Madeline Cuomo Married to Brian John O’Donoghue

Madeline Cuomo has been happily married to her boyfriend Brian O’ Donoghue. Cuomo and O’Donough were high school sweethearts who were more interested in public service than in partying.

Madeline Cuomo is third child of Cuomo Family.
Madeline Cuomo is close to her four siblings.
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They met each other in St. Francis School. The pair took place on 12 June 1993 in Albany. Monsignor John L. Jones officiated Madeline-Brian’s wedding. As a mysterious personality, Cuomo hasn’t talked about anything regarding children and family.

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Besides, Madeline’s husband O’Donughue is the son of the Justice, Mr. James F. O Donoghue. He is a graduate of Queens College. Some sources claim that Mr. Brian served as a firefighter before earning a degree from a reputed university in New York.

Madeline Cuomo Net Worth Collection

Madeline Cuomo makes a huge amount from her career as an attorney, specializing in matrimonial law. The 28-year-old receives a payroll of $53,000 to $184,000. Cuomo joined the New York Law Firm Shea & Gould as an associated attorney.

Madeline Cuomo is also the most private of the Cuomo bunch.
Madeline Cuomo, Sister Maria Cuomo.
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When it comes to Madeline’s siblings and whereabouts, her brother Christopher Cuomo serves as a CNN anchor, host of the Cuomo Prime Time Evening news show. Similarly, her sister Margaret is a notable physician and radiologist. Madeline’s brother Andrew is a New York City Attorney General.

Madeline Cuomo belongs to a wealthy and reputed political family.
Mario Cuomo, wife Matilda Cuomo.
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Madeline’s elder sister Margaret is a radiologist; she specializes in cancer prevention, whereas her sister, Maria Cuomo Cole, is the producer of Cuomo Cole Production. Speaking of academics, Madeline is a law graduate. She specialized in matrimonial from Albany Law School.

Madeline Cuomo Early Life

Madeline Cuomo, a graduate of Albany Law School, was born in 1964. She has five siblings Margaret, Andrew, Maria, and Christopher. Her father Mario and brother Andrew served as governor of New York. Madeline’s mother, Matilda, is a woman and child advocate. She has previously been the First Lady of New York.

Ancestors of Madeline Cuomo

Madeline’s grandparents Mary Gitto (grandmother) and Carmelo Raffa (grandfather), were originally from Sicily of Italy. Carmelo was a real estate investor. Similarly, her paternal grandparents, Andrea Cuomo and Immacolata Cuomo-Giordano, were origins of Tramonti, Campania.

Madeline Cuomo Controversy and Rumors

Madeline Cuomo has not been part of any controversy and scandals which created headlines in the media. She has managed to stay distant from media and rumors as Madeline is not active on social networking sites.

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