Cody McMains is the former American actor who has made an appearance in the Not Another Teen Movie and Brings it on. Now, he works as a professional Skydiver.

McMains was born on the 4th of October, 1985, and was raised in Pasadena, California, USA. According to modern astrologers, he holds the zodiac sign Libra. He is a very private person and thus has not revealed information about his early life and academic life.

Cody McMains’s Net Worth

Cody McMains is speculated to have a fortune of a staggering $1 Million in her possession. His large net worth is the result of his hardship and struggle in his professional career.

His primary source of income is his acting career. He has been in many hit movies and TV series like 10 things I Hate about you, Chroma Blind, Vicious circle, Trust Me, and so on. Likewise, he is also involved in TV works like presenting which also has earned a substantial amount for him.

His average paycheck from the acting career is $50k. Currently, McMains has taken a break from the acting industry and has shifted to being a skydiver.

With all the fortune Cody acquires, he is living a happy and lavish lifestyle which can be seen in his Instagram feed.

Relationship Status

Cody McMains is in a relationship with Valeree, who is a musician. The couple are together since the 18th of July, 2015. The former actor is enjoying his mingling life with his girlfriend.

Cody McMains and his girlfriend Valeree
Cody McMains and his girlfriend Valeree
source: MarriedWiki

Although the couple has not made their better half a mystery they did however keep their dating life behind the curtains. It is unsure where the love birds encountered first and get to know each other.

There is no sign of disputes and extra affairs between the couple. They plan to marry soon but are not rushing to take their relationship to the next level.

Their long-lasting relationship is because of their understanding nature. The couple is not seen together a lot.

Family Background

McMains was born Cody Arthur McMains to Susan Turner. He has not disclosed the information about his biological father. Although he has not said anything about his parents, it can be said that he had a good upbringing.

Also, McMains has a cousin Seychelle Gabriel, an actress who has played in popular series like Grey’s Anatomy, Fortune Rookie, and so on.

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Girlfriend – Valeree

McMains’s girlfriend Valeree is a musician and singer who has released many songs that were on the trending lists. She dives into the emotion while making a song that connects many people.

Some of her songs are Say the Word, Better off, and deity. Her songs are available on Youtube as well as on many song platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and so on.

Cody McMainss girlfriend Valeree 1
Cody McMains’s girlfriend Valeree
source: Soundcloud

Valeree is a pet lover just like her boyfriend McMains. She uses Instagram under the username @Valeree_music which has more than 14.5k followers. She also has a Twitter account under the username @Valeree_music which has only 195 followers which is comparatively lower than her Instagram.

In addition to this, Valeree also has a personal website that displays all her works and can be used to contact her.

Cousin – Seychelle Gabriel

Seychelle Gabriel is an actress who has played the role of Veronica Diaz in Grey’s Anatomy. She is the cousin of McMains. Gabriel has been in the acting field for more than a decade.

Cody McMainss cousin Seychelle Gabriel 1
Cody McMains’s cousin Seychelle Gabriel
source: Wikipedia

Throughout her career, there are 24 credits as an actress. Some of her work includes Grey’s Anatomy, Fortune Rookie, Black Out, Get Shorty, The Legend Of Korra, and so on. She has also worked as a voice artist for video games and animated characters.

Talking about her personal information, Gabriel was born on the 25th of March, 1991 in Burbank, California, USA. She was an acting enthusiast from a very young age and was involved in it as her mother was in the commercial business.

Interested In Physical Activity

Bring it on actor Cody is an energetic personality who prefers to be involved in physical activity rather than sitting idle. He loves Sky diving, boating, Paragliding, Skating, and so on.

His active lifestyle can be seen on his Instagram where he has posted a lot of related pictures and videos. He takes good care of his health and wants to experience fun.

However, he has a bad habit i.e Cody is a coffee addict. He intakes coffee a lot which affects his health on the long run. Also, he has a bad smoking habit too.

As An Actor

The versatile and natural actor Cody McMains started his career in Big Bully in 1996. Throughout his career, he has acted in several movies and TV shows that are still worth watching. He has 44 credits as an actor on his IMDb profile.

Not Another Teen Movie (6/8) Movie CLIP – Detention (2001) HD

While Cody played Patch in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Justin Shipman in Brint It, and Mitch Briggs in Not Another Teen Movie, he was also in movies like Madison, State’s Evidence, and FDR: American Badass.

He has taken a break from his work, maybe he might again return to his acting career.

Television Works

McMains made his television debut as Hunter in the program Bless This House. After that, he appeared as Wendell in Everwood. In two episodes of Monk, Cody made an appearance. Desperate Housewives as Hector, Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink, Mr. Monk, and the Buried Treasure

During his TV career, he has shared the screen with many prominent figures like Stanley Kamel, Keith Ewell, and more.

Retired From Acting Industry

Cody has decided to take a leave from the acting industry and become a professional skydiver. As he has a bad habit of excessive coffee and cigarette intake, he has experienced that it affected his work and therefore, retired from the acting field.

Cody McMains as skydiver
Cody McMains as a skydiver
source: Instagram @coffeeandskydiving

Currently, Cody is working as a professional skydiver and appears to be happier than before. According to McMains, he loves this job.

Cody McMains Look Alike

Somebody raised his opinion on Ethan looking like Young Cody on Reddit. Ever since this spread like a fire and everybody has been talking about Cody looking alike.

Apparently, they have similar facial bone structures and great resemblance in the eyes. Ethan CutKosky is a fashionista and a musician.

The Physical Appearance Of McMains

Not Another Teen Movie actor McMains, stands tall with a height of 6 ft which is equivalent to 185 cm. He has maintained a weight of around 70 kg i.e 154 lbs. The shoe size that fits him is 8 (UK).

Talking about his physical appearance, he maintains them and does not look messy. He has naturally black hair and black eye color.

Social Media Presence

Cody is active on Instagram under the username @coffeeandskydiving. He has amassed more than 2.5k followers and has shared his professional and personal life on this platform.

He has shared pictures of him skydiving as well as his clients. His Instagram is filled with his exotic lifestyle. Besides this, his accounts were not found on any other social media platforms.

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