Michael Lewis’s Net Worth

Michael Lewis is an American novelist worth $25 million. His first salary of $48,000 would be approximately $90,000 in today’s money. He received his bachelor’s degree in art history from Princeton University. Lewis afterward relocated to New York, where he failed to land a job in finance.

Michael Lewis's first salary of $48,000 would be approximately $90,000 in today's money.
Michael Lewis is an American novelist worth $25 million.
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After graduating from LSE, he was able to gain a position with the Solomon Brothers investment bank. Finally, the Author left to write “Liar’s Poker,” a worldwide bestseller. He has written several more books, including ‘The New New Thing,’ ‘The Big Short,’ ‘Flash Boys,’ and ‘Moneyball,’ adapted into a film starring Brad Pitt.

Michael Lewis’s Career

In Liar’s Poker, Lewis discussed his time at Salomon and the evolution of the mortgage-backed bond. He studied the then-booming Silicon Valley and the fascination with innovation in The New New Thing. Lewis followed up four years later with Moneyball, a book about Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics‘ success. In August 2007, he published “In Nature’s Casino,” an article about catastrophe bonds in The New York Times Magazine.

Following the success of the Moneyball film adaption, it was reported in September 2011 that Lewis wanted to play a “far more active part in the what may be the next film based on one of his books” and that he would begin drafting a script for a Liar’s Poker film. Lewis wrote about the injustice of the trial of ex-Goldman Sachs programmer Sergey Aleynikov in Vanity Fair in 2013, and he got an entire chapter in Flash Boys. In March 2014, the film Flash Boys was released, which examined high-frequency trading on Wall Street and other markets.

The Author described the Trump administration’s approach to different government departments, notably the Department of Energy and the Department of Agriculture, in a series of stories for Vanity Fair in 2017. Civil employees expressed skepticism and frustration in his articles, citing the Trump administration’s lack of attention to sure of their work and Trump political appointees’ lack of care, education, experience, and respect.

Michael Lewis’s Relationship Detail

Michael Lewis has had three marriages. In 1985, he married Diane de Cordova Lewis, his first wife. Kate Bohner, American investment banker, journalist, author, and an active C-Suite executive, was his second wife. They were, however, unable to maintain their love together for some unknown cause.

Michael Lewis married Diane de Cordova Lewis, his first wife.
Michael Lewis has had three marriages.
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In October 1997, the writer married Tabitha Soren, an American fine art photographer and former journalist from MTV News, ABC News, and NBC News. He and his wife, Soren, have three children and live in Berkeley, California. Their children’s names are Dixie LewisWalker Jack Lewis, and Quinn Tallulah Lewis. Lewis’s daughter Dixie died in an automobile accident near Truckee, California, on May 25, 2021. She was 19 years old at the time.

Michael Lewis’s Early Life

Michael Lewis, the son of J. Thomas Lewis, a corporate attorney, and Diana Monroe Lewis, a community organizer, was born in New Orleans. Isidore Newman School was his alma mater. After completing a 166-page final thesis titled “Donatello and the Antique,” In 1982, he received a B.A. in art and archaeology with honors from Princeton University.

Michael Lewis received a B.A. in art and archaeology with honors from Princeton University.
Michael Lewis, the son of J. Thomas Lewis, a corporate attorney, and Diana Monroe Lewis, a community organizer, was born in New Orleans.
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The 60-year-old went on to study economics at the London School of Economics, graduating with an MA in 1985. After that, he started at Salomon Brothers, stayed in New York for a training program, and then moved to London to work as a bond salesperson in the firm’s London office for a few years. Monroe has stated that the journalism in The Economist and The Wall Street Journal that this period of his life motivated him to pursue a career as a writer.

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