Jimi Westbrook is a talented singer who is part of a popular country music group called Little Big Town. He not only showcases his incredible vocal skills but also contributes to the harmonies that make their songs so captivating. Notably, he is known for being married to Karen Fairchild, who is also a remarkable singer and an integral part of Little Big Town.

Westbrook, born on 20 October 1971 in Arkansas, is a singer who has made a name for himself in the world of country music. His distinctive voice and stage presence have contributed to the success of Little Big Town, and his performances continue to captivate audiences around the world.

Westbrook Fell In Love With His Bandmate

Jimi Westbrook and Karen Fairchild share a beautiful love story that began within the band Little Big Town. They surprised everyone with their marriage on May 31, 2006, in a private ceremony held in Nashville. It wasn’t until two months later that people discovered they had tied the knot.

Jimi Westbrook is wearing a grey suit and Karen Fairchild is wearing a furry themed designer dress.
Jimi Westbrook with his wife, Karen Fairchild (Source: Jimi Westbrook Instagram @jimiwestbrook)

According to Karen, Jimi and she had a unique friendship and connection that grew stronger when they were both single. They started as bandmates, but there was always an underlying feeling between them that they tried to ignore. However, when the opportunity presented itself, and they found themselves single at the same time, those feelings couldn’t be ignored any longer.

Westbrook reflects on this by saying, “We’re single. Let’s get together.” Their love story blossomed, and they became more than just bandmates; they became life partners. Their journey together is testament to the power of love and the beautiful connections that can arise from shared passions and deep friendships.

Net Worth Of The Singer

Jimi Westbrook, with an estimated net worth of $3 million, has found his source of income through his incredible singing talent. As a vital member of the country music group Little Big Town, he has contributed to the band’s success both on stage and in the studio. The band’s albums, tours, and performances have undoubtedly contributed to his financial success over the years.

Westbrook’s wife, Karen Fairchild, with an estimated net worth of $5 million, is not only a talented singer but also a successful businesswoman. As a member of the band Little Big Town, alongside her husband, she has achieved great success through their albums, tours, and concerts. In addition, she has ventured into the world of fashion with her clothing line called Fair Child. Her clothing line offers a wide range of stylish items, including leather jackets, leggings, and many other fashionable pieces.

Westbrook and his wife, along with other members of Little Big Town, have ventured into the business world together. The band has established ventures, including a wine company called Day Drinking and wine club known as Four Cellars.

Westbrook Has Experienced Fatherhood

Westbrook has embraced the joys of fatherhood alongside his wife, Fairchild. Together, they have a son named Elijah Dylan Westbrook, who entered the world on March 5, 2010, as mentioned in an article from Country Fancast. While they have chosen to keep their son’s life relatively private, Jimi has occasionally shared glimpses of their family moments on social media.

Jimi Westbrook is taking a selfie wearing his shades upside down, and Elijah Dylan Westbrook is behind him smiling at the camera.
Jimi Westbrook with his son, Elijah Dylan Westbrook (Source: Jimi Westbrook Instagram @jimiwestbrook)

Westbrook expresses his love and pride as a father by posting pictures of his son, allowing fans and followers to catch a glimpse of their special bond. Though they prefer to maintain a level of privacy, his posts reflect the happiness and fulfillment he finds in being a dad.

Singer Has Sadly Lost His Sister

Jimi Westbrook has faced a heartbreaking loss in his life with the passing of his sister, Joyce Marie Westbrook Morgan. On November 29, 2015, Joyce, who was 59 years old and resided in Corner, left this world, although the cause of her death was not disclosed as mentioned in an article from Obits.

Joyce was an active member of the Sumiton Church of God, where she participated in the Spirit Singers group. Interestingly, as per Westbrook, she would often claim that she had prayed for a little brother, and her prayers were answered when the singer entered this world.

Westbrook’s Relationship With His Sister

In a heartfelt tribute on his Instagram post, Westbrook fondly remembered his sister, Joyce as one of the funniest individuals he had ever known. She had an infectious spirit and a zest for life that brought laughter to those around her. Even as a child, the singer remembers her teaching him to hold his head up high and have confidence in who he was.

Joyce Marie Westbrook Morgan has short blonde hair in this picture.
Jimi Westbrook’s late sister, Joyce Marie Westbrook Morgan (Source: Jimi Westbrook Instagram @jimiwestbrook)

The bond between the two was undoubtedly special, filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Her presence and influence continue to be treasured in his life, reminding him of the importance of embracing oneself and finding joy even in the toughest of times.

Why Does Westbrook Love Country Music?

Jimi Westbrook’s love for country music stems from his belief that it is a genre where stories are authentically told. He finds that country music has the power to connect with people on deep level, speaking directly to their hearts. According to him, country music revolves around real-life experiences and genuine emotions, encompassing both the positive and negative aspects of life.

It is this honesty and relatability that resonates with Westbrook and with audiences as well. Country music, in his perspective, has a unique ability to touch the hearts of individuals and families alike. It evokes sense of life, love, and the importance of family bonds. This feeling of connection and the ability to evoke genuine emotions is what has drawn him to country music throughout his career.

Some Info On Westbrook’s Little Big Town

Little Big Town is an American country music group that originated in Homewood, Alabama, in 1998. The band consists apart from Westbrook consists of three other members: his wife, Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, and Phillip Sweet. They have achieved significant success in the country music industry with their unique vocal harmonies and a blend of traditional country, pop, and rock influences.

Little Big Town’s musical journey began when Fairchild and Schlapman met while attending Samford University. The duo later relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where they joined forces with Westbrook and Sweet to form the group. They quickly gained attention for their tight harmonies and impressive vocal abilities. In the year Brooke Sealey divorced Jeff Gordon, i.e., in 2002, the band signed a record deal with Monument Records, releasing their self-titled debut album.

However, it was Little Big Town’s second studio album, “The Road to Here” (2005), that brought them widespread recognition. The group’s breakthrough came with their third studio album, “A Place to Land” (2007), which featured the chart-topping single “I’m with the Band.” Their subsequent albums, “The Reason Why” (2010) and “Tornado” (2012), solidified their success with hit songs like “Little White Church” and the chart-topping “Pontoon.”

Throughout their career, Little Big Town has garnered numerous awards and accolades, including several Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards, and Grammy Awards. They are highly regarded for their captivating live performances, often featuring intricate vocal arrangements and tight harmonies.

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