Jacelyn Reeves came into the limelight after her romantic relationship with famous Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood.

Jacelyn Reeves’s Wiki/ Bio

Jacelyn Reeves was born in Seattle, Washington, on December 21, 1951. She went to college and got a degree in Arts and communications.

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Jacelyn Reeves with her son Scott Eastwood.

We don’t know much about Reeves’ family because she likes to keep her private life secret. But we do know she has a mix of German, English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish backgrounds.

Jacelyn Reeves And Clint Eastwood’s Love Story

The Hollywood stars Clint Eastwood and Jacelyn had a passionate love story that lasted for five years and led to the birth of two children. Their relationship is one of the most intriguing and mysterious tales in Hollywood.

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Jacelyn Reeves and Clint Eastwood share two kids.

Moreover, the 5 feet 5 inches tall Reeves was working as a flight attendant in Washington when she met Eastwood in 1985. The former lovemates fell in love, and their romance resulted in the birth of their two kids, Scott Eastwood in 1986 and Kathryn Eastwood in 1988. However, in 1990, the love companions decided to part ways, and Jacelyn moved to Hawaii with their children.

Following her breakup with The Mule alum Clint, the gorgeous Jacelyn is said to have dated Private Bell, though not much is known about their relationship. She is now married to Bell and living a blissful married life.

Clint Eastwood’s Relationship History

The Dirty Harry star Eastwood has had a colorful dating history, dating some famous Hollywood women over the years. His longest relationship was with his first wife, Maggie Johnson, whom he married in 1953. They divorced in 1984 after he had affairs during their marriage, one of which led to the birth of his second child, Kimber Lynn, in 1964.

Likewise, the media star had a 14-year affair with stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis. Then, he had a turbulent relationship with actress Sondra Locke for about a decade, including a legal dispute.

Besides, Eastwood dated Titanic actress Frances Fisher for nearly six years and had a daughter, Francesca, in 1993. He later married Dina Eastwood in 1996, with whom he had a son named Morgan. They divorced in 2014.

Currently, the Hollywood sensation in a loving relationship with Christina Sandera since around 2015. Eastwood has maintained a friendly relationship with Johnson, celebrating holidays together with their daughter Alison.

How Rich Jacelyn Reeves Is?

The former celebrity partner Jacelyn hasn’t shared how much money she has, but her son Scott is believed to be worth more than $12 million.

Clint, on the other hand, is one of the richest people in Hollywood, with an astonishing net worth of $375 million. He’s known for investing a lot of his money in his projects. Jacelyn’s net worth is roughly estimated to be over $1 million. She and her children live a fancy life, with Scott owning a yacht and some really nice cars.

Early Career

Ever since Reeves was young, she loved going to new places, and she made her dreams come true by going to a school to become a flight attendant. After she finished school, she started working as a flight attendant, based in her hometown but flying all around the country.

Further, the gorgeous woman really liked being a flight attendant and used any chance she got to visit new places. Through her job, she was able to save up enough money to have a comfortable retirement.

Meet Jacelyn Reeves’s Son Scott Eastwood

At the age of 74, Reeves has retired from her career as a flight attendant and is predominantly recognized as Eastwood’s former partner. She is also the mother of the renowned actor Scott Eastwood, born on March 22, 1986, in Carmel, California.

Similarly, Scott has since garnered substantial success in the film industry, featuring in major productions such as The Fate of the Furious, Suicide Squad, and Pacific Rim: Uprising.

In addition, the audience really like Eastwood’s acting in both movies and TV. He got the National Board of Review Award for Best Cast in Fury (2014) and won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor: Drama for his role in The Longest Ride (2015).

Furthermore, the fascinating guy has inherited his father’s handsome looks and charm, making him a popular figure in Hollywood. He’s also a successful model and has appeared in campaigns for brands like Hugo Boss and Davidoff. Also, get to know about Scott Cavalheiro.

Furthermore, Scott holds his mother in the utmost esteem, openly acknowledging her profound influence in his life. He attributes his character and accomplishments to her guidance, expressing a deep sense of gratitude for everything she has done.

What Is Jacelyn Reeves’ Doing Now?

If you’ve been curious about what Jacelyn is up to these days, she’s leading a pretty quiet life. After her breakup with Clint, she married Private Bell and now lives in Seattle. She’s retired from her job as a flight attendant. While her kids and ex-partner are big names in Hollywood, the pretty woman prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

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Clint Eastwood and Scott Eastwood have a strong bond.

Also, the last time Reeves was seen in public was at Scott’s thirtieth birthday party in 2016 in San Diego. Her story is inspiring because she’s a single mother who successfully raised two accomplished children despite facing challenges. She’s a shining example of the strength and determination of single mothers everywhere.

Physical Appearance

Jacelyn Reeves is a beautiful woman, even at the age of 74. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, with gorgeous blue eyes and striking blonde hair.

Similarly, the star mom’s diverse background, including English, German, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish roots, gives her a distinct and unique appearance. Her beauty and elegance continue to shine, even as time goes by. See another beautiful lady Fiona Laudon.


Reeves has had a lifelong passion for travel, immersing herself in diverse cultures along the way. Her keen eye for fashion is evident, as she frequently adorns herself in stylish attire. Furthermore, she is an avid animal enthusiast, often seen in the company of her beloved pet dogs.

However, despite being the mother of a big name, she lives a private life and is not available on major social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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