Being associated with a celebrity is such a big deal for their family members. Many times, fans want to know behind the scenes details of a celeb, which leads to their parents getting noticed. In today’s read, we talk about a famous personality whose father also got quite the media’s fame and attention because of his daughter. If the last name didn’t already give you out, Gunther Klum is the father of supermodel, actress, tv host, and entrepreneur Heidi Klum. Here we have all details on the man who dedicated his life to his daughter.

Who is Gunther Klum? What is His Role Behind Heidi Klum’s Success?

Gunther Klum used to work as a cosmetics company executive at a reputed company for quite a long time in Bergisch Gladbach before he changes his profession. At that time, his daughter, Heidi Klum, was just beginning her career in the modeling industry after being convinced by a fellow friend to compete in a modeling contest.

 Gunther Klum's daughter Heidi
A Young Heidi Klum.
Photo Source: Pinterest

The talented girl ended up winning the show and hence was offered a modeling contract worth US$300,000 by Thomas Zeumer, CEO of Metropolitan Models New York. After that, her father took the sole responsibility of being her manager and handled all her modeling deals.

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The father and daughter duo established their own company, with Heidi as the President and her father as the Vice-President. They established a chain of companies like a perfume line, clothing line, and many more.

The Rift Between Gunther Klum and Heidi Klum

Things were going smooth for the Klum family before we all got to know that Gunther Klum no longer manages Heidi Klum. After working with each other for nearly four-decade, the news got out that they’ve decided to split professionally.

 Gunther Klum and his daughter Heidi Klum
Gunther Klum had been managing his daughter for 40 years!
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Their separation was fueled after Heidi’s father failed to show up at his daughter’s marriage with Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz. The reason for not attending the wedding was pitched as a knee injury and travel problems by his wife, Erna Klum. Sources mention that multi-millionaire Heidi has dissolved her German company Heidi Klum GMBh and established her new Berlin company without her father.

Gunther Klum Net Worth Collection

When it comes to net worth and finances, Gunther Klum is in quite a comfortable position. After managing his daughter for years on end, he’s made a steady net worth profile for himself. Although there aren’t any details about his stacks of greens in the media, our experts believe that the amount is a handsome $1 million figure.

 Gunther Klum wife and daughter
Some snaps of Gunther Klum’s daughter and wife. Photo Source:

As for 74-year-old daughter Heidi, she sits at a massive net worth collection of $160 million, earning an annual salary of $19 million as of 2020. Most of her earnings come from her product endorsements, business deals, operations, hosting and judging shows, etc.

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