Jeremy Yaffle rose to fame due to her marriage with veteran actor Alan Wolf Arkin. The 86-year-old actor featured in some top movies like ‘Rocketeer’,’ Glengarry Glen Ross’, and ‘Get Smart’ to become a household name in Hollywood. Call it the perks or disadvantage, but whenever you are related to a celebrity, you become on as well. The case is the same with her as well. The diva is also the mother of yet another talented star, Adam Arkin. So, let us get to know the married life and net worth details of Jeremy Yaffe right here.

Jeremy Yaffle Married Life: First Wife of Alan Arkin

Jeremy Yaffle lived an extremely secretive lifestyle originally. However, her whole life changed when she married American actor cum director, Alan Arkin. The two started dating in the early 1950s before Alan actually started his career in the entertainment industry. Eventually, Jeremy and Alan took the big step to tie the knot in 1955.

Jeremy Yaffe poses with husband Alan Arkin.
Jeremy Yaffe and Alan Arkin tied the knot in 1955. Source: Woman Crush Wednesday

Just when everything looked perfect with their family, the relationship between Yaffle and Arkin took a big turn. Cracks formed in their affair which resulted in their parting ways. Despite a few attempts, they couldn’t make things work, which ended things between them in divorce in 1961.

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Adam Arkin’s mother Jeremy went to live a confidential life following the split-up. Consequently, there is not much information about whether she married again to anyone else or lived a single life. On the other hand, her ex-husband Arkin went on to marry Barbara Dana in 1964.

Surprisingly, the relationship also ended with a divorce in 1994. Later, the veteran actor tried his luck for the third time as he exchanged vows with psychotherapist Suzanne Newlander in 1996 however the love mates’ ended their beautiful relationship on June 29, 2023, after Alan’s sudden demise at the age of 89.

Jeremy Yaffe: Mother of Two Including Alan Arkin

The 86-year-old star Jeremy and Alan formed a perfect couple, even though the diva wasn’t involved in the glamour industry. While they were married, the pair welcomed two sons, Adam Arkin and Matthew Arkin. The first child, Adam, was born on August 19, 1956, while the second son entered the world on March 21, 1960.

Jeremy Yaffe poses a picture with Alan Arkin at an event.
Jeremy Yaffe and Alan Arkin gave birth to Adam Arkin in August 1956. Source: Hitberry

Interestingly, both children followed in their father’s footsteps to become actors. In fact, Adam went on to become relatively successful, winning three Emmy Awards and four SAG Awards. He was famous for his roles in ‘Chicago Hope,’ ‘Monk,‘ and ‘My Louisiana Sky.’

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Despite she broke up with her ex-husband Alan in 1961, she held good terms with both her sons to raise them well to become top actors in Hollywood. Her elder son Adam tied the knot for the second time to Michelle Dunker after her divorce from Phyllis Lyons in 2013.

Jeremy Yaffle: Net Worth Status

Being an ex-wife to the late Arkin and mother of top actors like Adam Arkin and Matthew Arkin, Jeremy doesn’t have much to worry about regarding the finances. While there isn’t much information on what she does for a living, she definitely earns a significant sum from her divorce agreement as spousal support. As per estimates, she amasses a staggering net worth of $1 million.

Jeremy Yaffe's son Adam Arkin and Alan Arkin hugging at an event.
Jeremy Yaffe is the mother of actor son Adam Arkin. Source: Majorten

Looking at Jeremy’s support system, both of her sons are established actors in Hollywood. Her elder son, Adam Arkin, amasses a colossal net worth of $10 million. Likewise, her second son, Matthew, is also a millionaire, with a net worth of $1 million.

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