Olga Litvinova, the MHT actress, and daughter of the Deputy Director of the Mosfilm film studio is Konstantin Khabensky‘s second wife. The actors first met many years ago, and their relationship began only a few years later.

Konstantin Khabensky was previously married to Anastasia Smirnova. Anastasia passed away due to brain cancer which was found late. And Smirnova Khabensky was alone for a long time after Anastasia died. Learn more about Konstantin Khabensky’s relationship detail in the parts that follow.

Konstantin Khabensky’s Relationship With Olga Litvinova

During the play “Duck Hunting,” Konstantin Khabensky and Olga Litvinova became close friends. In 2013, they married. The registration of relations was kept secret, and no one in the theater industry was aware of it. Several close friends and family members attended the ceremony. The bride adorned herself in a luxurious wedding gown. Konstantin presented Faith Wong’s special expensive designer outfit to his lovely wife.

Konstantin Khabenskyand Olga Litvinova got married on 2013.
Konstantin Khabensky is married to Olga Litvinova.
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Khabensky and Olga’s daughter, Alexander Khabensky, was born a little early in 2016, but this did not affect her health. Sasha is becoming a more active and interested young lady. She will be six years old in June 2022. She is not enrolled in kindergarten. However, she attends a variety of educational classes. Her picture isn’t on social media.

Konstantin Khabensky’s First Wife

Konstantin Khabensky had married journalist Anastasia Smirnova in 2000. They first met in 1999 in a cafe near the theater where the artist worked. Habensky was immediately taken with the cheerful dark-haired girl, and he invited her to his performance. The wedding ceremony was small, with only a few friends and family present. Anastasia did not want to be pompous, and neither did her future husband. 

Konstantin Khabensky and Anastasia Smirnova first met in 1999 in a cafe near the theater where the artist worked.
Konstantin Khabensky was married to Anastasia Smirnova in 2000.
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The pair had a child, Ivan, in September 2007. The girl was diagnosed with a severe illness – a brain tumor – almost immediately after birth. She underwent several operations, but the treatment was ineffective. Hubensky sold practically all of his property to conduct surveys and receive treatment in foreign clinics. Anastasia passed away in December 2008.

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In Spain, 10-year-old Ivan lives with his grandmother. He attends a prestigious boarding school. The actor frequently travels to Barcelona to spend time with his older child. The boy is in a class with a humanitarian bent, and he has mastered English and Spanish.

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