Who is Kai Berkner?

Kai Berkner is a young and extremely talented social media influencer who started his career through YouTube and eventually moved to Tik Tok, where his videos instantly attracted fans from fans worldwide.

Kai Berkner is a TikTok celebrity.
Kai Berkner is a social media celebrity.
Photo Source: TikTok

One of his most loved videos was about “when you spam random letters to give them the typing notification on Snapchat” and the other “where a friend typed out a long paragraph message and Kai “mistakenly” swiped out of the message on Snapchat causing it to be deleted.”

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The 17-year-old‘s already made whopping followers of over 119.6k followers on Tik Tok with over 1.2 million likes in total. He’s got a loyal fan base in his account which constantly shower him with appraisals on his content. If you look at most of his content, they’re hard not to relate, whether it be about your crush, constant reminders to best friends, unrequited love, and many more.

Kai Berkner Is Also A Talented Musician

Before making a career for himself out of Tik Tok, Kai Berkner was involved in creating videos on YouTube. He then went on to take a break in order to pursue his love for music.

Kai Berkner is also a musician.
Kai Berkner is also a musician.
Photo Source: TV Guide Time

Did you know that the media celebrity also released several songs on popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and Deezer? He relentlessly focused on producing music for 2-3 years before turning his focus to making content on TikTok. During his short time making music, he gathered thousands of plays, and he still has songs live today under the stage name “Kai Berkner”.

Net Worth Collection of Kai Berkner

If you look at Kai Berkner’s age, you might wonder that he’s too young to garner a staggering net worth profile for himself, but when you see his social media account, you might have to do a double-take on that matter. Although the social media influencer is yet to share the details of his personal finances in the media, sources assume that the figure is somewhere around $100,000 as of 2021.

Kai Berkner net worth is in the thousands.
Kai Berkner earns his income from brand endorsements.
Photo Source: Instagram

Berkner enjoys a handsome net worth collection in the thousands, which he earns from various brand endorsements and sponsorships. TikTok has also launched a Creator Fund program which is a  program launched by the app in 2020. The 200 million dollar fund is to be split among approved applicants who meet some restrictions including a minimum of 10,000 followers.

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