Jordan Walker Ross is a talented and famous American actor. He has appeared in many hit movies and series like 1883, Meteoro A Fuga, and Moneyball where he gave an impactful performance. He is also known as a producer and writer. He was a part of the hit series The Chosen, a historical drama.

On February 8, 1990, he was born in Arlington, Texas, United States. According to astrology, His zodiac sign is Aquarius. Keep scrolling for more information about Jordan Ross.

Early Life

Ross was born into an average family and was raised by his mother Shannon Corbin in his hometown. He was raised without much struggle during his childhood. He was born prematurely and he had several medical issues. He was born after seven months of pregnancy which is why he had issues like minor cerebral palsy, severe scoliosis & even more severe asthma.

However, his mother was able to take good care of him. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis at the age of two which has led to a noticeable limp. Despite having several medical issues, he was very active in many extracurricular activities during his school days. His grandfather’s name is Barry Corbin and he was also an American actor.

How Does He Look In Real Life?

Jordan looks very attractive and he has quite amazing physical features. He has fair skin complementing his brown curly hair. He also has beautiful brown eyes. He looks very fit and tall. He stands about 168 centimeters and 5 ‘9″, inches.

jordan 2 min
Portrait picture of Jordan Walker Ross picture source Instagram: @thejordanross

He weighs about 60 kg and his body structure looks very muscular. His charm and attractiveness attract the charm of many fans and followers.

Is Jordan Walker Ross Married?

Jordan Walker Ross is currently single and there is no information about his wife or his married life. He likes to maintain privacy about his personal life which is why we have no information about his wife.

He has not made any posts about his love life, however, Jordan keeps posting about his daughter. There is no exact information on his past relationship too.

Does He Have Any Children?

Jordan does not like to share many details about his personal life and family. He has not been open about his wife and children. He has two children and his eldest daughter’s name is Ellie Walker.

Jordan Walker Ross with his friends and daughter holding a soccer ball.
Jordan Walker Ross with his friends and daughter picture source Instagram: @thejordanross

The information about his second child is undisclosed. He sometimes posts about his elder daughter on his Instagram account.

Educational Background – Studied At Kim Dawson Conservator

Ross was a very studious student from his school days. He was a very hardworking and obedient student. He was also a very interactive student and he used to actively take part in many extra activities. He was interested in acting since his childhood and was very ambitious about his acting career.

There are no exact details about his school neither there is any information bout his high school. He decided to proceed with his acting career. Later, he enrolled himself at Kim Dawson Conservatory in Dallas, Texas, United States where he received a degree in film acting.

Jordan Walker Ross’s Net Worth

Jordan Walker Ross has been able to amass a good amount of fortune throughout his journey. He has been able to gather those amount of fortune by working as an actor and by working as a host for many programs. There is no exact information about how much amount of fortune he has been able to amass.

However, it is estimated that he has been able to amass about $6 Million. It includes all of his assets and royalties. He will be adding more to his fortune in the future as he is still working actively in the entertainment industry.

Career As An Actor

Jordan Walker Ross decided to push himself ahead in his acting career. He tried and auditioned for many roles after getting a degree in acting. After lots of hard work and dedication, he finally got opportunities to work in many movies. He got to work in movies like Tin Can Shinny where he played the role of RJ. He also got to play the role of Jacie Binion in Texas Tales and Legends.

Jordan Walker Ross with his costars on set
Jordan Walker with his Co-stars on set picture source Instagram @thejordanross

One of the hit movies he has worked in includes The New Testament where he got to play a role as one of the characters. His work was adored and appreciated by many people. He started to gain fame because of his acting skills. Jordan Ross also played the role of Jeremiah in The Chosen.

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Journey As A Host And Public Speaker

Jordan was not only interested in acting but he was interested in social work and public speaking. He always wanted to make a change in society because of his work. He started his own podcast named What’s your limp where he discussed the insecurities and struggles of Artists & celebrities and also how they cope with them.

He also works as an advocate against bullying. He speaks about different topics and problems prevailing in society. He has helped many people to be confident and cope with their insecurities.

Hobbies And Interests

Apart from acting, Jordan is interested in many other sectors. He likes to travel and explore different new places with his friends and family. He also likes horse riding and also he likes to spend time with horses.

He also likes to cook and try out different new recipes during his leisure time. He also likes spending time with his friends and family. His other hobbies include listening to music and reading books.

How Active Is He On His Social Media?

Jordan seems quite active on his social media account and has a very good engagement as he keeps posting a lot of stuff about his daily activities. He is mostly active on his Instagram account. However, his Instagram account is not verified yet.

He has about 25k followers on his Instagram account but he is gaining more followers and fame day by day because of the content he shares. He mostly posts about his work and co-stars. For more information and update about him, you can follow him on his Instagram account. He is active on his Instagram account with the name @thejordanross

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