 pageant, Miguel quickly scaled to achieve popularity in the acting field due to his talent and uncompromising dedication. Today we’re going to be talking more about his details, all from his net worth collection, acting credits to his love life. 

What Is The Net Worth Collection of Miguel Angel Silvestre?

It would be safe to say that the acting industry is one of those fields where it might take some time to find popularity, but the wait is always worth the while once you do. The same thing goes out for our Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre. However, it is a known fact that he is incredibly private about letting on his financial details, so we can only estimate at this moment.

Miguel Angel Silvestre has $1 million net worth
Miguel Angel Silvestre enjoys his riches in millions.
Photo Source: Zimbio

According to our speculations, the actor’s paycheck is in the hundreds, and he enjoys a handsome net worth of $1 million as of 2020. Considering his lavish lifestyle and splurges, Silvestre is having the time of his life with his steady income and successful career in acting. The success of his series Narcos immensely contributed to a rise in his earnings in 2018.

Miguel Angel Silvestre Career Highlights

Miguel Angel Silvestre initially wanted to try out his career as a professional tennis player and quit after facing an injury while playing in a tournament. Even after that, he planned to become a physiotherapist but changed the course after his aunt persuaded him to act.

Miguel Angel Silvestre in Sense8
Miguel Angel Silvestre played the character of Lito Rodríguez in Netflix series Sense8.
Photo Source: La Vanguardia

The 38-year-old bagged a whole lot of acting credits under his name throughout his career. He gained prominence from the Pedro Almodovar Spanish movie I’m So Excited and the Spanish horror movie Verbo. In the later part of his career, he got introduce to American film after appearing in the high-profile Netflix drama Sense8 as a lead character.

Silvestre’s part in the series led him to get a chance in two more Netflix drama series Narcos and La casa de Papel, both of which smashed the box office for their marvelous storytelling and cinematography.

Miguel Angel Silvestre Dating a 24-Year-Old

Speaking about Miguel Angel Silvestre’s love life, it would suffice to say that he’s known for dating some of the quite gorgeous ladies out there. Just in January 2020, we heard the news that he broke up with his girlfriend, Patricia Guirado. But who would’ve thought that he’d found love so soon with his new 24-year-old girlfriend, Claudia Ruiz Montoya?

Miguel Angel Silvestre girlfriend
Miguel Angel Silvestre’s reported girlfriend.
Photo Source: RTVE

The Valencian actor‘s new lover is involved in fashion and works for Agatha Ruíz de la Prada. Among the list of girls, Miguel’s dated some were Belen Lopez, Blanca Suarez, and Albania Sofia Sagarra.

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