Here’s all to know about your favorite handbags from Charlotte Elizabeth. 

Charlotte Elizabeth is a ladies designer handbag collection that was started by a then-teenager, Charlotte Jones. Her best-selling collection is ‘The Bloomsbury,’ which has been a staple fashion look amongst many teenagers and adults for that perfectly chic and classy finish to their look.

The online business consists of several other items of genuine leather accessory bags, pursues that comes in toned-down colors like pink, black, red, and many more. Tune into the read below to learn more about the British company.

How It All Started? A Look Back At Charlotte Elizabeth Journey

Charlotte Jones’s owner got the idea of starting her business when she was battling with a chronic health condition regarding her heart. At that time, she was primarily home-bound and in a wheelchair, exactly where she got the motivation and idea to start Charlotte Elizabeth.

Charlotte Elizabeth owner Charlotte Jones.
Charlotte Elizabeth owner Charlotte Jones.
Photo Source: Amber Rose Smith

The young entrepreneur mentions, ” The idea came as an epiphany. I was not searching for ideas of starting my own business, or even considering too! In fact, if you had sat me down and told me I would go on to create my own business.” She also added, “I thought you would have been talking about another lifetime, something completely beyond reach.”

Jones says that her bags’ motivation came from the 1950s style of handbags with a structured manner, classic in form with tapered sides and a beautiful handle. When she started the company, she was a teenager with no idea about retailing, manufacturing, designing, but she glided through effortlessly with the help of her talent.

The Prince’s Trust-funded Charlotte Elizabeth

The 26-year-old entrepreneur was suggested by her sister to try out for The Prince’s Trust that provides different sorts of business courses, guidance, and sponsorships. Their program is aimed at young people, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have a business idea that requires the knowledge, tools, funding, and support to turn into a reality.

Meghan Markle adorning her look the Bloomsbury bag from Charlotte Elizabeth.
Meghan Markle adorning her look the Bloomsbury bag from Charlotte Elizabeth. Photo Source: Who What Wear

Despite fighting with her health issues, Jones could get funding from the trust covering the first set of costs to manufacture her bags. She debuted Charlotte Elizabeth with her classic collection of ‘The Bloomsbury’ in four colors: black, chestnut, grey, and chocolate, handcrafted at a small factory in Somerset, UK. 

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Within three years of the debut, the bags became an international bestseller, selling in 64 countries worldwide. ‘The Bloomsbury’ handbags cost you around €260, whereas other collections like ‘The Emma’ cost €490 and ‘The Alicia’ cost €395. 

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