Idalia Valles, A.K.A sandy, in her professional world, is an American actress. She rose to prominence after making her appearance on USA Network’s Tv Show, Queen of South. Her artwork was widely praised for that show. Similarly, the actress is also a part of other television shows, including Real Rob and Con.

The actress was born on the 25th of April 1993 in Houston, Texas, United States of America, and currently resides in Los Angelos, California. She belongs to the white ethnic group. This celebrity follows the word of Jesus Christ.

As per her birth information, she is born under the Zodiac sign Taurus and is 29 years old at the time of writing this article.

The Physical Appearance Of Idalia Valles

As an actress and model, Idalia has always tried to keep her physical appearance beautiful. Her hard work can be seen in the beauty that she displays. She is appreciated for her medium-length Dark black hair and beautiful pair of black eyes.

Idalia Valles with her gorgeous appearance
Idalia Valles with her gorgeous appearance
Source: Instagram @idaliavalles_

The model stands 5 feet and 1 inch tall in height and has maintained her weight at around 55 kg. Her vital statistics are 33-25-32, respectively. She prefers to live an active lifestyle and keep her body healthy.

Educational Background

Valles is a high school graduate. She did her schooling at a local school in her hometown and attended her high school classes at Pasadena Memorial High School. The actress has also participated in informal courses to gain knowledge.

Being an acting enthusiast from an early age, Idalia used to take acting lessons at the Humphreys School of Musical Theater at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. Besides this, she had also gone to the Theater Under The Stars, when she was only eight years old.

Family Background

Idalia is quite secretive about her personal life and does not want to disclose anything to the public. Other than the fact that she grew up together with her younger brother and has a cousin named Andres, she has kept all the information behind the curtains.

Her parent’s identity is yet to be revealed. However, she has posted pictures of them on her Instagram profile which is their first family photo.

Is Idalia Valles In A Relationship?

Idalia Valles is not currently married, however, she is dating Haider Ali. Unlike the majority of celebrities, she has not kept her romantic partner a secret. Her supporters are well aware of their connection.

Idalia Valles and her romantic partner Haider Ali
Idalia Valles and her romantic partner Haider Ali
Source: Instagram @idaliavalles_

The love birds are known to have dated for quite a time now. However, none of the couples has made an official announcement of their relationship.

Haider is an English musician and songwriter from Los Angelos, California. Both the lovers share their interests in music.

Has An Interest In Music And Singing

Idalia is a personality who gets lost in the musical world. She loves music and singing. The actress shares this interest with her boyfriend. Both couples have also worked together to bring out their music and display their talents.

Her Instagram is filled with the picture of herself singing and playing musical instruments. It seems like she owns lots of musical instruments. She also co-wrote the song with Haider for his project Bandito Perdido.

Prefers Active Lifestyle And Healthy Practice

Valles prefers to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Rather than sitting idle, she has indulged herself in many activities. This actress watches her balanced diet and enjoys exercise. She hits the gym to make her body physically fit.

Idalia is also known to practice sword fighting and self-defense martial art. She has posted her practice video on Instagram. Also, the model is involved in physical activities like rock climbing, bungee jumping, cycling, paddle boarding and many more.

Not only her physical health, she greatly cares for her mental health too. This celebrity is a member of, which she has mentioned on her Instagram bio.

Loves Travelling To New Places

The actress is known as Queen of the south, Idalia loves to travel to new places and destinations. She enjoys the food and lifestyle of new places. Up to now, she has been to various places with her friend and families.

According to her Instagram posts, the places she has been to include Park City of Utah, Cobá Zona Arqueologica, Ruinas Mayas, El Tajín and many more.

Career Highlights

Idalia Valles, with a great passion for acting enrolled in different theatre and acting classes from a very young age. After high school, she moved to Los Angelos being more serious and more focused on her acting career.

Sandy Valles is the Real Queen of the South | American Latino

She made her acting debut by appearing in the American tv shows Real Rob and Con in the year 2015. The role she portrayed in Con, Faye was appreciated and loved by the audience. In addition, the 2015 shoe Con also won an Emmy Award Nomination.

Following that, Valles was given the role of Isabella Vargas in the 2016 United States Network tv series Queen of the South. The actress was given the chance to shine on this account. Since the show’s June 23, 2016, debut, there has been a count of four seasons, and Idalia has appeared on 24 episodes of the series alongside Veronica Falcon.

In 2016, she got her first opportunity in the movie. Recovery, the horror film, was her first movie appearance.

Similarly, she worked for the tv series Bad Shorts (2015-2018). Talking about her recent works, she was portrayed as Noella in the second season of Blackout, a podcast series. Another popular star involved in this series is Rami Malek.

Net Worth

Idalia Valles is an American actress and a model. She gets a large sum of money from her professional work. The average income of an actress is $55201 in Los Angelos, California. So, the actress might also gain her salary in a similar range.

Although she has not officially said it, her net worth is estimated to be approximately $100,000. Besides this, she also has additional income from endorsing brands and her social media influences.

It can be said that she is living a lavish and comfortable life in Los Angelos, California.

Social Media Presence

Idalia is a social media freak. She can be seen posting on her social media platform frequently. The actress has activated her accounts on major platforms like Instagram, Twitter, as well as Tiktok.

Her official Instagram account is @idaliavalles_ which has more than 46k followers that become up to date with her professional and personal life. Similarly, the celebrity is seen tweeting under the verified Twitter account username @idaliavalles_, with more than 2k followers. Her Tiktok id @idaliavalles has followers of over 3k and 75.5 Likes.

Comparing her Twitter and Tiktok with Instagram, she has lesser followers on them than on Instagram.

Pet Lover

Valles deeply cares about animals. she loves spending time with them, which is why she acquires a pet dog. It’s a white dog and she holds it dearly. The actress has posted many pictures of her spending time with her pet Toby on her Instagram page.

Idalia Valles with her pet dog
Idalia Valles with her pet dog
Source: Instagram @idaliavalles_

Other than her pet dog, she has also posted pictures with other dogs. This shows that she deeply cares about them and enjoys being in their company.

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