Lorenzo Doumani’s Early Life and Career

Lorenzo Doumani is an American actor, director, producer, and writer. He is known for movies like Storybook which is released in 1996 and Follow Your Heart released in 1999.

American actor Doumani was born on November 2, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, America. He was grown up in America and completed his education. Lorenzo’s father’s name is Edward Doumani, and his mother’s name is Steve Wynn. Edward was a businessman who invested in companies. He died at the age of 80. Lorenzo Doumani called his dad someone who was “very low key and mild-mannered” and cared more about other people than himself. He also served as an executive producer backing movies made for the big screen and television.

The Movie “Follow Your Heart”

Doumani has two siblings named Dahlia Merhi and Dominique Doumani. He grew up with siblings and spent a lot of time with them.

He started his career when his family financed the 1984 feature film ” The Cotton Club”. The movie was directed by Francis Coppola and produced by Robert Evans. Actor Doumani directed a movie called Follow Your Heart which was released in the year 1999. This movie got a rating of 6.2 on the IMDB rating. The movie was based on the comedy genre and 1 hour 55 minutes intervals of time.

Lorenzo Doumani’s Married Life With Brenda Epperson

60, Director Doumani’s been married to his long term wife, Brenda Epperson since the year 1994. His better half was born on September 9, 1965. She is an actress who is known for being the second actor to portray the character of Ashley Abbott on the CBS daytime drama “The Young and Restless“. Together the couple shares one child.

Doumani and Brenda divorced in the year 2000 due to some undisclosed reasons. The reason behind divorce is not revealed yet. In contrast, Ekaterina Dubakina is happily married.

Doumani wearing a black coat and white t-shirt with a beautiful smile.
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Doumani and Epperson firstly met each other at regular parties as they both were actors and actresses. Doumani is also known as a son-in-law of Actor Don Epperson. Don Epperson is an American Actor born on January 23, 1938. He is known for movies like Wild Wheels (1969), The Female Bunch (1971). Don was married to Sherry Kubiak. Don isn’t alive now he passed away on March 17, 1973, in the US.

Actor Doumani’s Net Worth

Doumani is an actor, director, and writer by profession. Mainly, he does writing and direction. His source of income is from direction and writing. Doumani had done lots of movies in the past days and movies were also profitable. So, his estimated net worth is $1 million in 2022.

Doumani standing in front of his house wearing coat pant.
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Doumani’s father was a businessman and he used to invest money in the companies. Maybe he would be engaged in the business like his father. Doumani’s mostly released in the 90s and most of his film got a good rating from IMDB. So he earned from that movies.

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