Scroll ahead to learn all sorts of details on the finances of WNBA player Liz Cambage. 

When you think of Liz Cambage, one thing that automatically comes to everyone’s mind besides her height is her natural talent and dedication towards basketball. She’s certainly not the shy and reserved type, considering how she’s always spoken her mind, whether it be expressing her reluctance to play WNBA after they wanted her to become a franchise player or about her sexuality.

Throughout the years, 28-year-old’s had success kiss her feet with her playing for teams all over the world like Dandenong Rangers, Australian Institute of Sport, Tulsa Shock, Sheijang Chouzhou, Shanghai Swordfish, Dallas Wings, Southside Flyers, Las Vegas Aces, and many more.

In conclusion, Cambage’s made a fine decade long career for herself, which also means that she’s garnered success not only professionally but also financially. Here in the read below, we’ve brought you all sorts of financial details on the Australian basketball player, Liz Cambage.

What Is The Net Worth Collection of Liz Cambage?

We’re all were aware of the payment disparity between NBA and WNBA throughout these years. The critics have stated that the total revenue alters the payment of these athletes. Apparently, NBA rakes an annual revenue of $7.4 billion, whereas WNBA makes about $25 million, receiving even fewer broadcast rights than NBA.

Liz Cambage has a net worth of $1 million
Liz Cambage enjoys her net worth in millions.
Photo Source: Instagram

It is because of these reasons that the WNBA players get significantly less salary than the NBA players. However, Liz Cambage has always been a strong advocate of this fact, bargaining her way through the matches. In January 2020, she and other elite players received an upgrade of earning more than $500,000 per season.

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WNBA players normally used to make about $71,000 to $114,000, depending on their level of expertise from a rookie player to an elite. Due to the current negotiation, they are set to receive a 53% increased total cash compensation for players, premium economy flights, full salaries for players on maternity leave, a $5000 childcare stipend, and other benefits for players’ children.

Although the 6-feet-8-inches player is still yet to share her financial details in the media, we can safely assume that her net worth is somewhere above $1 million as of 2021. If you look at her social media handle, you can easily see that she enjoys quite a lavish lifestyle from her hard-earned net worth.

Liz Cambage is A Model and an Entrepreneur

Besides enjoying a successful career as a professional basketball player, Liz Cambage also makes most of her talent as a model and an entrepreneur. Time and again, she’s let her fans know that she’s not going to stick with the stereotypical image of her portrayed by society. It is why she actively pursued her interest in modeling, appearing with famous brands like Playboy, Fenty, Nike, Addidas, Skims, Elle, and many more.

Liz Cambage posing for the brand Elle
Liz Cambage modeling for Elle.
Photo Source: Instagram

Not only that, but the WNBA player has also forayed into entrepreneurial activities where she’s the proud co-owner of a brand called Vita Drop. The company focuses on providing a simple solution to get the most out of hydration and offers products like Oral Electrolyte and Vitamin Powder, Thermos Bottle, Vitapop Ice Pops, and many more.

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